A wildlife park owner was savagely mauled by a lion in front of screaming onlookers after he entered the animal's enclosure. A YouTube video showed the big cat roaming in traffic. Horrific scene: Lion chewed zookeeper’s arm in front of horrified visitors in Karachi Zoo. There is no natural park in Angola called Wallasee, There are a lot of movie gimmicks in the filming, such as zooms and cuts on the relatives in tears, No one intervenes to save the man, for example by driving the car to scare the lions away. If no one does so, doctors will proceed with the postmortem examination in 72 hours. Alll had Rhodesian plates. The sequence shows various tourists cars on safari, busy photographing the animals of the savanna. KWS urges members of the public to stay calm and not to venture out at night.". This is the terrifying moment a lion suddenly attacked a circus trainer in front of a large audience of children and parents in Ukraine. Kenya Wildlife Service did not immediately respond to a request for additional comment. Family of Brit beheaded by 'Jihadi John' still waiting for his body to be found Lion attacked the zookeeper Kanu through the bars as he tries to feed the animal Nairobi National Park is located roughly four miles from the city center and is home to a variety of animals, including large predators such as lions, leopards, hyena and cheetah. Amante dell'horror, del mistero e del macabro sin da bambina, ha deciso di creare questo sito per tutti gli appassionati di horror e macabro. Perhaps a natural park called Wallasee existed in the ’70s and now has changed its name, or the name was reported incorrectly. Some say that being on IMDb under “actor” proves that the incident is a hoax concocted well. Surely the guides were equipped with radio transmitters. You have entered an incorrect email address! The victim's head and arm were found by an unnamed passerby, while a lion had also been spotted in the nearby area, local media reported. Tweet Share on Facebook. It is a small fenced enclosure of a few acres and you can drive through in your own vehicle (dont need a 4×4). Officials still trying to explain what led the lone animal to injure a man. "The lion is safely back, but our teams are on the ground in case there are any others around that have not been spotted.". I believe instead that he is on that page simply because he starred, voluntarily or not, on a film. The incident occurred on Feb. 18th, 1975 in the Wallasee natural park in Angola. I cannot recall where it took place. It was never in the news because the film had gathered much more attention and it’s easier to find news on the documentary rather than the event in itself  Besides, it’s normal to think that the family wanted to talk about it as little as possible. The zoomis only used to better document the scene. This is the terrifying moment a circus lion viciously attacked a trainer in front of screaming children. Add to. HTML-code: Copy. The incident occurred on Feb. 18th, 1975 in the Wallasee natural park in Angola. A lion passes in front of a car after running away from the Nairobi National Park in Nairobi on March 30, 2016. The film says that the car could not be used because of the terrain. This scene created a bit debate not only for the great violence and the strong impact it has on the audience, but also because some believe it could be a fake and not a real scene. ... “Matt literally threw his body in front of me and the boys, and fought the Wolf as it ripped apart our tent and his arms and hands. Trail News. We are reaching out to the family of the deceased with a view to visiting and consoling with them. The victim was described as "middle-aged" by Daily Nation.The man's ID, seen in a KTN News video segment, showed him to be 40 years old and from the town of Narok. The car number plates are Rhodesian. There are no news from newspapers or television reporting of a man named Pit Dernitz devoured by a lion. #OCSDPIO @OCSheriff received a call at approx 4:20 pm to assist @OCFA_PIO after a reported mountain lion attack in Whiting Ranch. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How did the rescue team managed toget there shortly after the incident, as at the time there were no mobiles? With the predator on the loose, the Kenya Wildlife Service has urged residents to avoid walking at night until it is captured, reported. The L&C Park is still going in Zimbabwe at the same place outside Harare. Vuoi segnalarci una storia, una notizia o suggerire un articolo? The old cars are the types that were available in Rhodesia at the time. 13 Nov 2008 237 062. Share Video. I distinctly recall this incident being reported and seeing pictutes in the now defunct Scope Magazine and also a report in the Sunday Times. The one next to it was a R6. Wandering here and there I came across a movie and more precisely a world movie, a documentary film dealing with strong themes intended to shock the viewer. It is said that the sequence was real and that man in question was Dernitz Pit. Leggi, Sweden: medical drugs, rapes and segregates women, Indian young man killed by a tiger at the zoo, Travis, the chimpanzee who disfigured a woman, The 4 real snuff movies that can be seen online, Gordon Stewart Northcott, the murderer who inspired “Changeling”. The name, place and date have made it all the more real, but remember that those were the years of the world movies, where everything was permitted to shock the viewer. The movie I saw was called “Savage Man Savage Beast”, from 1975, famous for the violent scenes in general, but for one in particular: a man tore to pieces by a lion. The crowd screamed in fear as well-known Hamada Kouta … "Our team of rangers including a vet are searching for the lion to locate, dart and remove it from there. At the time, the KWS confirmed a 63-year-old man was injured by a lion that left the confines of the Nairobi park and wandered onto a roadway. According to, residents have complained that lions have killed their livestock. Share. Benvenuto in Emadion, il portale italiano del macabro. Thank you very much for these new elements! "A mountain lion came out of a tree and attacked his son right in front of him,” Foy said. A man got out of the car to get pictures and was attacked and killed by lions. 5 Oct 2020 63 251; Share Video. This scene created a bi… He failed to return to work on Sunday. The graphic and potentially upsetting footage, which. lion eating man in front of family, lion eating man alive, lion eating man dailymotion, lion eating man in zoo, lion eating man in cage, lion eating man in circus, lion eating man 1975, lion … Shocking footage has emerged of a lion mauling an elderly man after he entered its enclosure in an animal sanctuary in Limpopo, South Africa. Visita il sito per cominciare il tuo viaggio nel mondo del macabro. There was an old Chevrolet’ Impala. The man was hospitalized in a stable condition. Pit Dernitz –the man tore to pieces by a lion. Lion Attack Man(dare Only) qasfnk Subscribe Unsubscribe 1. The other tourists continue to film, powerless, and the man is devoured by the big cats under the eyes of his wife and children.
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