I just started studying for REG 2 … Schedule 1 to 2 hours of study sessions into each day of the week. With two weeks left to the exam, I just kept doing questions and taking notes based on the questions. And when I say memorize, I mean MEMORIZE. I was pretty obsessive about it and the day before the test I was able to go rapid fire through the deck. You should also ensure you are prepared the night before so you are organized and confident for the day of the exam. They stayed up the entire night on Sunday, studying till the very last minute before the exam, which was Monday, 8 am. Stress-Test Yourself before the Exam. Treat your practice test like the real thing. Ideally, a human brain stops to take in any new information after a period of 45 minutes. I always tried to leave a couple of days right before the shelf for dedicated studying, and I tried to work in an NBME practice test 1 to 2 weeks before the shelf. Taking practice tests helps you check your mastery of the content and identify areas you still need to study. The mock exams also helped a lot. What I want to do specifically with this video/article is show you one of my own study schedules from my freshman year, which will hopefully give you a good idea of how to structure yours. For example, if you have a big English test coming up in 3 weeks and you want 2 weeks to study the material, put in a reminder to start studying ahead of time. You can use quick and easy study tools to get ready for the exam and make sure you stay focused while you study. The CPA Exam is computerized. Try not to be stressed as the exam approaches. Relax—you are not the only one who has a fear of tests. Unfortunately, we had another exam in programming just 2 days later. Try having a light, healthy snack, like almonds. This came out to around 150 cards. 5. I would do the first testlet, then check the answers, take notes and move to the next section. On the day before the exam, you probably will be feeling sick and anxious, maybe even enough to make you want to run away or murder someone. This will help give your brain a little more fuel before the test. Any progress is better than no progress! In other words, this is a manageable schedule if you have other time commitments. First, I flipped through the book and wrote down all of the formulas on notecards. ... Do a practice test a few days before the exam to check your progress. Hence, it requires sufficient breaks when studying or else it will turn redundant. Ugh. 2) This study schedule is based on a student studying part-time with 2-3 hours free per day, and some additional time on a Friday available to take a full-length exam. Have a full breakfast that morning and, if the test is later in the day, a good lunch. From there I memorized a certain amount each day (I think it was 24). Researchers have examined this question to supply you with ways to get calm enough to recollect the correct answer during test time. Rather than freak out, you can take steps to ensure you still manage to get a decent grade on your exam. It can even be helpful to write in reminders for the weeks before a test to start studying! The same thing applies when studying for exams too. I made studying a daily habit, even if I knew I didn’t have time to hit my goal on a particular day. Guess what all my friends did? A day before an exam should be like this: * Wake up only when you think you have completed your sleep but don't just lie on your bed. Get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam. As I write this, finals are right around the corner for most students… and here right now for others.. Thankfully, the major CPA review course providers present their practice questions in a testing environment that replicates the real exam. So to do well on the test, you should get familiar with the interface and navigation in advance. So today, we’re going to talk about how to create an effective study/revision schedule for finals.
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