The project planning phase is often the most challenging phase for a project manager, as you need to make an educated guess about the staff, resources, and equipment needed to complete your project. A formal document that defines how the project … A project usually consists of four phases: initiation, planning, execution and closing. Planning forms the foundation for future actions, using the past as a guide. What is the most important requirement for a project to successfully continue? What is an effective way to make sure that your project is a strategic fit? The project plan must also describe the execution, management, and control of the project … b.It is concerned with defining all to processes involved during to project. What is the nature of the first team-building session? Project planning as a process is output oriented. Breakthrough thinking is desired because it generates novel and creative solutions. All Rights Reserved. Study Choose Correct Scope Planning Terms Flashcards Flashcards at ProProfs - How well can do you know about the Scope Planning Terms? By identifying and reducing/eliminating the root cause of a problem. According to PMI, the process of Initiating helps to set the vision of what is to be accomplished. Which statement is true regarding the sequencing of project activities? Gantt chart is merely visual representation of project schedule. This process belongs to the Project Integration Management knowledge area. Understand the scope and value of your project. Which of the following statements is true regarding project planning? What is the significance of Communities of Practice offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI)? A good construction plan is the basis for developing the budget and the schedulefor work. When should team building for a project occur? Time studies performed by a project team at your organization. At its core, a project plan defines your approach and the process your team will use to manage the project according to scope. The deliverables for your project include all of the products or services that you and your team are performing for the client, customer, or … We are not sure of how to respond to achieve our project goals. Project plan execution; Correct Choice: 2 Change Control System. 2. Which of the following is the best action to take when a project team member displays a lack of commitment? The Scope Statement clearly … Project plan examples are created for a company to have an actual or physical document that they may refer to during the execution of a particular project. Take note of the most major objective of the project. Deliverables include everything that you and your team produce for the project (i.e., anything that your project will deliver). a.It is concerned with defining all to work of the project. Which of the following conditions are desirable when using earned value? Which of the following conditions are essential for a well-developed project strategy? What does a CPI of 0.22 calculated mid-way through your project indicate? What is a common approach to deal with conflict? A fence is raised around the site before the construction happens. Recognize and reassign team members so they want to work on future projects. Which of the following choices effectively plan and use human resources for a project? Project planning consists of two main stages: Risk Management and Project Scheduling. In fact project plan is quite broader concept. implemented and planning docs are updated. Project managers use the Scope Statement as a written confirmation of the results your project will produce and the constraints and assumptions under which you will work. Which type of control is known as Preliminary Control? Write Opportunity Statements Opportunities are events and conditions, that if they occur, have a positive impact on your project objectives (e.g., schedule, scope, budget, quality). Which of the following statements best defines a work package? 1. It is the greatest constraint for a project. The appearance of stakeholders that were not identified during the beginning of a project. This customizable template walks you through the elements of an executive summary, including major milestones and issues to be solved. Which question is the most fundamental in developing a strategic plan? Planning produces standards or milestones used for control purposes. How can creditor collect balance due after auction in Texas? In this project phase, the team is off and running! Creating a project plan is the first thing you should do when undertaking any project. It has only one output and that is the Project Management Plan. What is the number-one rule of brainstorming that is most frequently violated? This part is called scoping. When project managers recognize that operational stakeholders are never going to agree on or commit to a clear requirements statement. … Now imagine defining response plans for the revised risk statement. To make it simpler to understand, let us compare delivering a project with constructing a building. eBook References His company makes professional-quality products that are accessible to the recreational angler. Why has risk management emerged as a growing field within project management? Existence of a project plan and schedule. How long was Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister? Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Control is activated once your project is in progress. How can the concept of prevention help improve the quality of your project? Feasibility Study: You need to evaluate what the project’s goals are, the timeline to completion and how m… Which condition presents the greatest challenge in project management? Both the people who requested the project and the project team should agree to all terms in … Planning is unique, however, in that it is usually a part of the other three phases. It describes the project and is used to get common agreement among the stakeholders about the scope. Your project may have more than one objectives, but you have to know which one is the most important one. The primary output of the planning process group is the PM How did the rastafarian culture come to South Africa? A project plan communicates vital information to all project stakeholders. When you manage project trade-offs, what variables do you consider? The value of the project is determined, as well as its feasibility. Why is a below budget AC misleading as related to a desirable condition regarding earned value? However, many people fail to realise the value of a project plan for saving time, money and many problems. What is the best definition for the means to reach desired project outcomes? A is incorrect because it is not the correct order of the processes. What is the primary relationship between planning and control? Where is medineedcom what is medical tourism concept? What differentiates a project from a task? In the network shown in Fig. The project performance is measured in the executing process d. Actions taken to correct deviations from the project plan are also taken in the closing process. Include the project closure phase in your project plan and make sure that the project does not end until closure takes place. Better Risk Statements Lead to Better Response Planning. c.It is not concerned with defining to characteristics of to product or service to be manufactured/ rendered during the project. Which of the following is an example of engineered control standards? You may also need to plan your communications and procurement activities, as well as contract any third-party suppliers. Which of the following activities should a project manager delegate to a project team? What is true regarding breakthrough thinking? A carefully planned project schedule is key to … Projects are often performed by a team, while tasks are often performed individually. You already have a head start on refining the project’s objectives in quantifiable terms, but now you need to plan further and write down all the intermediate and final deliverables that you and your team will produce over the course of the project. In this context planning is a pervasive management function which is accomplished by all levels in the project hierarchy(l), the difference being scope, detail, and the magnitude of the effort. What aspect of the project closure phase assists with future projects? How long will the footprints on the moon last? This is where all projects begin. A formal document that defines how the project is initiated and planned. Five of the six processes in Project Risk Management are part of the Planning process group. Developing the construction plan is a critical task in the management ofconstruction, … A) Once the project management plan has been developed, it cannot be changed as this would require iteration of too many processes. If you are a top performer, you play a minimal amount of politics. Which of the following statements represents the best way to use performance measurements to control your project? What is the best way to obtain outside resources for your project? How does empowerment of a project team differ from delegation? Solicit support from your company's procurement department. Remember IPECC (like syrup of ipecac) to remember the logical order of the project management life cycle’s process groups. Which of the following is the first step of an audit? Which of the following statements is true regarding negotiation and project management? 7.1, activity 4-5 can be started only when. Involve customers in your project plan's development, review, and approval. The Scope Statement is arguably the most important document in the project plan. It is designed to get the team to open up and learn about one another. Which of the following factors are the most important for a successful project? Add Durations. The order of the tasks depends on how they relate to the project due dates. What is the best way to ensure that project closure takes place as desired? What is Project Planning? What are correct statements about project planning? It’s the foundation for the rest of the project. Which of the following statements is true regarding project planning? What is best way to manage customers during the early stages of a project? C. Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing is the correct order of the processes presented. It involves the choice of technology,the definition of work tasks, the estimation of the required resources and durations forindividual tasks, and the identification of any interactions among the different worktasks. The project planning is commonly perceived as creating 'Gantt Chart' alone, which is incorrect. 1.3 Project Deliverables − schedule, − budget, − resources, − quality, − software to be reused, − existing software to be incorporated, − technology to be used, and − external interfaces. The risk statement is … Why is control considered more critical than planning for project management? The project planning stage is when you create a comprehensive project plan, which involves: Translating your proposal into a series of actionable tasks and scheduling them in a project roadmap Documenting processes or workflows that your team will use (you could try using a process infographic for this) Justification: A change control system is a collection of formal, documented procedures that defines how project performance will be monitored and evaluated, and includes the steps by which official project documents may be changed. Gantt Charts for Planning Turning a charter into a plan requires a tool that is flexible enough to respond and adjust to the many tasks involved. Project execution. More so, project plans are made to make