Also, a longer hike to the Harding Ice Field (a trailside walk to a 3,500-foot summit) takes place at 9 a.m. on Saturdays in July and August. Discover the optimal month due to daylight, temperature, and rain. Glacial flour? Dozens of glaciers, calving action and wildlife galore: this National Park and Preserve is popular because it offers a greatest hits collection of Alaskan sights and is boat-accessible. Directions: Head south from Anchorage on the Seward Highway, along the 5-mile Portage Spur Road. Rent a car and travel independently on a set itinerary, with lodging and tours booked in advance. Mat-Su. Please check your email to verify your subscription. With a gorge deep­er than the Grand Canyon, and glacial ice 3,800 feet deep, it’s hard to find a…. Campgrounds, RV Parks & Public Use Cabins. The Alaska Railroad is your transportation method. Alaska Railroad: Adventure Class or Goldstar Dome Car Service? This married couple, both scientists, used expertise from their respective fields — biology and glaciology — to study little mossy bundles known as glacier mice at Root Glacier near … Know what to look for from afar and up close. Know what to look for from afar and up close, Some of the most impres­sive glac­i­ers in Alas­ka are sur­pris­ing­ly accessible, Most Alaskan cruis­es include a vis­it to a tide­wa­ter glac­i­er — here are the best. Visit September to April to see the Northern Lights, Best Northern Lights Viewing Spots Near Anchorage, How to Travel to Alaska in January and February, The Best Large Family & Group Vacations in Alaska, How to Get from Anchorage to Your Cruise Port in Whittier or Seward (or the reverse!). Visit September to April to see the Northern Lights, Best Northern Lights Viewing Spots Near Anchorage, How to Travel to Alaska in January and February, The Best Large Family & Group Vacations in Alaska, How to Get from Anchorage to Your Cruise Port in Whittier or Seward (or the reverse!). Just as impressive as the glaciers, however, is the land exposed by the ice’s recession. Being able to walk up to any glacier is a stunning experience, and this big boy is the biggest, and perhaps most impressive roadside glacier, in part because you can easily touch it. There’s a Forest Service Visitor Center overlooking the lake and glacier, which has a large aerial map of the icefield, an informational video and spotting scopes ($3). View on Map. The high point of the icefield that feeds Yakutat is about 2,000 feet above sea level, lower than Flattop Mountain near Anchorage and even Ester Dome near Fairbanks (neither of which have glaciers). Some of these collapsing icebergs are so large, they send a 10-foot wave rocketing across the river and crashing onto the opposite shore. Choose a round-trip Inside passage or one-way Gulf of Alaska Cruise. The North and South Sawyer Glaciers are tidewater glaciers at the head of Tracy Arm, a 27-mile long inlet 50 miles south of Juneau. But there’s plenty to do in this old mining town, including glacier day hikes, whitewater rafting and flightseeing over the ice-studded Wrangell St. Elias Mountains. Highlights plus less visited destinations. Want some dra­mat­ic scenery? The Great Gorge of the Ruth Glacier has 5,000-foot sheer granite walls rising up on either side of the ice, making them some of the highest granite walls on earth. Glaciers near Anchorage include a total of 60 within 50 miles of the city. Look for salmon splashed into the forest! 1 unit available now. If getting close isn’t enough, you can also join a guiding company for a glacier hike, ice climbing class or rafting trip (with the option of either scenic or whitewater routes). Aric Hudson. If you're not cruising, stay a few days at Glacier Bay Lodge, the only lodging within the National Park boundaries. There’s even a viewing platform, since big calvings send waves across the river that scour the beach. If you're standing anywhere near the shore when this happens, you will get washed into the river. He spent many days on Variegated Glacier near Yakutat, and started a measuring program that continues today on Black Rapids Glacier, south of Delta Junction. Because of the steady snows, Worthington Glacier is not retreating as quickly as most. Here are the most popular glaciers and the best ways to