Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The overemphasis of GMO banana and papaya over the corn, soybeans, cotton, and canola that make up more than 99 percent of GMO acres turns the real-world situation on its head. If they were the perfect food, presumably everyone would want to eat them, and be able to do so without repercussions. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote! Ray Comfort, a Christian creationist and televangelist, uses a banana to slap evolution in the face in an excerpt from his Way of The Master television show co-hosted by former child star Kirk Cameron. In this article, we look at five simple examples which support the Theory of Evolution. Scientists have proved one of Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution – survival of the fittest – for the first time. In response, Comfort said in a video that has now been made private that he "was not aware that the common banana had been so modified through hybridization.". The banana argument is a specific teleological argument for theism based on the form and function of natural objects—specifically in this case the banana. In 2006, Christian activist Kirk Cameron starred in a propaganda video which includes, in part, a one-minute segment with Ray Comfort on how the banana is proof of God's existence. 1. In case you somehow missed it, here’s another chance to see him in his supporting role in Ray Comfort’s famous “Banana video”. tomorrow is a … Behind the development of Bananatex is a collaboration of Swiss bag brand QWSTION, a Taiwanese yarn specialist and QWSTION’s weaving partner based in Taipei, Taiwan.These three parties partnered up to engage in the intense development and production process behind the new fabric, united by the drive to make a positive impact on the planet’s future. OK, not so funny... rather scary, actually: Considerably funnier: Capy’s Twits. The fossils that we have found provide windows into the past and direct evidence of evolution. Is it proof of evolution when monkeys spit out banana seeds? But as it turns out, it was not God's design, Next, the video tries to boost Ray's book, First of all, Comfort getting his book to #38 on its opening day—is this supposed to be impressive? But the type of logic used when looking at specific design aspects of natural products can be used to prove the non-existence of a designer god too. Kaz is trying to distort facts, there are thousands of transitional fossils on record. it is so okay to be sad but do not wallow in it, you will be okay. They share about 50% of their genes with a banana. The Cavendish is now also threatened as are many less well known varieties. The resulting fossil reco… As is easily seen, trying to use common genes related to common processes as proof of evolution quickly falls apart in light of the bigger genomic picture. But they probably do in Venezuela. The durian fruit also possesses an incredibly pungent aroma that has seen the transport and storage of the fruit banned in some public places. P hytolith evidence tells us that from the beginning they were eating and using a variety of wild plants, including breadfruit, durians, canarium nuts, species of palm and bamboo—and wild bananas. Part of HuffPost Religion. Someday, perhaps? Acts & Facts. It isn't new. However, if Dawkins refuses to accept, Ray then prances around boosting his own image while calling Dawkins a coward. We first discuss two kinds of 'evolution-proof' antibiotic. It is a very long sequence, written in code, that needs to be transcribed and translated before a cell can make the proteins that are essential for life. On the close side, two ridges. Comfort was born on December 5, 1949, in New Zealand. Evolution of the Banana Plant. So, if bananas are really such perfect examples of God's handiwork, if they are such a perfect food for humans, then why do they only grow in the tropics where so many people have no easy access to them? The video made the following claims: If Dawkins and Comfort did debate, Dawkins would only be giving Comfort a big spotlight to prove nothing and do nothing except evangelize. The banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant. Most of them -- humans included -- at least get to find a fairly comfortable position to push a living being out of their birth canal. The wild banana, the predecessor of the cultivated fruit favourite, does reproduce sexually, pollinating their flowers in the usual way and having the botanical equivalent of sex. This is a small subtlety, and not essential to und… And Ray wonders why Dawkins called him a fool and why people do not take him seriously. All cells on Earth, from our white blood cells, to simple bacteria, to cells in the leaves of trees, are capable of reading any piece of DNA from any life form on Earth. Ray suggests the debate between him and Dawkins be called "Banana man vs. Alien man" and let the audience decide who is the ignorant fool. Why? Ray Comfort assumes that proof of the existence of a benevolent powerful being would be a nightmare to atheists. All of our food, whether they are crops of domesticated animals, have been bred for thousands of years in order to preserve traits that we like and find useful. This review of this "apology" video has already established that: Ray was ignorant of the evolutionary history of the banana, and is a fool for claiming God gave man the knowledge to modify dogs so they can fit in his car. When opening the banana one must use the convenient pull tab to open it, and be careful that it doesn't spurt in your face and leave a sticky mess. Five Proofs of Evolution. Because islands provide isolated habitats where there is little chance of interbreeding with mainland species, evolutionary theory … Professor Dawkins actually does have degrees and participates in scientific academia, the process of peer reviewing, and performs actual scientific studies. Epidemics were previously reported in Uganda where