The European Astronomical Society (EAS) is a society of professional astronomers that promotes and advances astronomy in Europe. (Boston, MA - June 2014), AAS222: Passersby got to see lunar craters, Saturn's ring, and other celestial treats -- assisted by members of the Indiana Astronomical Society. Seattle Astronomical Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting all aspects of amateur astronomy for the benefit of its members and the general public. Topic: BAS November Virtual Club Meeting Time: Nov 2 , 2020 06:45 PM Central Time (US and Canada) The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) is a learned society and charity that encourages and promotes the study of astronomy, solar-system science, geophysics and closely related branches of science. brought to you by 234th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society . It is sponsored and coordinated by the Royal Astronomical Society(RAS), and functions as the primary annual meeting of the society. Nelson Astronomical Society. The African Astronomical Society (AfAS) is a Pan-African Professional Society of Astronomers. that everyone is online prior to the meeting. The meeting focused on field-related issues of strategy, … Sign up for BAA Alerts. This artist's concept depicts a galaxy with an active nucleus propelling jets of material outward from its center. Want to get more involved with astronomy? Download Abstracts: dda50_abstracts.pdf. Meetings, events, and items of interest located at Philadelphia. The ASP Conference Series (ASPCS) is now offering a Community Subscription to non-research and community institutions featuring access to ASPCS proceedings online at a much lower price than the regular subscription. Advancing All Space Founded in 1954, the American Astronautical Society has long been recognized for the excellence of its national meetings, technical meetings, symposia and publications and for their impact on shaping the U.S. space program. Donating to the AAS enables us to advocate, teach, and connect current and future astronomers. Latest Newsletter view now. Help support our society through your kind donations. Many of our society members are keen astronomical imagers, specialising in CCD work on planets and deep sky objects such as galaxies, star clusters and planetary nebulae. 237th AAS Meeting — 11–15 January 2021, Virtually Anywhere 239th AAS Meeting — 9–13 January 2022, Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT 241st AAS Meeting — 8–12 January 2023, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA ASP Home Page ASP Monograph Publications ASP Conference Series Information Order at the AstroShop International Astronomy Meetings ADS ASPCS Linux Server | Search. The society has close to 1000 members. Society For Astronomical Sciences. Download Abstracts: aas235_abstracts.pdf. November -0001; Metrics of Research Impact in Astronomy. The AAS Meetings are where astronomical discoveries are announced and communities are built. The African Astronomical Society (AfAS) was relaunch at the Astronomy in Africa business meeting, which was held in Cape Town at the South African Astronomical Observatory on 25-26 March 2019. Founded in 1862, the Chicago Astronomical Society works to promote information about the study of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. Advanced Paper Search | Login. SPD, TEAM-UP for Physics & Astronomy press conference participants (Honolulu, HI - January 2020), 237th AAS Meeting - January 2021, Virtual Meeting, AASTCS 8: Habitable Worlds - February 2021, Virtual Meeting, 238th AAS Meeting - June 2021, Anchorage, AK, TESS 2021 Meeting - August 2021, Bellevue/Seattle, WA, The Astrophysical Journal Supplements (ApJS).
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