am I not blocked??? The faded ‘D’ only means that the message has not bene received by the occupant as they are currently signed out of kit or haven't opened it in a while. Is faded D on kik means I'm blocked? Hi. Say a friend texts you on Kik and you want to read it but not show that you’ve read it. A faded D appears next to messages sent to iPhones and Windows Phones. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . Well, if the reason for seeing the S is that someone has blocked you, that's far more serious. This has caused concern from a number of different social media apps including Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 1 Questions & Answers Place. if the message is deleted before reading, what is ; S won t change on kik. It means the user has received a push notification of your message but hasn't opened or checked the message. You won't be able to tell if you've been blocked by someone on Kik. Doesn't it mean I'm blocked? Someone you're texting is either offline or they've deleted the app. :/ Please help me :(Answer Save. How to Use Kik Messenger - … My friend owns an iPhone that's why but if he blocked me will I still see a faded D or a solid D? Do you know if blacklist are going around? A faded “D” appears when messages are sent to iPhone and Windows Phone devices. Is there any way to confirm if someone blocked you on Gmail or not? Kik message stuck on S for Sent. I sent to someone a message on kik and a faded/gray D appeared next to the message? I'm not blocked as I did start a group test. I don't know if I am blocked or she's just ignoring me. Doesn't it mean I'm blocked? How to know if someone blocked you on Kik How to tell if someone blocked you on Kik How to check if someone blocked you on kik Hello bbmania, I'm using Kik on my BlackBerry Z10 i lost contact with a friend when I send her a message it stucks on S it doesn't change to a solid or a faded D like it happens on other systems to distinguish if I'm blocked or not, to sum up the question what happens when you're blocked on Kik on a … When you've been blocked, you'll still be able to send messages to that person and you'll see a D beside your messages to them. If your. 1 Answer. if i send a bbm, my phone shows a d (delivered) or r (received/read). 6 years ago. Could this mean I've been unblocked or does it do that regardless? Yes, you can easily confirm whether any person blocked your email address or not. Light d means message was received. I have only found one other instance online, and a friend of hers who has it. Also see our article What is Blocking? Is faded D on kik means I'm blocked? Check if Kik Message Status from D to R? I am not in contact with them over kik, but they have recently told me about a feature given to them out of nowhere to where they can choose and send up to 5 images at once. Lv 5. Done that twice this year already. A faded "D" would mean their actually busy, and haven't gotten around their phone. Cemtex means what cemtex means what i received one message for some as mention cemtex means what? Blocked on kik solid dor faded. 67% Upvoted. Connection issues. Once they open the app, you’ll see a solid D. If your message is stuck on S: The person you're messaging isn’t connected to Kik (maybe their phone is off). Though you won't be able to tell if you've been blocked by someone on Kik, you could still send messages to that person, which is similar to Facebook messages block. Light faded D: A faded D appears only on iPhone & Windows phone. Say you just got a message from a friend that you want to read. It means that we've sent the push notification of your message to your friend but they haven't opened the app to receive the message on their phone. I know that solid D means the message is delivered and faded D means it is delivered but the recipient did not open the app yet (esp iPhone). 10 0. If someone does block you on Kik, the messagecan be stuck on ‘S’, and it may never will be delivered or read by the receiver. best. Part 1. So, in this case, if you have blocked the email address of another person then the sender will not get any email report. Answers. This sub is aimed at people either 1 in an affair or 2 thinking about affairs. Again, it’s tough to know for sure if you’ve been blocked on Facebook, but there are ways of finding out: Search for the person while logged in. I sometimes go away with my family and forget my phone charger. A faded D occurs next to messages sent to iPhones. Thus, you are being 100% ignored. My friend owns an iPhone that`s why but if he blocked me will I still see a faded D or a solid D? A darker D means the message has been received by the Kik app but not yet read. If the "D" goes straight to bold rather than the usual faded, it means she's using her phone right the moment you sent it. It's been faded D for 6 days. Or will I see the grey d regardless? My kik did this before and it was because my kik won't send anything if I put my 4g on. Relevance. If I'm blocked on kik will it still show a faded then turn to a dark after an hour or so? but it doesn't mean he seen it. Don't confuse them. Asker +1 y. I think it's probably a mixture of business plus her being annoyed with me. Sort by. Kik message stuck on s, If the recipient uninstalls the Kik app, there's obviously no way to deliver the message (which would change the S to a D). ? OR he might be busy o-o share. If you’ve been blocked, you’ll go straight through to voicemail after exactly one ring every time; Facebook/Facebook messenger. Porls2. Low Pockets 7,832 views. As mentioned, a light D means the message has been delivered to the phone but the Kik app has not yet acknowledged receipt. 3. Recent answers; Top answers; This question has been closed. not only does she not show as blocked anymore, but she shows up on my friend`s list without m ; Can i send a message to my friend,who blocked me from her facebook id? No. I feel that somebody is abusing this privilege. This thread is archived. Faded D means "delivered". But let's face it, being stuck on R is worse. There is no way to know if you are blocked, blocking someone makes it anonymous. There are two options that I know of to “secretly” read the message. This could be because the recipient has shut down the Kik app or is not using their phone. :/ Lurch. Lurch. Dark solid D: Once a user opens the Kik app after receiving a message, faded D turns to dark solid D meaning the user has checked the message on the Kik notification. If I m blocked on kik will it still go to the faded d then the dark d when they open the app but I never get a r? Answer this question . With this secret you can trick Kik into not showing the “R” but only showing the “D” that the message has been sent but never read (even when you read it). I got in a disagreement with someone on a group a few months ago and someone blocked me from the problem but then every similar group in that category I got blocked from as well. Tweet. When you're blocked the D wont change from a D. When the D is faded that means their device is turned off. Will I still see a faded D if I'm blocked on Kik messenger? Kik s does not change to d. If i delete a message that has not been delivered but sent on kik app to a person will that person be able to read it? I only wanted to talk to someone about my granddad being ill but she's not responded. Faded d on kik am i blocked. I know that Faded D means that they got a push message alert about the kik message so please don't tell me that! They won't receive your messages though, so the D won't change to an R. My kik messenger is not working because it always atys on either s which means sent or d which means delivered but it never goes to r which means reci; Blocked numbers on kik faded d . As soon as the occupant opens kick the message will become a ‘full coloured D’. So yeah, you might either be ignored or he forgot to check his kik. save hide report. Or will I see the grey d regardless? Kik faded d am i blocked. am I not blocked?? Posted about 4 years ago by James. What does it mean on Kik if my messages are on faded D? It has three message status markers, S, D and R that appear once you have sent a message. Now there’s not much you can do about it without reasoning with them using a different messaging app or asking them kindly if they have blocked you. ( it should say S
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