see them. During its peak winter, 1951-52, the area got more than 80 feet of snow. This property is currently available for sale and was listed by AKMLS on Nov 8, 2020. Find an Alaska vacation tour or day trip in an Alaska city at Fairbanks. Alpine glaciers form on the peaks or slopes of mountains, and are higher in elevation than valley or tidewater glaciers. Use our calculator to find out, Stay casual, dress in layers, and get proper footwear, Guides to the best locations around the state to view wildlife. There are lots of other places to explore and camp for the avid backpacker. Directions: Head south from Anchorage on the Seward Highway-or north from Seward-the turnoff is clearly marked at Seward Highway mile 3.7 and is nine miles long (half of it's gravel).Distance: 125 miles south of Anchorage.Drive Time: 3 hours.Explore Time: 1 - 5 hours. You can also book excursions for kayaking, fishing, flightseeing, and more. If you want to spend a whole morning or afternoon near the Ruth Glacier, K2 Aviation offers a guided hiking experience to Moraine Lake: You’ll land on a floatplane on a glacial lake on the edge of the Ruth Glacier, and then take a guided hike with the massive Ruth Glacier as your backdrop. Off the coast of Yakutat—200 miles NW of Juneau—Hubbard is certainly gigantic: it's more than six miles wide where it meets the ocean. You can, however, do some good exploring. 4 Beds $1,700. When the ice rolls, it reveals deep, dark blue ice that’s saturated by fresh water. ... Glacier near Valdez. Free personal GPS–driven travel guide to Alaska. For more information, call the Anchorage office at 907-644-3661 or the Fairbanks office at 907-459-3730. The classic Alaska Cruise, offered by such companies as Holland America, Princess, and Royal Caribbean. Stops include Seward (Kenai Fjords), Girdwood, Whittier & Spencer Glacier, Stops include Wasilla, Talkeetna, Denali National Park & Fairbanks. Large cruise ships and day tours navigate tight S-turns to the glaciers. It’s also been very active in the past, having had two major surges in the past 30 years. Photos by Kaye Robinson. You are traveling at the wrong time of the year for whales and glaciers and Fairbanks is 300 miles away from the ocean. Portage Glacier. You’ve like­ly seen those icon­ic glac­i­er images, with hunks of ice crash­ing into the ocean. Root & Kennicott Glaciers. Glacier Bay has more than 50 named glaciers, as well as two major arms: East Arm and West Arm. And when the calving is active in high summer, you'll see a major event every 15 minutes. The Forest Service also maintains several trails. On clear days, you can see the alpine ice falls on Mount Blackburn (16,390 feet) at the head of the glacier. The surging glacier has a tendency to dam off the waters of Russell Fjord on its left. ft. condo is a 2 bed, 1.0 bath unit. This condo was built in 1979 and last sold on for. There are stories of people finding salmon stranded in the forest, washed 20 to 30 feet from the river by these glacier tsunamis. Free personal GPS–driven travel guide to Alaska. Fuel included!! You can get there by taking a narrated bus tour, but you can also go on your own: A taxi to the glacier costs $35 one way, while a shuttle bus is just $8 each way. You'll spot these glaciers on the south side of the road, halfway from the Seward Highway to Portage Lake (thus the name Middle Glacier). And when…. The cave is hidden from view. If you can’t get enough snow, this spot is for you: Just 28 miles from Valdez, the Worthington Glacier is fed by the snows of the Chugach Mountains around Thompson Pass—and in fact, it's the snowiest place in the state. Talk about a room with a glac­i­er view: This is the only glac­i­er in the state with a hotel…. (Otherwise, you might be no closer than 12 miles.). About 320 Glacier Ave Fairbanks, AK 99701 (907) 456-7368 - 2 bed 1 bath unit in Hamilton acres - Beautiful 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment located in Fairbanks. Motorcoach tours visit the glacier, which has a large parking area, covered viewing shelter and interpretive signs. Find how many days you need based on what you want to see and do in Alaska. September 3, 2015 By Don Kiely. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. The glacier ice drops 2,000 feet in ten miles— and if the ice melted away, the remaining gorge would be deeper than the Grand Canyon. It now has a four-mile wide towering face that you can walk right up to and touch. They feed the nearby stream systems that harbor many species of salmon and trout. Girdwood, Whittier & Seward. Thomp­son Pass holds the hon­or of being…. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Glacier Medical locations in Fairbanks, AK. See Alaska's highlights by railroad or motorcoach in a group of up to 50, Travel in small groups, stay at exclusive wilderness lodges, and spend more time outdoors, All-inclusive multi-day vacation packages at a remote wilderness lodge, Travel with a professional photographer to the best photo locations around the state, Trips range from backpacking, rafting, to upscale remote lodge retreats, Cruises depart Juneau or Sitka. Most people who come to the Park—and there can be 400,000 of them a year—come by way of a cruise ship, and most of those ships head up the West Arm, towards the Margerie Glacier. Years ago many a mountaineering adventure used this access route to enter the mountains, but the popularity of recreational snowmachining has driven mountaineers to quieter areas. Please try again. You can hike right up to Seward’s Exit Glac­i­er and feel the dense blue ice while lis­ten­ing to it…. Off the coast of Yaku­tat — 200 miles NW of Juneau — Hubbard…. The Copper River flows into and past the Childs, undercutting the face and causing continuous calving—and we mean continuous: during the summer, it happens about every 15 minutes. Thompson Pass holds the honor of being the snowiest place in the state: During the peak winter of 1951-52, it got more than 80 feet of snow. When you get off the Alaska Railroad, you can float next to the ice on a raft trip across the lake with Spencer Glacier Rail and Raft. Book entire boat for your family or group, or opt to bunk with other guests. Magestic Margerie Glacier is the princess of the park, massive and constantly calving. Robustly colorful and relaxing to reach. Richardson Highway, southeast of Fairbanks. Boutique, small ship adventure cruises in Alaska's Inside Passage, Cruises depart from Whittier, a 1 hr drive from Anchorage. 16 Glacier Ave , Fairbanks, AK 99701-3504 is currently not for sale. McKinley (which is just 6 miles away). Location of Fairbanks near Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve in Alaska. It's a one-mile scenic walk to the glacier face along Byron Creek. This tide­wa­ter glac­i­er may be a bit of sleep­ing giant. That's why they've built a viewing platform--and why you should use it. If the boat can get close to the glacier, you’ll be within one mile of its face, and you’ll get a 270-degree view of glacier ice that’s 200 to 400 feet tall. Bring a light jacket, as winds tend to pick up around the face of the glacier itself.Distance: 48 miles south of Anchorage.Drive Time: 1 hour.Explore Time: 1-4 hours. He spent many days on Variegated Glacier near Yakutat, and started a measuring program that continues today on Black Rapids Glacier, south of Delta Junction. Find 12 listings related to Glacier in Fairbanks on By Stan Justice. South­east Alas­ka has just one glac­i­er acces­si­ble by road, but it makes up for its nov­el­ty in being extremely…. You may also see whales, bears, and mountain goats. Not too spectacular in size, these hanging glaciers dangle from mountains in the Chugach National Forest. On Byron, ice worms are common, if you get down and look. It now has a…. Plan your journey with this gorgeous printed map. The slower cruising boats, on the other hand, spend more time at the glaciers they visit, and those trips often include Blackstone Bay, where you can listen to the creaking and cracking ice while eating prime rib and king crab. See other best glaciers from a cruise. Ice siz­zle? This glacier once filled the entire bay, reaching Icy Strait in the late 1700s. Plus, it’s one of the easiest “walk-up” glaciers in the state, with a short paved hike to a viewing platform. Worthington Glacier is found along Thompson Pass, 28 miles northeast of Valdez. At the very least, it’s a great excuse to drive the Glenn Highway. After his arrival in Fairbanks, Harrison became fascinated with “surging” glaciers, which