BSV is currently endemic. While the entire picture still is unknown, there is enough information out there for some realistic formations of their early life to come to light. The soft, yellow flesh of the edible varieties is the result of collective mutations cultivated thousands of years ago. In contrast, wild bananas are packed full of bullet-like seeds and contain very little edible fruit. It's just the right shape for the human mouth. In the Pokémon Zensho manga. Musa consist of about 40 species and is distributed through India, New Guinea, Australia and Southeast Asia (Simmonds, 1962). In fact, early-stage human embryos have a tail and rudimentary gills like a fish. [note 1], Faced with the fact that the entire argument is bollocks, Ray has since backtracked entirely on the banana. Evolution - Evolution - The fossil record: Paleontologists have recovered and studied the fossil remains of many thousands of organisms that lived in the past. A possible scenario for the evolution of Banana streak virus in banana. References. 101 evidences for a young age of the Earth and the universe. [citation NOT needed] This is something a sane atheist would be happy to be wrong about. Ridiculous as the above may be, Comfort's explanation fails even in what it purports to do—that is, the original video wasn't about how God gave man the ability to modify plants and animals through selection; it was an argument that evolution is a poor explanation for the world we see around us, because God made so much in our day-to-day lives so well suited to our needs. Because, supposedly, the banana was proof of God's design. The banana was probably first domesticated in New Guinea, although if not there, it was definitely domesticated first in southeast Asia. A banana is an elongated, edible fruit – botanically a berry – produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. "Tracking the banana: its significance in early agriculture". EVOLUTION." Notice how gracefully it sits over the human hand. The evolution of the banana, star of the Western fruit bowl Sequencing the banana genome reveals that domestication of the fruit was a complicated process. The reason for this claim is the genetic make up and DNA pattern of a banana is only slightly different to that of a human, which gives some people argument that if we're only one step away from a banana evolution is a crock, i think thats bull and evolution is relevant just not from plants and vegetables to life forms. > EVOLUTION." Read More Now! (David Karp / … This is a small subtlety, and not essential to understanding the full, yellow thrust of the banana, however; it's merely a comparison to try to prime the audience and make them more receptive to enjoying the "design" aspects when experiencing a banana. cultivation on Mabuyag Island, Torres Strait. It comes with a protective, non-slip surface to hold, which is also biodegradable and sits "gracefully" over the human hand. There is little that is natural about the banana as we know it today. Calvary Chapel espouses a premillennial eschatology in which Christ's Second Coming and thousand-year reign as King of the Earth will occur prior t… People and critics who came to watch the debate left disappointed. [9] Another example is that until a few decades ago, the banana best known in the developed world was the Gros Michel variety (said to have been a bit tastier than the Cavendish we eat today). Failures of Evolution: Banana Moth is "Best Example of Evolution"? He tried to compare one thing that is naturally produced with something else that was mechanically formed—that was the comparison; he was not giving an example of two man-made things (even though the banana was bred by man). That he made the video without checking his facts in advance (which would have told him modern agricultural products are heavily modified by man) is unlikely to improve the credibility of his other arguments. BEHOLD THE > BANANA! Or have vaccines in them for easier application and distribution or countless other attributes that have been pipe dreams of genetic engineers around the world for years. Health authorities recommend a daily allowance of 4,700 milligrams. And come in banoffee varieties. Some scientists believe that the latest disease threat to the industry from Fusarium TR4 is caused by a failure to manage soil properly. Ray, a science-illiterate creationist, is way out of his field. If this property was part of "intelligent" design, then serious questions would have to be asked of the designer's competence. de Langhe, Edmond & de Maret, Pierre (2004). He was a minister at the Calvary Chapel Fellowship, as was his son-in-law, Emeil Zwayne. That’s 11 bananas. Wrong, Ray presented the complex design elements of the Coke can with the complex designs of the god fruit, and was thus criticized for it. While the design aspects of the banana are pretty clear, Ray never mentions that bananas only grow between 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude. Also, there are people who just don't like eating bananas, and some who have potentially fatal allergic reactions to them. Tracing antiquity of banana cultivation in Papua New Guinea, http://thinking-critically.com/2010/07/17/kirk-cameron-ray-comfort-and-bananas/, National Geographic - Lack of Sex Life Threatens Banana Crops, The imminent death of the Cavendish banana and why it affects us all. And, come to think of it, why would Ray think that a banana would squirt in his face? When Charles Darwin introduced the world to the concept of evolution, he had proof and evidence to support his hypothesis. Flamingo Adaptation and Evolution. At its core, it teaches that there were different stages in the evolution of our universe: Cosmic-evolution. Ray Comfort has actually expanded the banana fallacy to include other members of the fruit family, making the rather odd assumption that all fruit was manufactured by God(TM) for the nourishment of Man(TM) and no