No financial parasitization is possible off people eating at home, since there’s no sales taxes on food in California. November 2020. Shenanigans But let’s dive a little deeper beyond the data. 4) People with face mask, especially young ones, were waiting on lines, to buy x3 and get x3 for free. Also the space in my home in a very expensive Washington DC suburb area is for me and my family to use not to lease out to the government for free. The disease is widespread and half of all people have no symptoms. It develops organically. In April 2020, home prices grew by a teeny-tiny 0.6% compared to last year—down from the nearly 4% growth rate in March! Yes, there were 3 days when screenings hit 1 million. In some market segments, sellers are now competing for buyers, instead of buyers competing for listings. San Francisco Housing Market Predictions for 2020. NYC schools shut down with community test positive rates of 3%. And yes I did enjoy the Friday after work brewskies and wings with some of the guys. Yes, in terms of kids and young people (students), this Pandemic with its remote learning has largely been a catastrophe. Hidden there all along under the mosque of finance. Of course the emp.oyer gets savings by having the emp.oyee work from home, that is their incentive, as well as being g able to recruit from out of the geographical area. Real Estate Listings Way Up in 2020. to Annandale…, I’ll be heading back to Atlantis. The following 3 charts illustrate aspects of the SF CONDO & CO-OP market: Median sales price trends by bedroom count; sales volumes and median sales prices by Realtor district; and the number of active listings by Realtor district with an analysis of months supply of inventory. Despite ups and downs, San Francisco’s housing market has seemed invincible in recent years, such that it would take a crisis of unprecedented proportions to call its fundamentals into question. Ah yes, the Weapons of Mass-business destruction. 1) I visited Walmart today, between 5:50 AM to 7 AM, but the store had only few customers. Real Estate Deals of the Year 2020 The San Francisco Business Times is now accepting entries for our annual Real Estate Deals of the Year Awards. People are fleeing Seattle because gotta have fun with ”IT” no matter what it is or becomes!!! Characterizing employers as “Dictating” your social life comes off as a personal opinion and not a fact. The following 3 charts illustrate aspects of the SF HOUSE market: Median house sales price trends by bedroom count; sales volumes and median sales prices by Realtor district; and the number of active house listings by Realtor district with an analysis of months supply of inventory. Internet and office products are agency dependent. 8) Confusion and chaos at the top and a new anti Xmas sentiment will not induce spending. Lots of things to do. It looks like a smashing success. It’s not a conspiracy to deprive you of your “liberty”. Supposedly 6 million people flew for Thanksgiving as well. See our Privacy Policy, My Thoughts on San Francisco’s “Exodus,” the Social-Life & Cost-Cutting Aspects of Work from Home, and the Truly Bizarre Split in the Real Estate Market. #1-Did they introduce robot hours? I believe we are near the end game of “housing wealth effect”…. San Francisco Real Estate Market | September 2020, Everything you wanted to know about the current state of the stock market & some real estate too, San Francisco Real Estate Market | November 2020, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in San Francisco, San Francisco Real Estate Market | October 2020. No S Dan reference without sax in background…. I keep in touch with my team and we all help when one of the pack. Sign up here. With the increase in inventory has come a big jump in the number of listings reducing asking price. They will not see a dime. Work is work. And lots of people will choose to work from home and gravitate to those jobs that offer it. In San Francisco, the average sales price for a single-family house rose from approximately $1.3 million in 2015 to around $1.6 million for … It’s great when cross paths at a customer site. Social distancing is a preferred lifestyle not an imposed mandate. California Daydreamin’ :). Ever try to use your telephone when it is tied up for an hour and a half with someone in your family taking some on-line training that requires exclusive use of the phone (RJ11 connection) and Internet at the same time. So not an opinion but a fact. Suburban home listings are not seeing any more attention on Zillow than they were last year, relative to urban or rural listings. In WFH there are personal distractions, and I sure that means catchup work after hours. It’s something else entirely if your household includes children, other adults, pushy pets, servants (okay, not really) and so on. #5-There goes fruitcake sales. Read more Will slide into the Pacific Ocean soon. Commercial Property People are massively striking out on their own. First they came for the blue collar workers wages…. You can be in San Francisco and it might be in the mid 60s while 40 miles away in Napa it might be in the mid 90’s. Human interaction at all levels feed our souls. Here’s the most telling data point from the C.A.R. The next two charts illustrate how the house and condo markets have diverged since the pandemic hit. The number of active listings on the SF market has risen dramatically over the last few months, outpacing the increase in listings going into contract. Also, basic science is basic science, but business and school closures are not science, they are public policy. 