She smiled, almost as if hoping someone else was staring with her. He felt his wound, a deep gash across the cheek. He shrieked in pain and backed away. However, with internal strife in both the Pridelands and the Outlands, and the resurgence of an iconic evil, the process becomes far more complicated eventually leading onto the events of the second film. She also sees Kion's duties as Lion Guard leader more important than ever, now that Scar has returned and became annoyed when her brother was called for a minor emergency. They had crossed the line, and all respect and mercy he possessed for them before had gone, replaced by a determination for revenge. "Don't worry about it, it just means we're doing our job well, right? Maybe you're just wrong again." Kion closed his eyes and concentrated, the wind now picking up enough to rustle the grass, creating a storm-like sound. "I saw you walk out here in a glum mood, so I came to talk to you," Kiara spoke softly, trying to make Kion lower the barrier shielding his feelings, "What's wrong? Kiara did not believe him. Meanwhile, from their elevated position, Simba and Nala had noticed the ambush below them. "Zazu, are you alright," Nala took notice of the avian as he barley managed to maintain his balance, "What is the matter?". She was crouched low in tall, dry grass, slowly making her way towards the oblivious prey (impalas, in this case). During their journey, Kion thought hard about the ongoing feud with the hyenas, and although he may not have accepted it, a very deep hatred was now embedded in him. ", "Your brother will be fine, Kiara," Simba set aside his own worries in order to assure his eldest child, "He has faced challenges far worse than this. You weren't too sure about her at first either, but she turned out to be fine. The one time he had ever felt that way about her was during udugu. "Is this your idea of resting," Kiara made her presence known, speaking up and walking out next to Kion, "Why are you out here so late?". "It was nice seeing you and your gang again Kion, but you might want to change the name. Ono informed as the three came up in range to it, "Uhh, I can't get any closer!" Zazu groaned to himself, rubbing the space between his eyes, "Oh, I concede. Good night Kion. Kiara: I should have known he'd never give me a real chance. He was the one he gave me this injury…", "Oh, a hyena was the cause of this," Simba mused, ruffling Kion's mane, "But you showed him what a lion can do, especially when it comes to protecting Pridelanders. A kind of 'bond beyond friendship' or however he put it. Ono was unprepared for the response of their leader and questioned him on it. ", "Yes, Kion, you must be exhausted," Nala said, "We can talk more in the morning. Kion patrolled with Bunga, Fuli with Beshte and, alone, Ono surveyed the land from above. Remember Jasiri? "You drew blood first, princess. He sat down onto cooling ground, right behind the patch of dandelions. He growled again, and many hyenas recoiled in the fear that he was using the Roar. Simba thought for a bit, as if trying to remember the history himself, before answering. He looked at Kiara and prepared to bite her neck with bone-crushing jaws and long, razor teeth. While Kion understood his fathers rules when heading outside of Pride Rock, Kiara just had one thing in mind when it came to the outside world; Have fun. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. In fact, her concern for her sibling only grew, but she was not one to openly converse her emotional feelings and thoughts, so she resided to give a simple nod. What's a Lion Guard? The prince silenced these exaggerations and, in a calming yet authoritative tone, asked where the intruders were. She let out a pained yelp, and Kion sounded an increasingly angered one of his own. The lukewarm tone from him did not evade Kiara's ear. Kion winced as he landed on the ground. ", Kiara tried to stop herself from giggling, but failed. A small, defeated sigh escaped the breath of Kion. You see, I met a hyena quite some time ago. This went a lot better than I thought it would have… Though, my only fear now is dad…", "Yea, he might not be as understanding," Kiara chuckled softly, wrapping a paw around Kion, "But, that's something that can be dealt with when the time comes. (Sequel to Lion Guard: Journey to the Kingdom) With the Tree of Life at peace once more, Kovu and Amana's life gets more complicated as they raise their five cubs; Sefu, Shani, Anasa, Aisha, and Tia while preparing to be the next King and Queen of the Tree of Life. Indeed, these days were those of a new era which had been hastily and effectively swept in by Simba following the chaos of his malevolent uncle's rule. We're here to look out for each other just as much as we're here to annoy each other. The Lion Guard: Rescuing Kiara is a fanfiction story created by Florencia86. The lion guard trouble Adventure. "KIARA!" Yet their family hug was cut short by the squawking of a blue hornbill. He muttered one word, which was enough: "Hyenas". However, further back on the ground Kion was already receiving a report from several manic locals. His friend's reply came in the charactaristic 'no worries' tone. Their morning had thus far been an uneventful one; things had unusually gone to plan. He turned to his father. He just doesn't want you to get hurt. The two briefly play with each other and work together well in The Underground Adventure. I told you two not to call the Lion Guard for this. "Simba, it's been three days. Rafiki has told me stories about them, and I don’t think it’s a good idea that we spend time near them. The series was first broadcast with a television movie, titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015 and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016 on Disney Junior and Disney Channel. Following a stunning attack from Janja, the ongoing conflict between hyena and lion becomes personal to Kion, who seeks to put an end to it once and for all. Her small chuckle offended Kion, which she quickly apologized for, "I'm sorry. These humans could be a danger to the Pridelands, to all of us,” Simba told his son later that day. "Night," Kion did not give much effort in his response. Kaira," Kion's voice called out. Simba stared in the direction of the Outlands and the sun as it dragged some of the light down behind the horizon. Ono told us you were gone to save the Zebras. After listening to Bunga babble on about just about every concievable topic for conversation uninterrupted by a scream for help or suspicious activity, Kion was begining to feel on edge. Just trust we have taught him well enough to make it through this. Three times that sun has rose and still no sign of him. ... if it isn't Kion the lion cub. Kion could not help