Have more questions about how to correctly determine your trip’s cost? Travelex Insurance Services is a leading provider of travel insurance that offers a wide range of travel protection plans with superior comprehensive coverage through tour operators, travel agencies, in airports and on the Internet. Travelex offers travel protection plans that help provide coverage for your trip; however, the data you have entered is outside of certain plan requirements. Details: Travelex Insurance-insured travelers are eligible for emergency medical/evacuation coverage if they contract coronavirus while traveling. Image Credit: Travelex You’ll have 2 flight insurance choices from which to select, the Flight Insure Plus plan at $39 or the basic Flight Insure plan at $17. Find the best travel insurance plan for you and your trip. Please refer to question #10 below for information regarding a date transfer. To help you understand eligible coverage with the Travelex plans, please refer to these most Frequently Asked Questions received by our Customer Solutions Center. *Assistance Services mentioned are provided by Travelex's designated provider and are not underwritten benefits. If your trip or flight to or from your destination is cancelled due to coronavirus there would be no coverage under the Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption terms of your Travelex plan. Trip cancellation coverage is the most important part of Travelex insurance. With Travelex travel insurance, you can receive primary coverage with no deductibles. Confirmation Number (Example: TSB99999, ACGB99999.99999999) Primary Traveler Last Name. Travel Insurance is underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company; NAIC #22276 under Policy Form series (all states except as otherwise noted) PG-TA-IPL-USE. Which Travelex plans include AD&D coverage? GET QUOTE. Travel Basic appeals to budget-minded travelers, but we’d be wary of traveling with only $15,000 in emergency medical expense coverage. If a business imposes a restriction of business travel due to the coronavirus, an insured is not eligible for Trip Cancellation/Interruption coverage under the terms of the Cancel for Business Reason provision in the policy (see the applicable policy). Travelex’s travel insurance is great for backpackers as you can receive coverage for travel delays, flight cancellations, emergency medical expenses, and more all at an affordable price. your Business Partner is diagnosed with the coronavirus and you must cancel or interrupt your trip to assume daily management of the business. The illness must be certified by a physician at the time of cancellation or interruption. Cancel for Business Reasons can provide coverage if you are required to work during your scheduled trip, if you are involuntarily terminated through no fault of your own, and other reasons. Please refer to question #10 below for information regarding a date transfer. With the Travelex Insurance Travel Select plan, we will provide coverage for trip cancellation and interruption if a terrorist incident occurs in a city on your itinerary within 30 days of your scheduled arrival or after you depart. insurance coverage because there is no trip to insure. Travelex Insurance and our underwriter Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company (BHSIC) are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as it continues to evolve and impact travel worldwide. Travel Select provides comprehensive benefits and access to four unique upgrades. This must be certified by a physician. Buying Guide for Travelers Looking for a New Policy Cancellation Benefits Limited, But Still Available. *Assistance Services mentioned are provided by Travelex's designated provider and are not underwritten benefits.
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