other purpose,[19] despite the fact that many fruits cannot be digested by humans or will even kill you. Modern bananas are sterile, containing only tiny residual seeds, so new banana plants are propagated from cuttings. The banana in the form that Comfort uses to illustrate his point is quite different from its wild predecessors — specifically, it's a seedless triploid, an asexual clone bred through banana-tree "pups" - manually-cut side-shoots of the parent corm, including a stem and some roots. So it is that the battle lines between TRUTH AND LIE, GOOD AND EVIL are being drawn around the banana. So Dawkins' accusation of calling Comfort an "ignorant fool"—half of that just got confirmed by Ray Comfort himself. Scientists are unsure how to deal with the crisis which potentially could destroy the livelihoods of rich and poor farmers worldwide. The average banana contains about 420 milligrams of potassium. Evolutionism is a world-view, which seeks to explain every aspect of this world in which we live. If evolution weren't true, there would be no reason to expect these signs of common descent. Bananas (Musa spp) are a tropical crop, and a staple in the wet tropic areas of Africa, the Americas, mainland and island Southeast Asia, South Asia, Melanesia, and the Pacific islands.Perhaps 87% of the total bananas consumed worldwide today are locally consumed; the rest is distributed outside of the wet tropical regions in which they are grown. For those of you who aren't familiar, this is what a word they like to call Asians who "act white". Notice it has a point at the top for ease of entry. > > Well, it was the Forbidden Fruit that doomed humanity. [1], For those of you who can't see embedded YouTube, here is the link. Indeed, the points raised by Comfort as to the banana's positive design traits are quite minor details next to the plant's ability to successfully grow and act as a food source. 2. Stupid video about atheist rebuttal points. Seriously, Kirk, the whole of creation testifies to the genius of God's creation. However, a dog can never become a bird, elephant or banana, no matter how hard nature tries. 1 CHAPTER 1 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Banana Banana is a monocotyledonous, perennial herb within the order Zingiberales, and the family Musaceae. The excerpt below demonstrates Comfort and Cameron's approach to explaining the banana's "design features" and why the world needs improved science education. More information: Robert N. Williams et al, Multidisciplinary evidence for early banana (Musa cvs.) So either he lied in this video back in 2009, or after all these years of criticism and mockery he's lying in 2017 in his new book (or has deluded himself into thinking he knew it all along). evolution of edible bananas would have been a gradual process involving. Hovind was willing to offer $2,000 for proof that a dog and a banana have a common ancestor, but he backed out of this when it was required that the judges be unbiased (Kolosick n.d.). The question to Prof. Dawkins was presented to explain a "possible" scenario that. You'll find a wrapper which is biodegradable, has perforations. Karen, Yes this is possible. ;)----- One monkey said to another, "How are our relatives doing in civilization?" An additional "apology" video was released by Ray Comfort. If Dawkins accepts the offer, it gives the false impression that Ray is on an equal intellectual level with Dawkins. To pretty much everyone that would be very good news. What is the most puzzling though is their actual relationship to other types of birds. Even today, the leaves, flowers, fruits, stems, and rhizomes of the two wild banana species on Sri Lanka are still used. About.com Trees & Shrubs - Do Bananas Have Seeds? Epidemics were previously reported in Uganda where BSV is currently endemic. is grown during the last 20 years with no convincing evidence of epidemics. 4) Genetics. All rights reserved. The banana was first domesticated around 8,000-9,000 years ago, somewhere in South and/or Southeast Asia, probably in today's Papua New Guinea[6] (which, following Comfort's logic, means that it was intelligently designed by some god worshiped there rather than by the Judeo-Christian God). The banana came about through human manipulation of evolutionary mechanisms. Gros Michel was effectively wiped out by Panama disease in the 1960s,[10] hence the switch to the Cavendish. Black, too late. Both the durian fruit and the pineapple have hard outer surfaces that require a sharp knife or hand axe to cut through, which is the exact opposite of the cases of the banana that is easy to get into. There are also very few ergonomic properties associated with these fruits, either with them being large and bulky or covered in spines—again, demonstrating the opposite of the simple "pull tab" Comfort is so proud of. The Calvary Chapel, founded by Chuck Smith,[note 1] teaches the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) and that the Bible is inerrant. Additionally, Dawkins would not be the "alien man"; he would more likely be the "Aliens are a much better possible explanation than your god, provided intelligent design is true" man. Comfort claims the "Bananaman" video is a hoax perpetrated by atheists. [3] A hobbit-like species of human lived about 18,000 years ago. The full version opens with an appraisal of the design aspects of a soda can; these include pointing out the outer casing to contain the liquid, the size which is designed to fit the hand, and the ring-pull that gives you easy access. The lack of sexual reproduction in cultivated bananas and plantains prevents genetic diversity, so cultivated bananas are vulnerable to a range of pests and diseases. "Ignorant" means you do not know. Similarities during the stages of embryonic development help scientists classify organisms in a taxonomy. Today is National Voter Registration Day! Either way looks rather bad for him. Arcanine is Blaine's