rumble forward with unusual quickness after decades of … Some 15,000 years ago, this glacier reached another 50 miles west to the Palmer area. Child’s Glac­i­er is cer­tain­ly Alaska’s most spec­tac­u­lar road­side glac­i­er – it’s the only one where you can see calv­ing. But to experience that humbling sight in person, your best bet is to go to Prince William Sound. Walk the lower trail to get a good photo in front of the glacier face. Spencer Glacier ends in a glacial lake, and such lakes are gorgeous sights themselves. Indeed, there is some comfort in the fact that you can’t get any closer. Byron Glacier trailhead is near Portage Lake. Appliances: Range, Oven. Take a catamaran tour for a close-up look at the bay’s massive, tidewater glaciers, a much more intimate experience than the typical visitor gets from the deck of a multi-story cruise ship. The most intimate multi-day cruise option. In the right conditions, however, your ship might be able to get within 1/2 mile of the face. This tidewater glacier may be a bit of sleeping giant. Those surges were big enough to cross the bay, turning the fjord into a lake and threatening to flood the coastal town of Yakutat. If you travel for the photo ops, the twin Sawyer Glaciers will keep you very busy: touring them gives you an up-close, vivid look at the ice. You have to fly or ferry to Cordova, a small fishing town, and from there you drive an hour along a road that was once the route of the Copper River Railway. Most day cruises take between four and five hours, but there are two distinct types of cruises, and they offer different experiences: You’ll see more glaciers on the high-speed catamarans—such as the Surprise Glacier in Harriman Fjord, which some people think is the best calving glacier in the sound. When the Begich-Boggs Visitors Center was originally built, it was right at the … Castner Glacier is also one of the more easily accessible glaciers in the area so it makes sense why many people would be visiting this one more. 230 Glacier Ave. 230 Glacier Ave, Fairbanks, AK 99701. See other great roadside glaciers. Matanuska Glacier: Hike or Drive. The sheer ice walls, deep blue holes (called moulins) and creaking ice make it an unforgettable experience. Sev­er­al pull­outs allow…. Focus on Denali & Kenai Fjords. Talk about a room with a glacier view: This is the only glacier in the state with a hotel across the street. And while this mind-blogging spot near Mt. Nearby, too, is the famous Million Dollar Bridge. It’s more than a two hour drive from Fairbanks and the largest nearby city is Delta Junction with about a 1,000 residents. Exit Glacier is not huge, but it looks big up close, so it makes a great place for photos. One of them is The Trail of Time, a ½-mile paved interpretive walk, with signs marking the glacier’s recession. Directions: Head north from Anchorage on the Glenn Highway. 320 Glacier at 320 Glacier Ave, Fairbanks, AK 99701, USA apartments for rent Talk about nat­ur­al dra­ma: This is prob­a­bly Alaska’s best road­side glac­i­er, because it’s the only one where you are…. It still gets plenty today, which keeps this 4-mile glacier from retreating as much as others. Hubbard Glacier is a valley glacier that outlets near Yakutat, Alaska in Disenchantment Bay. See Alaska's highlights by railroad or motorcoach in a group of up to 50, Travel in small groups, stay at exclusive wilderness lodges, and spend more time outdoors, All-inclusive multi-day vacation packages at a remote wilderness lodge, Travel with a professional photographer to the best photo locations around the state, Trips range from backpacking, rafting, to upscale remote lodge retreats, Cruises depart Juneau or Sitka. Mendenhall Loop Road turns into Glacier Spur Road and ends at the visitor center.Distance: 12 miles from Juneau.Drive Time: Less than half an hour.Explore Time: 1-6 hours. Just a 2.5-hour drive from Anchorage, the Matanuska Glacier sits off the scenic but less-traveled Glenn Highway. Overwhelmed by choices? A half-mile wide, the glacier feeds Mendenhall Lake, which stays pretty placid: While there are some icebergs in the lake, the face ranges from 5 to 200 feet tall, so you can’t expect booming calving action. 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