One claim was for cancelled flights and the other a cancelled package holiday and they have refused to fund both. We were due to go away for 2 weeks in October. We had a terrible time with Emirates treating us so badly not getting back to us after 20 emails.We will never ever fly with them again they left us high and dry leaving us to get from Dubai to UK.So we contacted AXA and they done a splendid job sorting our claim out with no fuss.Well done AxA well worth 5 Stars 10 stars would be right. Maybe Krishnee is in a more fortunate position and can afford to lose a large sum of money. I am claiming for the remaining 50%.AXA are claiming that only my portion (and any dependents covered by my policy - which appears to be 3 out of my 4 children) is covered under the terms. Lowest rating possible. Bad customer service, call no answer, email no reply!Claim submission is not user friendly and claim officers are irresponsible.Don't buy AXA Travel Insurance! They need this document and then they need another document. Wherever you are, you're never far from an AXA Travel Insurance store. AXA will review and process your claim submission within 5 to 7 working days. Overall Rankings . AXA lets you submit your travel claims online, on your mobile myAXA app, or download and mail a pdf form. Happy to take the money but do not pay out for justified claims. I have submitted a letter of complaint which I received an acknowledgement asking me to wait 3-5 days for a reply. CLAIMS FORM(S) Travel Insurance Claim Form. This week, AXA ceased operations of its blockchain experiment fizzy, a parametric insurance solution for delayed flights. Important notes: For Medical emergencies, contact us immediately on +971 44294003 to ensure quick coverage confirmation with the medical provider. I had to submit my claim on more than one occasion and ended up calling in. If you are claiming for loss or damage, you must show you made a report within 24 hours of the event happening in order for those claims to be processed. Entire team at Bharti Axa is not aware about their own product benefits. Log In; Sign Up; Start a New Search. I am surprised that those scammers are allowed to operate in the Uk .Wait and Wait for claim results, three months later I received a letter of rejection to my claim on the basis that I have not provided enough information, even though I did. I queried immediately, and was informed that a we were travelling with another couple, they would have to claim on their insurance despite the fact I had paid in full, and included statement in documentation.. Avoid. We all pay insurance for a reason. Krishnee answered and I was told that they had no record of the claim, I could re-submit but actually, the trip was not eligible for a claim. The airline refunded the money without hesitation and naturally, I thought that I would have a similar experience with AXA. Got axa insurance through Halifax bank, claimed for flights and accomadation for portugal when they got added to the no advise to travel, it was dealt with very well and will look into other policy’s with axa , it was dealt with very quickly. They need to be investigated and exposed. I have been paying for AXA travel insurance for 6 years and only this year have I needed to use it. 1.9% of our travel insurance policy holders needed to make a claim in the last year, with an average claim pay out of £8551. I will be providing them with all of the details of the claim made by my other family member with AXA and the resulting compensation payment for the claim.I think that it is important that people know who they are dealing with and don't make the same mistake I did by putting your trust in a large brand, so I will be contacting the press and TV (Martin Lewis/Watchdog etc) to expose AXA for the SCAMMERS and FRAUDSTERS that they are. Our promise is to deliver an exceptional claims experience. The airline refunded the money without hesitation and naturally, I thought that I would have a similar experience with AXA.
2020 axa travel insurance claims review