main battling Pokémon. The answer is Yes! He waxes so rhapsodic about it that it could inspire any number of bad jokes about fruit fetishes and the like, but we would never ever condone that sort of behaviorexcept whenever you read this articleon this web site. But wait, what's that I see there on the Banana Peel? Iskra-Caruana ML(1), Chabannes M(2), Duroy PO(2), Muller E(2). The theory of evolution predicts patterns of species not just over time in the fossil record, but also in the distribution of species today around Earth—the study of which is called biogeography. ", There are also multiple hypotheses for how fruit colouring evolved. Cultivated bananas are parthenocarpic, which makes them sterile and unable to produce viable seeds. Ray and Kirk promised to prove God scientifically without the use of faith or the Bible, but they failed. According to Ray Comfort and other like-minded Christian fundamentalists the overwhelming majority of people end up in Hell. Comfort offers up the 'ironclad argument' that bananas are proof of God's intelligent design of the natural world because "the banana and the hand are perfectly made, one for the other. He argues that the form of the fruit, conveniently sized for human in an easy-to-open package, is proof that it was created by God for human consumption. The Cavendish banana, the specific cultivar that Ray Comfort displays to the viewer, was selected to replace the Gros Michael because it was second-best. You feel insulted and "dehumanized" when scientists say that people evolved from other life forms, but you have no problem with the Biblical claim that we were created from dirt. Evolution- CBSE Notes for Class 12 Biology. For those who are not aware of the significance of that date, February 12 is. If bananas were truly "intelligently designed" they would have raisins in them. When you pull the tab, the contents don't squirt in your face. It has outward indicators of inward contents - green, too early - yellow, just right - black, too late. The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type any given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.In fact, the monkey would almost surely type every possible finite text an infinite number of times. As fun as it may seem, hanging upside down from a tree with your tail isn’t one of the luxuries we have as human beings. Failures of Evolution: Speciation of Goatsbeard; Failures of Evolution: Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny He sighed. Most atheists do not choose to disbelieve that a god exists because that is what they want. But this selection has rendered the fruits of these plants completely sterile, and so unable to survive in a wild "natural" state.[8]. The universal genetic code. The early Spanish explorers introduced banana plants into America from Spain as a hardcore, large cooking banana, known as a Plantain banana. Dr. Barend Vlaardingerbroek corresponded with Hovind concerning clarification of conditions and matters of fairness and got a runaround. The Theory of Evolution by natural selection is one of the most successful scientific theories ever propounded. BSV is a plant pararetrovirus of the family Caulimoviridae, gen … What comfort didn't realize is that the banana has in fact been designed, by us. A good number of atheists in the West typically think that they have looked at the evidence and come to the conclusion that it is most reasonable not to believe that a god exists. This is obviously just a partial list: 1. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron did the same thing with the debate with the Rational Response Squad. They knew while going in that they had no case at all, and took the opportunity to evangelize on live camera to the viewers. Seriously, Stop It Already, (Read The Full Story Here), bananas are proof of God's intelligent design. cultivation on Mabuyag Island, Torres Strait, Nature Ecology & Evolution … To people who argue Banana's as proof, would it not also prove evolution, as monkeys have the very same hands? Nature , published online 11 July 2012; doi: 10.1038/nature11241 Published in The first comprises li … "Atheist Central -- Ray Comfort's Blog: The Banana isn't Proof", The Way Of The Master : Atheism (Part 1 of 3), Why Do People Laugh At Creationists (Part 31). 38 (6): 12-13. is grown during the last 20 years with no convincing evidence of epidemics. Poor subsistence farmers in the developing world can face starvation when their whole plantation crop suddenly dies. Ray Comfort, a Christian creationist and televangelist, uses a banana to slap evolution in the face in an excerpt from his Way of The Master television show co-hosted by former child star Kirk Cameron. In fact, it really speaks of smart coding by the ultimate bio-systems programmer--God Himself. The fact that chimps have a DNA sequence 99% in common with humans isn’t evidence of evolution but that humans and chimps have the one same designer, God. “Food Evolution” devotes a disproportionately small segment to dominant herbicide-resistant crops, and the glyphosate herbicides they were designed to use. The early Spanish explorers introduced banana plants into America from Spain as a hardcore, large cooking banana, known as a Plantain banana. The banana and the hand are perfectly made, one for the other. Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. In contrast, the larynx in a chimp, for example, sits higher in the throat than in a human. In Hather, Jon G. quite serious tactic he originally intended it as, You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, but You Can't Make Him Think, other object that fits within the human hand and is conveniently placed to always be within an arm’s reach, The Banana: Proof of God (Atheist Parody), with his hand close to his own crotch quite a bit. Now if you study a well-made banana, you'll find, on the far side, there are 3 ridges.
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