5) Sephora on constant max shoppers allowed and I was told to to wait outside, inside a busy JCP, to buy mascara… That’s all I wanted to hear. As for meetings, the simplest solution was best, telephone call ins with a shared computer you can link into, software has improved. I have worked remotely for over ten years and it has been great for my finances and mental health. Transportation Sales activity remains strong in San Francisco, as of August 2020. Call us at 415-735-5867 for a no-obligation consultation. The median list price in San Francisco was less than 1% change from October to November. The natural wonders are amazing. It was impossible to have any productive meetings. No matter, they still get a participation trophy. The median list price in San Francisco is $1,295,000. They started this teleworking back in 2000, and it was a complete disaster. Five of the hottest counties in the areas reported higher than expected sales in October 2020, showing how the area is continuing to thrive and attract investors from across the country. In the closed caption version this states that you are the publisher of 40 hours of those hours awake would IMHO “Dictate” the week. With the possible exception of greater electricity/gas usage while working from home, these are all fixed costs. So the median retiree has 4.48 times more “wealth” in their home versus more liquid 401k account? Don’t stay home 24/7. Debra Donovan. Below is a comparison of median house sales prices, sizes and dollar per square foot values around the Bay Area this past summer. What was going on here was the government pretending to be giving you a benefit when in reality they were offloading all their overhead to their employees at their personal residences. 7) With less malls around, less dept and chain stores, the ones that are still around are getting real action. As one of the few who have moved into the Bay Area from the East Coast in the last few years, I have come to a few conclusions. Looking to … . The last thing I want to do is socialise with someone I have worked with all day and all week; and talk shop on my time off. Why do you keep censoring my comments? Missing the Walmart violence videos this year. I chose Idaho instead. I just started to take a walk at lunch or ate on the job to get away from it all. Companies & Markets With respect to “bad habits picked up from campus”, be sure to differentiate between socializing and socialism. Why do I see people watering their lawns ? See Homes in Neighborhoods Near San Francisco, CA. Rinse repeat. READ: San Francisco Real Estate Market Report July 2020 By Lynn | 2020-09-11T15:37:40-08:00 September 11th, 2020 | Monthly Market Report , Real Estate Blogs | Share This Article The state income tax return is stupidly complicated and I have previously filed returns in Mass and NJ. There were also a bunch of people who educated themselves during the “Dotcom” bubble yet there we were in the “Great Recession”. Work from home is overhyped. September 2020. Then there’s the “single-asset” commercial mortgage-backed security (CMBS) backed only by the mortgage of this tower. Those were some of my good old days, never-returning. However, as in all things political, once ground is staked out no one will ever admit they were wrong, they’ll just double down on the stoopid. The penalty for late payment is hefty, so make sure you get your check in … My WFH employer focused on mission accomplishments, whereas my new office centric model is focused on meetings and babbling about being lonely and looking forward to returning to the office life to make friends. Stockmarket index PE ratios are high compared to long term averages. In Apr 2020 it plunged to 71.8. That is very easy to move. You can trust your computers to keep working and producing for you. Before moving to CA , my impression was that the CA lifestyle would encourage people to be thinner. 2 This slower growth trend is likely due to the craziness of the coronavirus and market uncertainty. Guess all those generals couldn’t read the clues hidden in the ticker-WMT. San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate Markets Survey February 2020 It’s important to note that the Bay Area contains many different markets and market segments, sometimes following diverging trends in supply and demand, and home-price appreciation. Leading indicators vs Lagging indicators…. As an old buddy of mine used to say California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska need to separate from the north american continent and form The Greater State of Pacifica. More importantly: how sick will you get staying at home 24/7 ??? ... San Francisco was at the top of the list for expected underperformers — 64% of experts believe it will underperform in 2020. ( The shell game of work from home…..soon this work will be sent to other countries ).
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