sure that there will be a project control to be implemented in terms of resources usage, workforce allocation, and project development phases overview. To write this summary, refer to the project charter for plan details, or, if you are a vendor or contractor fulfilling part of a larger project, refer to the project statement of work. This process group is performed so that projects and progra… We now need to enter durations for how long each task in our project plan example … Work Breakdown Structure and resource profile. What is the most fundamental purpose of brainstorming? Plot your project schedule visually with a Gantt chart. Which project management variable encompasses key boundaries? Before the project is approved or rejected, these two documents are created to sell the work to stakeholders or sponsors: 1. Business Case: Here is where you justify the need of the project, which includes analyzing return on investment. When using the project planning hierarchy, which activity represents first level planning? This is where the project is formally authorized by the sponsor, initial scope defined, and stakeholders identified. Determine what was done well and identify opportunities for improvement for future projects. Developing a Project Management Plan. a) activity 3-4 is completed. Take note of all the major risks which might hinder the success of your project. To identify the risks involved, John sends a questionnaire to gather inputs from experts. What does the principle of the limiting factor refer to? Why is control considered … Which choice is a legitimate reason to close a project prematurely? B) Throughout the project life cycle, the planning processes are implemented and planning documents are updated. Which of the following statements accurately describes a project management plan? Establish performance thresholds that when exceeded, trigger you to respond. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. When did Elizabeth Berkley get a gap between her front teeth? Learn key terms, definitions, and much more related to Scope Planning Terms terms with the help of our flashcards quizzes with ease. Once a project is selected for execution, the structural project planning approach prescribes that the project get planned in detail prior to the actual start of the project. Which of the following activities takes place during the conceptualization and definition phase? Does pumpkin pie need to be refrigerated? 'The Project plan is a statement of how and when a project's objectives are to be achieved, by showing the major products, milestones, activities and resources required on the project.' This article looks at a simple, practical approach to project planning. What are correct statements about project planning? Answer these quiz based flashcards based on the Scope Planning Terms and check your knowledge. Base the celebration on what was accomplished and also on the duration and difficulty of your project. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Imagine trying to develop response plans for the initial risk statement which lacks specificity. A formal document that defines how the project is executed, monitored and controlled. A project plan expresses the objectives & requirements of the project in … Stakeholder identification is crucial here because correct identification (and subsequent management) of stakeholders can literally make or break the project. Project scope managementmainly revolves around controlling what is and what is not included in the project. Which activity produces better plans through a collaborative effort between employees and management? Delegation is typically done on a case-by-case basis while empowerment is performed on a larger scale. Chapter 3 Project Planning. Which method is an excellent way of making sure that customer requirements are clearly communicated throughout an organization? Often project planning is ignored in favour of getting on with the work. 1-Which of the following statements about project scope management are correct? How can control be used as a motivating force? A project manager should determine the root cause for the lack of commitment. John Strauss is a Project Manager for a reforestation project. What statement is true regarding organizational politics? Once you've identified your project risks, you will need to write opportunity and threat statements. Which of the following activities occurs earliest in the control process? By setting targets that are challenging yet achievable. It plays a cru… Which of the following choices is the most important element to properly disband a project team? They are:Planning the Project ScopePlanning the Project ResourcesPlanning the Project SchedulePlanning Quality & Risk ManagementEach of these 4 … What is the first step to take to make ethical decisions? plan, Throughout the project life cycle, the planning processes are The following section provides a brief description of each process in the Planning Process Group. How old was queen elizabeth 2 when she became queen? The execution stage is typically … What should you call a female patterdale? It is concerned with deciding in advance what, when, how, and who will take the necessary actions to accomplish established objectives. Match each term with the correct statement or level of management planning. Tactical Planning N Vision Statement Mission Statement Operational Planning Strategic Planning paints Skipped Match each of the options above to the items below. Which of the following is a recommended action regarding project celebrations? It is done to define the boundaries of the construction so that people involved in the construction part know where to stop. What is another name for an executive summary? Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time?
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