Further you will get 1st Year Result 2021 as well. Nigeria: 182.81 $ About In the News Newsletter API. These Highest paid salaries in Pakistan are undoubtedly highest in their numbers.These Highest paid pay scales in Pakistan usually start from BS-20, BS-21 and BS-22. Median Salary. salary monthly 60,000 let me monthly tax By: MAQSOOD on Sat 24 Nov, 2018 I have came back to pakistan on 29 may 2018 and join my job from 1st June 2018. may annual salary is 14 Lakhs but as it will be for half year. Beginner Software Engineers usually make about 60,000-70,000 but after 5 years of experience, their salary can increase up to several Lacs. The work they do is risky but also valuable hence they are paid well. Scrum Master can easily charge 70,000-80,000 at beginner level but 5 years later their salary can increase up to several Lacs. It came into existence on 14 August 1947 as Pakistan appeared on the map of the world. 2,500,000 but does not exceed PKR. Pilots fly aircraft and make sure that passengers reach their destinations safely. Law enjoy the highest gross average salaries (PKR 5,330,033), followed by Insurance (PKR 4,240,000), and Engineers & Technicians V (PKR 3,383,333). Initially, Audit managers get about 50,000-80,000 and 5 years later they can charge in Lacs. It is necessary to acquire a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degree from a medical college to become a Physical Therapist in Pakistan. Chartered Accountancy is considered as the best-paying jobs in Pakistan for 2020. Aviation Manager, who is responsible for overseeing the operations at the airport earns average monthly salary of 500,000PKR. It is a management position that oversees the process of development of any software, app, or any other IT product. So, if you have technical and finance background then you can be expected to see job opportunities coming your way. Pensioners would also get an ad hoc relief of ten per cent. Due to this trend, Chartered Accountancy is ranked as one of the top 10 professions in Pakistan. Then conditions, environment, and behavior of people is reviewed. Usually, degrees in IT, data management, or Finances are required to become Data Scientists. You might astonished to know about their handsome packages of Salaries. Highest Paid News TV Anchor Salary in Pakistan per Month Income by ali sial September 19, 2016 In current circumstance of Pakistan every person anxious to know about latest happenings, as well politics is also an uncomfortable issue of this country. A person working as a Human Resources Manager in Pakistan typically earns around 122,000 PKR per month. The salary ranges from Rs.25,000-100,000 per month. However, in reality, only a few actually end up getting well-known high paying jobs and the rest have to look at other options. 195,000 + 17.5% of the amount exceeding PKR. If the annual salary income exceeds PKR. The average salary for a Software Engineer is ₨828,000 in Lahore, Pakistan. The salary ranges from Rs.75,000 to 450,000 per month. On the other side, high salaries are given to the officers whose scales start from BS-19 and then onwards. They also get attractive salary packages for their creative skills and services. 50,000 to 200,000. Beginner Lawyers can earn around 40,000. Sales Manager can earn about 30,000-40,000 initially but after 5 years they can make about 80,000 easily. Whenever someone wants to go abroad, monthly salary considered first. Architectural engineers get paid about 60,000-70,000 initially but later they can earn about more than 1 Lac. Starting a career in telecom engineering sector is also one of the best careers in Pakistan. Government hospitals obviously hire MBBS doctor too. There are numerous courses available on YouTube related to Video marketing; anyone can do those courses and sell their skills on Fiver or Upwork. Related: Highest Paying Companies In Pakistan. I.T Professional. As awareness is spreading among people of Pakistan, they are becoming conscious of their physical needs and health and this is contributing to the increased demand of physical therapists in the hospital. However an experienced can even earn more than 1 Lac; it depends upon the skill and connections of the individual. Doctors initially make about 30,000 but later they can earn up to several Lacs or more. MP-II Scales has less salary and privileges than MP-I. The smallest budget per capita exists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Required fields are marked *. I.T is the emerging sector in Pakistan which is contributing a lot in almost every aspect of life. Stay Tuned! I.T professionals are in demand in Pakistan and worldwide. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. International packages are even higher ranging up to 75 lakhs. Additionally, it is imperative to take into consideration the number of people that would be supported by this salary. 1- kamran Khan 2- Dr Shahid Masood 3- Aamir Liaqat. The average wage is a measure of total income after taxes divided by total number of employees employed. They analyze, design, and organize the data to reach the goals of their business firm. Average salaries in Pakistan can vary greatly based on a career field. Highest Paid Employee In Pakistan. In our comparison over 78 countries, the USA comes 9th with an average income of 65,760 USD. The salary ranges from Rs.15,000-80,000 per month. Also note, […] They are also receiving good salaries in accordance with their role in the organization’s success. The job of a project management is included in the highly paid jobs in Pakistan. You can have this six salary figure and your pay can be more than Rs 1 lakh if you are in BOD category or CEO category or in the managerial professionals category. Mechanical engineer is responsible for design, analysis, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. The worldwide highest income is earned in Monaco. They also overview the construction of the infrastructures they design. They suggest valuable and farsighted knowledge regarding the correct monetary decisions when there are high stakes. It is considered a respectable job in Pakistan. Sahir Lodhi 2 million rupees 3. Salaries of pilots depends upon various factors however on average they are paid about 50,000-60,000 on average however after 5 years they can be paid up to 90,000 or more. You can become an audit manager if you have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business. Field Marshal BPS- Apex scale, General with BPS- Apex scale, Lieutenant General with BPS 22 minimum pay would be 55,755 and max would be 111,194.Major General with BPS 21salary will … According to Waqar Zaka’s claim Fawad Khan is at number one position in earning as he charge around 15-30 million rupees. Pakistan Has the Highest Rate of Breast Cancer in Asia Posted 2 seconds ago by Ahsan Gardezi According to a research estimate, one in every ten Pakistani women is … This is quite a general question that who is the highest salary in pakistan 2020, we can tell you somewhat exact answer of this question. It is common knowledge that everyone watches YouTube videos in Pakistan. Marketing is the most important aspect of the success of an organization’s products and services. They are also hired by Government Airlines like PIA etc. That is why in this blog, I will be listing the top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan so that students can take advantage of it and earn a decent amount of money. They are paid about 50,000-60,000 initially and later more than 1 Lac. 195,000 + 17.5% of the amount exceeding PKR. You have to be in the board of directors or you can count yourself as CEO if you want to get high pay. It is one of the Highest Paying Job in Pakistan. Category A players earn (RS 11 lakh per month), category (B) holders make (RS 7.5 lakh) per … 3,500,000 then the rate of income tax is PKR. This is very important because most businesses rely on the sale of their services/ products to make revenue. Morning show hosts salary (per month income) 1. Then we have SP officers and SSP officers, IG officers, DIG officers, their pay scale is also higher. Supply chain management and other related jobs are given to people with MBA degrees. If the annual salary income exceeds PKR. Pakistani students only know about popular highest paying jobs in Pakistan; they do not know about various other high paying jobs that can pay them well. Famous television host Waqar Zaka has revealed that how much people earn in showbiz industry of Pakistan. First we will talk about the private sector that who is being paid the highest of all! People in Pakistan are multiplying wealth ;) Marketing, in today’s world, plays an important part in the success or failure of an … Companies also hire lawyers to deal with their legal matters so there are enough vacancies for Lawyers. However, that does not mean that there are no high paying jobs in Pakistan. Average Monthly Salary matching your search criteria. We are sure that readers have received the idea that who is the highest salary in pakistan 2020, it depends on your job title wholly that how much you will be paid.
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