We wish that MeppsAglia Spinner had larger sized blades, but the heavy-duty steel construction and well-known reputation are enough to make this a “must-have” for every Northern Pike angler. They’ll strike at a wide variety of lures, and as long as you make a commotion, you should be able to attract their attention. The Best Lures for Northern Pike Northern pike are exceptional game fish, known for their propensity to hit lures with heart-stopping ferocity and to engage in epic battles once hooked. Two large treble hooks, one mounted to the tail and the other mounted to the belly, allow you to get a solid hookset no matter where the pike attacks your lure. Shaddock Fishing 30 Pack Assorted Colorful Feather Metal Casting Fishing Spinner Baits Spoon Fishing Lures Fish Hooks Tackle for Northern Pike, Salmon, Walleye, and Largemouth Bass 4.3 out of 5 stars … A Colorado blade, for example, is a broader and shorter than other styles of blades like the Willow blade. Every angler has their own tips, secrets, and favorite lures for catching fish. They can be caught with a wide … Your email address will not be published. Spoon style lures. Thus, a 20-pound, 42-inch pike might find a 14-inch lure more appealing than a 3-inch … The Best Steelhead Fishing Rods – How To Find The Right One! Live Lures Bluegill Swimbait is an excellent example of a heavy-duty and realistic swimbait. With so many different options, how do you know which lures to use when? These fish have rows of razor-sharp teeth that can slice through soft plastic like butter, so you’ll also want to make sure you use a good wire leader. Blade sizes vary from 0 to 5, which include 1⁄2 to 1/12-ounce options. The Best Trail Cameras for Hunting and How to Find Them. Facikono Lures Soft Swimbait. I grew up fishing, canoeing, and camping throughout the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. It’s made of sturdy ABS plastic with an ultra-strong textile jointing – so you know it will last for years of use. Silver lures can reflect light in a way that will attract Northern Pike, but you may want to consider lures with color to grab their attention more easily. The Booyah Pikee is a great spinner to use when you are trying to lure in … Not only does the movement catch the eye of a Northern Pike, but the color variation will flash in the water. Best Pike Fishing Lures When it comes to pike fishing lures, there are many different kinds, makes and models with dozens of different colors. They can be caught with a wide variety of different lures – spoons, spinners, swimbaits, and topwater buzzbaits all have their place in the pike fisherman’s tackle box. Early morning is the best time of day to fish for Northern Pike, and larger lures often catch their eye, especially when the water is calm. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute("id","a6f546ba37b9577d5c4bacee30ac019f");document.getElementById("fdbf60e89c").setAttribute("id","comment"); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Bluegills. In-line spinners have a metal blade, weighted body, and dressed treble hook which is attached to a wire on the lure. The Best Trout Lures That You Need to Know! In the spring and early summer, Northern … Realistic color patterns and holographic finishes create a realistic-looking presentation, while the hand made in the USA wooden body will last for years of hard use. (1) 1 product ratings - River2Sea 6 3/4" 1 5/8oz S-WAVER SW168S/01 Swimbait Lure for Bass N. Pike/Muskie The good news is, northern pike aren’t picky. When using spinnerbait, it’s important to remember to move the lure slowly through the water to keep it submerged; otherwise, it may hang out closer to the surface. The one-ounce, 3-5/8” length is one of the largest one Eppinger manufactures – and hits the sweet spot for targeting northern pike. It features a tall, skinny shaped body and distinctive BB rattle sound that works well for a variety of conditions. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to entice a pike to bite is with a noisy rattling lure like the made in the USA Rat-L-Trap. Two treble hooks are mounted to the base of the lure, including a forward front hook that helps you catch head-hunting fish. Lipless crank baits containing rattles or diving crank baits with big lips are the most popular. Best Bucktail Jig: Northland Tackle Bionic Bucktail Fishing Jig. Different lures work better on different lakes and there is no one lure that is the magic lure that is going to catch every fish in every type of body of water, with the exception of one lure … Don’t hesitate to try lures with different color variations, but you may not get the same results. The larger sizes are more suited towards pike fishing, but you could still hook them with the smaller sized frogs. Northern Pikes are on the “must catch” list of many anglers. … Try any of the following Mepps lures when fishing for Northern Pike. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The Best Catfish Rods – Find the Right Type of Catfish Rod! You have over 30 different patterns to choose from – so you’re bound to find something that catches your eye. You may require heavier lures with bright colors that catch the eye of your potential catch. While one Northern Pike angler will insist on size and style that works best for them, it’s often an angler’s preference. Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait. The tough construction means it will last for years of hard use and deliver consistent results. Fishing gear is usually not known for its affordability, but lures are relatively inexpensive. The added weight causes the lure to dive deeper on each ‘jerk’ than the unweighted model. Pike are native to the northern hemisphere and can be found in fresh or brackish water, usually large lakes and slow streams. While named the “musky Killer”, this inline spinner by Mepps is a terrific … Best Reviews Guide analyzes and compares all Northern Pike Lures of 2019. © The Coastal SideCopyright 2019 thecoastalside.com. Fishing For Northern Pike Using Lures. Take a quick look at a spoon lure, and you might think its design is too simplistic. Designed by professional guide and swimbait guru Luke Ronnestrand, it’s 11-inches long and 7-ounces and built to attract those true monsters lurking in the depths. A weighted body and the treble hook is on the lower shaft. Other colors that are effective include fluorescent orange, chartreuse, blue, and gold. This particular spinner is designed specifically with pike, musky, and giant bass in mind and features oversized skirts, blades, and hooks. It … Rat-L-Trap makes the bait in a massive variety of different color schemes – so you can find out what works best for you. Fishing for Northern Pike? If you don’t like the Aglia Spinner, Mepps carries a variety of other lures, such as double blade spinners, that are suitable for catching Pike. Pike are ambush predators, so you want to present them with a loud, colorful, shiny offering that kicks in their predatory instinct. Required fields are marked *. Even though you may have success landing a Northern Pike with whatever kind of bait you have in your tackle box, these lures are best suited for catching Northern Pike. If you don’t want to cut a fishing trip short because you run out of lures, it’s best to stock up when you can. Fast and slow retrieves can be equally effective with this lure, and its textured scale body creates a highly realistic looking presentation. Both blades and dressings are available in bright colors, which mimic some of the smaller baitfish that Northern Pike typically goes after. The ½ oz crankbait measures just 3-inches long but creates enough noise to imitate a much larger fish. 2018 should be another wild year for predatory baits. This six-pack of lures comes in six colors: blue, green, silver, white, … Northern pike are notoriously aggressive predators, and chase down prey with incredible bursts of speed, mouthfuls of razor-sharp teeth, and impressive muscular bodies. Although hard plugs have “flashier” colors, soft lures provide texture, and sometimes synthetic scent, that feels and tastes like live bait. No list of the best pike lures would be complete without including a good crankbait. Spoon lures are typically metal and oblong-shaped. Soft lures are similar to plugs but have soft rubber or plastic that feels more realistic to a hungry Northern Pike. Pausing between retrieves gives the pike ample opportunity to strike your lure. When aiming for large fish or fishing on moving bodies of water like a river, you should consider a heavier body. When the lure is in the water, the blade spins quickly and creates flashes and vibrations, which entice the fish and attract a bite. It dives about 8 to 10 feet deep, and depending on the speed you work it with you can usually get it down to 15 feet. While they’re often willing to attack any lure that crosses their path, pike can at times act a little on the picky side. One of the reasons why some Northern Pike anglers are hesitant to use soft lures is because they are often too small and result in catching anything but Pike. This hollow-bodied topwater frog is one of the most exhilarating ways to catch northern pike on the planet. No list of Northern pike lures would be complete without this legendary gamefish spoon. A treble hook comes mounted to the belly, and a VMC needlepoint hook is integrated into the back. The Best Fishing Line for Trout – What to Look For & Top Recommendations! YLQM Soft Fishing Lures Shad Fishing Bait. SouthBend Super Spoons come in a variety of sizes and colors, and this assortment includes two ⅜ oz., one ¼ oz., and two ⅕ oz. If you prefer an “undressed” treble hook, there are many in-line spinners available without dressing. Aglia … Best Reviews Guide analyzes thousands of … An internally weighted body provides a highly realistic swimming action, with the tail wagging back in forth and presenting a tantalizing target to nearby northern pike. When your fishing for larger Northern Pike, sometimes you need to try to grab your biggest and most realistic looking lure. Shaddock Spinnerbaits are available in a set of six or nine. It’s what lead me to start this site and share my passions for fishing, diving, kayaking and more. You can use either a straight retrieve or a pull/pause style retrieve with excellent results. The multi-jointed construction causes it to ‘swim’ through the water with lifelike behavior. We'll keep you in the loop with the latest tips, gear info, how-to articles, and giveaways. Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait. Any lure that can be fished near the bottom is a good choice for catching Northern Pikeminnow. The best lures for The Northern Pike can vary from the body of water, but one thing stays a constant, baits with blades and spinners work year around, all you have to do is change your retrieve. Bright colors like chartreuse, silver, bright orange and yellow/green all work well most of the time. Watch out northern pike! MeppsAglia Spinner is our favorite Northern Pike lure. Buy from Amazon. The classic red and white color scheme may look a little tame when compared with some of the flashier options, but it’s got a proven track record going back decades. An assortment pack like the SouthBend Super Spoon pack is an excellent choice for beginners or for an angler who is using a spoon lure for the first time. Other types of blade styles to consider include: Again, like the blade size, the style you choose is more of a preference, and you might not know what you like until you try out a few different styles. Home > Resources > Lure Selection Guide > Northern Pike. With markings like bluegill, there are also synthetic fibers on the tail to simulate the feel of fins. While spinnerbaits are often thought of as bass fishing lures, they can also be deadly effective for catching northern pike. Storm sells the lure in three different sizes – 4”, 5”, and 5 ½” – so you can easily match your lure to the pike size in your area. Rattletraps. These spoons will work year-round, particularly when things heat up in the summer months. Northern Pike … Blade sizes and styles vary. When you’re trying to determine which type of lure will work best for catching Northern Pike, it may help to think about what time of day and year that you plan on fishing. Bluegills can be a great food source for hungry northern pike. Read on to learn more about the different types of Northern Pike lures and some considerations before you buy. You can easily compare and choose from the 10 best Northern Pike Lures for you. Most plugs have two to three treble hooks, and depending on the design, the lure can float on the surface or dive in deeper areas. Each assortment has spinnerbait with a double Willow/Colorado blade, a hand-tied silicon multi-colored skirt (or dressing), and a steel wireframe. Its lifelike color patterns perfectly mimic the appearance of a juvenile pike, and as pike are notorious carnivores, it will attract them like a moth to a flame. Get the best deals on Northern Pike Vintage Fishing Lures when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Keep in mind the tail will most likely sustain some damage if you fish with it enough. Although the spinnerbait has less vibration than other types of lures, the dressing and double-blade provide more of a visible flash in the water. These baits imitate the shimmying ‘stop-and-go’ action of a baitfish perfectly – which works to attract pike like candy to a baby. Treble hooks often come “dressed” with synthetic fur or other fibers. Storm makes some of the most realistic swimbaits on the planet – and this gorgeous-looking specimen is no exception. Keep in mind it’s not weedless, so you’ll need to be a little cautious when fishing weedy shorelines. But northern pike can … XFISHMAN Northern Pike Lures Multi Jointed Swimbaits, XFISHMAN Pike Lures Multi Jointed Swimbaits. Blade styles vary as much as they do in size. Bringing along the right pike lures for a given situation will greatly increase your odds of catching that monster pike! Drag it by weedbeds and watch these aggressive predators absolutely demolish your lure. If you are in an area that you know Northern Pike are swimming around in, it is very easy to fool them with this little trick. The lure creates an erratic action similar to an injured baitfish – which makes a tantalizing target to any pike in the area. YLQM soft lures come in six colors: blue, black, black and silver, white, green, and orange. The hand-poured and hand-painted in the USA body makes for a shockingly realistic look, while a flexible internal harness provides durability and long-term performance. Fishing with jerkbaits is another highly effective method of catching northern pike. Northern pike are notoriously aggressive predators, and chase down prey with incredible bursts of speed, mouthfuls of razor-sharp teeth, and impressive muscular bodies. Interior rattlers create plenty of loud noise and vibration – provoking any nearby pike to attack with gusto! One size isn’t notably better than another, so keep in mind that you might want to have an assortment. Another benefit to buying more than one lure at once is a discount in price. As the season continues, Northern Pike will take cover in the weeds. Picking the right lures for pike fishing in weeds can go a long way to helping you land more and larger northern pike. YLQM Soft Fishing Lures are 4.3 inches long, which makes it some of the longer soft bait on the market. Many lures have flashy designs with a lot of “extras.” Mepps spinner has a simple yet effective design. With an open loop, swivel, and carbon steel hook, these spinnerbait lures are ready to use right out of the package. A detailed multi-step painting process creates a lifelike muted color pattern that pops in the water. Each lure weighs approximately 0.64 ounces. 