but smile and began to confide his thoughts, "I am insecure, Kiara. She helped me out of the Outlands then, and she and her clan were the ones to take care of me while my leg recovered. "It's far too peaceful, Bunga. He saw Zira's paw raised and he acted immediately by lunging and shoving Kiara out of the way, unfortunately, he didn't get out of the way in time and Zira's claws made contact with Kion's back left leg. ", "Night, mom," Kiara beamed as Nala bent down to give her a caring lick on the forehead, "Night, daddy.". The hyenas, crocodiles, and the poisonous scorpion, and Zira's lionness works together to fight. Shocked and disgusted, she flees the Pride Lands and attempts to start a new life elsewhere. He thought his sister would laugh at him if he confessed, and that was the best case scenario in his mind, "You wouldn't understand, Kiara. "Leading the guard is you're responsibility." Fuli exclaimed, "Then this is where I get off!" He shook his head. We eventually chased them out as well, but many hyenas are still under the illusion that the Pridelands is rightfully theirs, as it was under Scar's rule, and they hold a grudge against us. "I'm sorry dad, The guard needs me and I cant let them down" Said Kion. An eye for an eye, they say, except the eyes don't taste nearly as good as the rest of the lion...". "Well, your highness," Zazu wiped the dust kicked up by his near catastrophe off his bright red beak, "I was just informed by that egret from the Lion Guard…" "Ono," Kiara said. ", Kion looked away from her, "No offense, Kiara, but I don't think you could help me. ", "Mom… Dad," the two looked back to their daughter, Kiara. "What? You too, Kiara. "There was at least ten of them!" Though both are opposite sides, they are still the same. The attacker stood over his victim, smiling. ", "I… I am," Kion smiled, almost as if telling it to himself more than anything. Kiara: Be sure to stay low while we're tracking the herd. "What is it, Kion, what's wrong?". Dad? "Kiara and Luke are trapped behind that rock!" Rafiki says they kill animals for fun, as a game, not even for food. "Unbelievable," Tiifu spat. Kion had tossed and turned since the moment he laid down. It was only half shining in the sky, only part of a whole. Janja was still under Simba, wounded severely enough to struggle to talk, but not mortally. The animals all responded in synchronisation by pointing in the direction of a patch of tall, dry grass in the distance. Zuri added. She stared down at a dandelion patch sprouting out of the cracks in the rocks. At the start of the story, Kiara is shaking her father awake and begging him to take her on a walk around the kingdom. ", "It's a long story," Kion let go of Nala, "I was ambushed by Janja. This made her frown as her eyes followed Kion before he disappeared from the exit of the den. At first, it annoyed her and she wanted to tell him off, but she held her tongue because she figured it was a result of his return home. When it does, just know you're not alone on it. Perhaps they were finally recieving the break they deserved. "After Scar was defeated, the hyenas were driven back into the Outlands. Before midday the entire Guard had completed their patrols without hindrance and regrouped. "Mom? When Kion is born, he was mistreated by other cubs in the pride and doesn't have any friends. Both of them were carefully observing their daughter as she practised hunting. She waited a moment, then silently hopped down from her ledge. 562 Stories. Finding this response satisfactory, the king forced Janja toward the rest of his pack, which had now all formed a compact defensive circle. It was not until hours later did Kiara begin to think differently. She studied his movements, every turn and every flip. He stared down at the small plants for a moment, then turned his gaze upward towards the moon. I trust he will overcome them.". 'Till the Pridelands ends...". The Lion Guard had split up to patrol their usual routes which covered, in detail, the entirety of the kingdom. There was no trail dripping away. Though with time, it began to worry her. Out of his hiding place, the hyena known as Janja burst through the grass, appearing right next to Kiara. Maybe I should go out there…", "I know you're worried, Nala, but heading out into the Outlands by yourself is not a smart decision.". another crack open and kiara nearly fell down. Suddenly, a fierce and enraged growl followed by a powerful yet immature voice boomed from behind the leading hyena. The hyenas, defeated and embarrassed, fled laughing and didn't stop running until they had crossed through the border of the Outlands. "Just because she's a part of the Lion Guard, she thinks she can get THAT close to the queen?" Kiara remained outside for a few moments longer, picking a dandelion from the ground and sticking it behind her ear. Janja smirked and, with a paw already red with his own blood, clawed Kiara in the rear and pinned her to the floor. He has felt this fear before, many times he has doubt his own abilities, yet this feeling was on a scale all of its own. His specialtiesare his keen eyesight andhis intelligence. The Lion Guard is the team that protects the Pride Lands and defends the Circle of Life! Initially, Simba was against informing his son about his destiny as he is still a cub, however, he agreed after Nala and Rafiki explaine… After almost meeting his demise, Kion must heal with Jasiri tending to his injuries. Kion turned to the Guard. It made him see his sister in a way he had only done once before. ... (Kiara's hurt!) It went against his morals - the morals of the Pridelands - but it seemed out of his control. After a while, Ono's perceptive gaze finally located Simba, standing atop a vantage point, his lioness Nala close behind him. At this point, Ono dropped from the sky gracefully and saluted Kion (out of habit rather than conduct) before delivering the results of his reconnaissance through deep gasps. The Guard was a symbol of change, a confirmation that the new golden age had started and a living example of the morals on which the Pridelands were founded in times immemorable. Something's wrong, something's not right..." he said, cutting the honey badger's rambling about his favourite grubs short. 1. Simba: Kion, Kiara tells me you've asked Bunga to join The Lion Guard. "Go ahead, use that little roar of yours and finish the job I started." Kion stood in front of the Guard, anger festering in his expression more so than anybody had ever before seen. Again, Kion hesitated. Ono is one of Kion's closest friends, a former member of the Lion Guard,and a current member of the Night Pride . The scowl of the queen of the Pridelands deepened, but her patience held with her king.
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