9 Replies 1.9K Views ... Coyote Dogs For Sale. The best way to visualize the American staghound is to blend together the characteristics of the Scottish Deerhound or Borzoi with the Greyhound. In essence, the American Staghound was born. !.July Hound Page. * more Information found on dogbreedinfo.com. List your kennel with us and advertise that you are a breeder, trainer or handler. Call for prices and information. It is for this reason that these dogs are not for everyone. Free hunting dog classifieds for the upland bird hunter and wetland waterfowl hunter. Ad created by ROGER GILBERT. We have a few july people on here !! VISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR PICS OF OUR STAGS!! Post Dogs. Our dogs have natural hunting ability, strong intelligence and desire to hunt. We prefer dogs in the 50 to 60 pound range. Our adopt a hunting dog program has had a great response. Clearing yards clear of dense vegetation, where coyotes can make a den or find fallen fruits or vegetables. They are older but are still fast for their age. They are a type of sighthound that is used to pursue, or course, a variety of game. 's://ssl':'://www')+'.google-analytics.com'+'/siteopt.js?v=1&utmxkey='+k+'&utmx='+(x?x:'')+'&utmxx='+(xx?xx:'')+'&utmxtime='+new Date().valueOf()+(h? var sc_invisible=1; DISCUSSIONS. The Staghound has always been in the hands of huntsmen, and without the right to pursue quarry with running dogs the staghound will go extinct. Deer dog hunting is deer hunting except with dogs that trail the deer. Staghound was bred to Staghound and was most often culled specifically for characteristics that favored the pursuit of coyote. Moderator: Crimedog40. He can be found in any assortment of color or color patterns that can be found in the greyhound and Scottish deerhound. by Coyoten » Jan 31, 2011. German Shorthair Hunting Dogs – Hunting Puppies. The Staghound has long legs, deep chest, and strong muscles. The American staghound has all of the physical and mental characteristics needed for running down his quarry. Coyotes are built for endurance hunting. Coyote hunting with dogs rose from early fur gatherers and livestock producers in the New World. Although not recognized as a breed by many, some lines have been bred together much longer than many recognized modern breeds. We breed serious bird dogs for serious upland hunters. The fur gatherers hoped to make a buck; the livestock moguls simply wished to eradicate lamb- and calf-killers from their lands. by btech29: 4 434 07/29/20 10:32 PM by Chris Lynn: Looking for coyote decoy dog/pup. July Hounds.I raise and train July fox and coyote hounds.Started and finished hounds and puppies for sale.I have had the same strain for many years. var sc_security="27fc6a7b"; var _nwls=[];if(window.jQuery&&window.jQuery.find){_nwls=jQuery.find(".fw_link_newWindow");}else{if(document.getElementsByClassName){_nwls=document.getElementsByClassName("fw_link_newWindow");}else{if(document.querySelectorAll){_nwls=document.querySelectorAll(".fw_link_newWindow");}else{document.write('<\/scr'+'ipt>');if(window.Sizzle){_nwls=Sizzle(".fw_link_newWindow");}}}}var numlinks=_nwls.length;for(var i=0;i You will find them in hunting packs that will help the coyote to have an advantage when hunting deer and other larger animals. by JoePilk: 2 222 05/06/20 09:53 PM by Alpha0822 » 7:12 PM - Jul 05. Due to the difficulty in shipping dogs to foreign countries, we are now offering a limited amount of frozen semen out of our stud dogs for sale (Foreign countries only). Also have a male pup out of them and our main male dog. 10 Gauge Outfitters is dedicated to producing high quality German Shorthair Hunting Dogs. FORUMS. Free hunting dog classifieds for the upland bird hunter and wetland waterfowl hunter. You can be assured that your dog is is getting the best training and care available. They may be slower than the prey they are chasing over short distances but they have superior endurance over long distances. Coyote Creek Retrievers is a full time and year round facility. Vargy's Coyote Hunting Board. As we move forward with the breeding program, we have 50/50 and 75/25 pups available occasionally, that meet the criteria, and are sold to Coyote Dog Hunters at discount prices, with the agreement that info & photos regarding the pup/dog will be sent to us on a semi monthly basis. Over the course of settlement and Westward expansion it was found that the cross between the very fast fine boned greyhound with the more robust Scottish Deerhound or Borzoi gave a mighty fine coursing animal used for coyote in difficult terrain. CONTACT US TO BE PUT ON THE WAITING LIST -- wavin_k @ hotmail.com, WE CURRENTLY HAVE SOME OLDER PUPS AVAILABLE, ZOEY - FEMALE - WHITE WITH BRINDLE BROKEN COAT, CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO -- PREFERENCE GIVEN TO HUNTING HOMES, Copyright ©2016 Site By Wavin K Creations,