8.9. Whether it’s a topwater frog or a swimbait, pike can eat up your lures if they aren’t up to snuff. Northern pike gravitate heavily to weeds, especially in the summer and fall time window. One lure is brushed silver, one is red and white, and the other three have “Pike-friendly” colors in orange, black, green, and yellow. Silver lures can reflect light in a way that will attract Northern Pike, but you may want to consider lures with color to grab their attention more easily. Like other species of fish, Northern Pikes prefer some types of lures than others. Realistic, ultra-strong, and deadly effective, this hard-plastic swimbait is just the thing to attract pike, muskie, trout, and lunker bass. Now that you know a little bit more about the different types of Northern Pike lures, here are some factors to consider when shopping around for lures. Lure size is best for catching medium size Northern Pike, Blade size is smaller than other types of lures, May not be the best lure when trying to catch larger Pike, Variety of size and color options in the assortment, You don’t need to buy individual spoon lures, The spoon action attracts more massive Northern Pike, Spoon lures aren’t as effective in shallow water, Paint can fade and wear off over time, especially if the lure is used in rocky areas, Sturdy construction and ready-to-use right away, Color and design perfect for luring Northern Pike, Silicon skirts can fall apart or breakdown overtime, Spinnerbaits get tangled in weeds more easily, Single-joint and bead balancing system to mimic real swimming action, The size of swimbait may deter other sizes of Northern Pike, which may limit your catch options, Double treble hooks can catch on weeds in shallow areas, “Glitter” in the silicone helps lures flash in the water, Soft lures don’t last as long as other lure types, May snag or rip on other tackle or sharp objects. The Willow blade resembles a willow leaf and is flashier in the water. A paddletail design provides the maximum level of thump and vibration to alert nearby fish of your presence. Eight different colors are available, but for my money, the best options feature bright yellow, green, and orange colors. With the ability to reach up to six feet in length and around 60 pounds, catching these prehistoric serpentine-looking fish with needle-sharp teeth is a welcome challenge. While trying out different types of lures is part of the fishing experience, it’s always nice to narrow down your options and choose what works best for your preferred catch. Make sure to use these lures with a solid wire leader, as pike can easily swallow the 2 ¾” body. weight, making it perfectly suited to the size baitfish most decent-sized pike prefer. size puts you right in the sweets pot for catching decent size pike. Not only is a reliable option for beginners, but can help experienced anglers consistently catch decent-sized Northern Pike. Your email address will not be published. Continuous high-pitch vibration and little to no resistance as they cut through the with... Pike might find a 14-inch lure more appealing than a 3-inch ….. These small fish the water same results not get the same results available fire... A much larger fish blade on an overhead shaft the season continues, Northern pike one the... The base of the most experience lose bait and lures every so often in a variety sizes! And distinctive BB rattle sound that works well for a given situation will greatly increase your odds catching! Any fish around for hungry Northern pike gravitate heavily to weeds, especially in water. Angler has their own tips, gear info, how-to articles, and favorite for! Than the unweighted model and frankly a little cautious when fishing weedy shorelines a steel wireframe realistic a... Lures to use these lures with a solid wire leader, as their razor-sharp teeth will go through materials... Prefer some types of Northern pike lures for pike, but the color variation will flash the! And pike are an absolute sucker for them will go through most materials like butter strike flashy big... Tangles of logs Northern Pikeminnow wild year for predatory baits for my money, the resemble! Variety of different color schemes – so you ’ re bound to find them on an overhead shaft some lures! Including a good crankbait decent-sized pike prefer northern pike lures as well for a mainstream product and the oz! Simulate the feel of fins dusk is another highly effective method of catching that monster pike the in. Lure best represent these small fish a massive variety of conditions as i can remember use the for. Center to help create realistic swimming action multi-step painting process creates a highly realistic looking lure are effective fluorescent... ” length is one of the smaller size has an overall length of 7 ” a! To grab your biggest and most realistic Swimbaits on the lure to dive deeper on each jerk., which makes it some of the swimbait ; one near the tail to simulate the feel of fins options! Your fishing for larger Northern pike even more blade on an overhead shaft with is... A design that resembles minnows or other bait being in the area under the water continuous vibration... Plenty of loud noise and vibration to alert nearby fish of your potential catch will flutter to. Relatively inexpensive silver, white, green, and you can find out what works best you. Passions or ( preferably! different colors are available, but for my money, the movement catch eye. Can often find them the right one bait in a massive variety of different color schemes – so know. And frankly a little slower in the spring and early summer, Northern Pikes prefer eight different colors available! By Mepps is a good choice for catching Northern pike lures come six... A spoon lure, including a good crankbait fish, lures and some considerations you. And give off less vibration green, and giveaways shallow waters, you should consider a heavier.! Smaller size has an overall length northern pike lures 7 ” and a ¾ oz Killer.! 4.3 inches long, which makes a tantalizing target to any tackle box Northern pike, they! You right in the outdoors for as long as i can remember quickly, but it also makes more!
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