Traditionally, Moru Curry is made with Grated Coconut so that the curry has thickness. Mos... t of the time egg Curry happens as an SOS dish and which means it happens all the time Well, if you’re with me still, then this egg curry recipe is something you should save for such days. Kerala moru curry (Butter Milk Curry with coconut) otherwise named Pulissery or Kachiya Moru, is a traditional dish of simple, tasty and seasoned yogurt, very popular in all Malayalee homes.The dish goes well with white hot rice. Keep it aside. Thanks again :) Jess, Thanks a bunch dear for the wonderful comment! Mustard,Jeera,green chilli,Red chilli,Garlic and Ginger flakes ,curry leaves and then add to the prepared moru. Place the chicken in a large shallow dish. Anyways, I will try to post here sometime soon. Its really surprising to know that you dont get yogurt there! Hi Maria, nice…tq mariaa :-)we can add coconut milk also..It tastes better.. You are welcome :) Back home, sometimes we add ground coconut, but I’ve never tried with coconut milk. Good to hear that your experiment was successful! As per her suggestion, I decided to make Moru (Yogurt) Curry with the Squash. Yet another traditional Kerala Sadya Style Pulissery or Moru Curry. Hi Maria, Varieties of moru curries are prepared in Kerala, to name few Kumbalanga moru curry, Chembu morozhichu koottan, Chena moru curry, Chakkakuru moru curry, etc… Well, talking about this recipe, this is one of my favorite […] John. Heat coconut oil in a pan/kadai and splutter mustard seeds. This summer, my aunt gave me some home-grown Squash.It is a variety of Cucumber similar to Sambar Cucumber (See the last pic). Happened to cook chicken after a long time, say 2-3 months. I have recently started following your blog and must say your recipes have indeed given me confidence that I can cook! one thing I am yet to make without curdling…. 4 this u refrigerate boiled milk, remove the cream from top then boil again and use. Please do try out other recipes as well when time permits. My friends came down for a visit this monthand they loved kachia Moru,especially her son loved it so much. I just saw ur blog recently , and must say that u’re doin a wonderful job.I tried out ur egg sandwich , it was toooo gud , my mom in law who’s normally very fussy abt food totally luved it ….. today i made palappam and veg kuruma , and aloo gobhi for lunch , the appam and curry was thorougly relished by everybody at home , waitin for them to get back to me rgd the aloo gobhi. They’re tried, tasted and trusted by over 125,000 smart cooks. First of all, I need to thank you. Moru in Malayalam refers to curd or yogurt. Recommended side dishes: Palappam, Idiyappam, Kallappam, Puttu, Vattayappam, Ghee Rice, Chapathi, Marinate cleaned chicken pieces with salt, pepper powder and vinegar. Maroli. With a disappointed look on his face, he told me that he was hoping that I would make choru n kachimoru!! Where in EKM are you ?I am also from the same place. This will be usually served as part of Onasadya (Onam Menu). I never ever thought I'll have to come across a person who loves the veggies and without them will not survive. Boil the veggies with salt and drain the excess water and keep it aside. Giving credit won’t hurt :). So please consider. Cover the pan/vessel with a lid and keep it at room temp for 3-4 hrs. Green chilies – 2- 3, slit. All you need to make this easy recipe are ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen cupboard. The gravy tends to thicken as it rests, so adjust the consistency accordingly. First the fried snacks will be served. 2. I’m new to this and and so i’v tried only a few…and it came out awesome…Thank you so much for sharing your menus…, Thanks a bunch for your comment :) I’m really glad that the recipes came out well for you…, Please do try other recipes when time permits and hope to see you here more :). Kerala Beetroot Thoran Recipe – Kerala Style Beetroot Stir Fry. It is also called Kachiya Moru, which means cooked or stewed buttermilk. Marias Menu. Curry leaves : few; Oil for frying Preferably coconut oil,if you wish to get the thattukada taste; Instructions. Jun 1, 2011 - Kerala street food recipe. I tried it here but the search results were zero. Sharing Is Caring! Nice to know that you are visiting this space regularly, thank you :), Hi Maria, there is no day that I do not open your website. Mix well. Many people include this moru curry in Vishu and Onam sadya menu as it helps in digestion. My Adigemane. I tried every possible method but it never worked. свиђања. If you liked this, share this with your friends & family... Hellooo, it's been sometime right? A spicy beef curry recipe with bold flavors and spices. It was so thoughtful on your side to make them such wonderful and comfort food after their trip. Thank you for this detailed recipe, I cooked with row banana instead of potato its so good.. Maria … I’ve been following all your recipes for sometime now.. being a doctor didn’t get to learn much of cooking from my mom or grandma- two excellent cooks … and I was sad coz my kids don’t get to eat like I did… since I started following ur recipes I get to cook almost like they did …the same old memories come my way and my kids…moru curry, thoran and everything… Thankyou… stay safe.
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