Neville Sinclair | This story is during when Scar took over the pride lands. Sykes | Scar | Wolf Arrowmen | Jacob Marley | Lucifer (2015) | The Spaniard | A son named Nuka, and a daughter named Vitani. Mad Hatter | Dr. Claw | Cloak & Dagger | Firebird | (Formerly, before the Outsiders betrayed her and her death) Hating Simba and his family. Thugs (Fidget, Felicia & Bartholomew) | Kiara manages to convince Simba to give up the feud by saying the prides should be together and must put their differences aside for the future of the Pride Lands, which inspired both prides. Gloomius Maximus | When The Lion Guard returns from the trip to The Tree of Life after hearing about Zira's return, they meet Kovu, Kiara and Vitani who are now directing a new Lion Guard and telling them that Zira is dead. When Kion replies that Scar wasn't the true King, Zira leaves him surrounded by the Outsiders with the choice: being with them or against them, before going to fetch her children. Treasure Planet Villains | She is Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu's mother, Kiara and Kion's mother-in-law, Scar's friend and most loyal follower and the supreme leader of the Outsiders. Even after his death, Zira still considered Scar her king and blamed Simba for his defeat. Kiara first appears in the Presentation at the beginning of Simba's Pride. San Than | Kiara lands on a ledge, but Zira clings on the edge and rejects Kiara's help and loses grip and falls to her death into the river below. Goosey Loosey | Scar hand-picked Kovu to become the next king, and Zira trained him to kill Simba. Kaa | Sarah Sanderson | Facebook Youtube Pin Interest Instagram Toggle navigation Shadow Demons | Titans (Lythos, Hydros, Pyros, Stratos & Cyclops) | Mrs. Satterfield | The Lion King Villains | She has a wiry grin when she smiles. Of all the lions who were conceptualized, Zira doesn't seem to change in the slightest. The Little Mermaid Villains | With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular The Lion King 2 Zira animated GIFs to your conversations. Zira licked her paws clean, clearing them of the blood. Lilo & Stitch Villains | Buster | Wu | LeFou (2017) | Pluto's Devil | Suzanne Pleshette is the voice of Zira in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, and Akiko Nakamura is the Japanese voice. Zira angrily accuses Kovu of betraying his pride and Scar for doing nothing to kill Simba. Juice | General Otmin | Nuka gasped out and cried loudly as the pressure squished him to the floor. Peter Pan Villains | Zira and Vitani are saddened by Nuka's death, but Zira's sadness turns to rage and she scratches Kovu in the face, leaving a scar on his left eye like Scar. Buena Vista International Villains | However, Zira then sees that she could use Kovu's friendship with Kiara to get revenge on Simba. Step 2. Tess Tyler | Mike | Kovu is probably adopted, because he its not Scar biological cub, but a "selected" for become the future king … Opal Koboi | A small crunch sounded through the cave and aroused Zira. "ok at the end it is not Kiara it is Kopa before the making of the lion king 2 they changed it 2 Kiara instead of being it Kopa =3." The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride (1998) Best Scene Part 663. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride Knave of Hearts | East India Trading Company | Fat Cat | Bill Fawcett | She tells Kion that using the Roar against other lions would make him lose the roar, and she convinces him to stay with her. Signup for Free Weekly Drawing Tutorials Please enter your email address receive free weekly tutorial in your email. Mr. Big | The Lion King (1994): Scar | Hyena Clan (Shenzi, Banzai & Ed) Darkwing Duck Villains | Maleficent's Goons | This is how Zira devolved into the rampaging murderer as seen in the Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Neverland Pirates (Mr. Smee) | Since he was banished from the Pride Lands, food was scarced. Diaval | Julius | Rustlers | Phantom Blot | Sergeant Harley | Alias Norman Snively | Pap Finn | She later mated with another lion resulting in her having another son, who was named Kovu. Zira is the mother of Nuka, Vitani and Kovu. Boreas | Outsiders (Nuka & Vitani) | Prince Achmed | Samuel Mason | Villains. If you have watched the direct to video release of the second Lion King movie called The Lion King: Simba's Pride, you should know who Zira is. How to Draw Zira from The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride. However, she accused Simba for his uncle's later death, disputed this and fought him as she was very cl… The ambush fails and Simba escapes but during the process, Nuka dies after being crushed by logs whilst pursuing Simba when Kovu rejects Zira's order to kill Simba. PAT | Sometime in between the events of The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Vitani, along with the rest of the Outsiders, was banished from the Pride Lands by Simba, for supporting Scar. Cruella De Vil | The Lion King 4- The curse of Zira (Part 1) Kiara, Kovu, Kopa and Vitani had came to the throne, living a fine fine life with Simba and Nala and their cubs Hira, Nobine, Vania and others. Jesters | If you have watched the direct to video release of the second Lion King movie called The Lion King: Simba's Pride, you should know who Zira is. V.A. Zira is the mother of Nuka, Vitani and Kovu. The King and the Duke | Skeleton Pirates | Simba tells Zira that it's time to put the past behind them, but Zira refuses to let go of the past and in a last attempt to avenge Scar, leaps to attack Simba only to be knocked down a cliff by Kiara. Jubjub Bird | TOP. Supreme Commander | Oswald Granger | Share the best GIFs now >>> Were-Rat | Harpe Brothers | Find great deals on eBay for lion king zira. Bill Bluff | Morganians (Maxim Horvath, Abigail Williams, Sun Lok, Drake Stone & Marrok) | Frollo's Soldiers (Captain Phoebus, Brutish Captain, Oafish Guard, Pierrat Torturue & Henriet Cousin) | Abdullah | Full Name Borg Guillarson | After Nuka's death, Zira gives Kovu a duplicate scar on his left eye, accusing him of killing his own brother and betraying Scar. Ms. Stout | Lyrics: As promised, Zira & Kion's duet in HD! Zaphod Beeblebrox | Nikabrik | Ivan Krank | She was also subsequently obsessed with revenge that when she faced death, she refused aid and fell to her death out of pure anger. Zira comes to Kovu's defense and roars at Simba and prepares to fight him, only to see that he is accompanied by his wife Nala, his friends Timon and Pumbaa and two lionesses. Humma Kavula | Oswald Gardner | Amphibia Villains | Zafire | Br'er Fox & Br'er Bear | Duke Weaselton | Zira tells Kovu to get out of the way, but he refuses by saying that he will not let her harm Kiara or Simba while he is here. Mitch Wilkinson | Jacques Lebeau | However it is revealed in. Judge Doom | Step 8. However, Kovu starts to fall in love with Kiara, and starts to have second thoughts, even after being told by Simba and Kiara about Scar's true nature, his act of murdering Mufasa and his death by the jaws of Shenzi, Banzai and Ed for his treachery against them. Ratso Ratzkiwatzki | Zira give birth to Kovu after Scar death, and Nala give birth to Kiara after a few weeks or months. Chillie Walsh | Supervisor | She is voiced by Michelle Horn as a cub, Charity Sanoy as a singing cub, Neve Campbell as a young adult, and Liz Callaway as a singing young adult. Zira is also a xenophobic racist, as she loathes hyenas (even in unawareness that they are who killed Scar instead of Simba, whom she held accountable for, though hyenas are the natural rivals of lions), firmly believing that lions are superior to all of the other animals and should therefore rule them through force and threat. Mary Sanderson | BluffCo Industries (Guy Graham, Bob & Bluff Agents) | Monstro | However, this only causes the other Outsiders to turn against Zira and join the Pridelanders, much to her objections. Zira is unusually rich in spirit, but her soul is steeped in hatred. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: Outsiders (Zira, Nuka & Vitani) | Scar Rhino | CunningLeadershipPoiseManipulationSharp teeth and claws Zira is a outlander lioness from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. She is an Outlander who is Scar's most loyal follower. She is far too obsessed with Scar. Zira is horrified by this and attempts to remind Kion fearfully that they're still lions, but Kion angrily ignores her and uses the Roar to blast Zira and her pride (with the exception of Kovu, who dodges the blast before running after his family shortly afterwards) away, leaving them to land near a termite mound, similar to the one depicted in Simba's Pride. Speed | Frank Sitwell | Lucifer | Holding him responsible for Scar's demise, Zira vowed revenge on Simba, swearing that he will fall and that Kovu will become the new King. However, Scar's nephew and the Pride Lands's rightful heir Simba returned to Pride Rock and defeated Scar, knocking him into a pit where he was eaten alive by his betrayed hyena henchmen. Shere Khan | Willie Brothers | Kendall Duncan | Sugar Plum Fairy | Hector Barbossa | Zootopia Villains, Movies Bandar Log (2016) (King Louie (2016)) | Zira thought the king Scar was oh-so-fascinating-and-mighty and somehow got herself and her friends into the pride. After Kovu leaves, Zira tells Vitani and the other Outsides along with Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed that Simba has corrupted Kovu and that they shall take the Pride Lands by force. Borra | Cruella De Vil (1996) | Step 5. Her tail tuft is a bit scruffy and matches the browns of her ears, and her eyebrows are especially thick and dark. Crew of the Black Pearl (Bo'sun, Scratch, Pintel & Ragetti) | Erik & Francis | In The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Zira was voiced by the late Suzanne Pleshette, who also played Dr. Rachel Walters in A Twist of the Knife, and Yubaba in Spirited Away. Zira didn't do much when she was a cub. Natalya | Chuckles | And, as she got older, Zira … Her nose is a bit twisted, and reddish-black. Zira is a outlander lioness from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. Confused, Kion roars at a small cloud, which makes it rain, and Zira tells Kion she is familiar with the Roar of the Elders. Meredith Blake | Turbo | Colonel Heller | Peg Leg Pete | Kiara is the daughter of Simba and Nala. Mr. Burgermeister | Zira's death. Hamish Ascot | CLU 2 | She had been gone from the pride for several days and although the company was better she found hunting tiresome and unnecessary by herself. Injun Joe | He was the heir chosen by Scar, to follow in his paw prints, and become... the king!" Beauty Smith | Doug Ramses | Zira congratulates Kovu and says that he has conniving mind that made Scar so powerful. Black Triangles | Chewa | Bandar Log (King Louie) | The only thing she seems to be missing on her ref sheets and concept art are her ear stripes. Jafar | Lion | Diablo the Raven | Lady Tremaine | Gerda | Wolf's Owner | Zira is a slender tan lioness with a darker dorsal stripe going down her head. Cecil Clayton | Pirates (Scroop, Onus, Hands, Turnbuckle, Blinko, Longbourne, Fayvoon, Grewnge, Krailoni, Hedley, Torrance, Mertock, Verne, Crex & Zoff) | Timon & Pumbaa: Quint | Mel | Shenzi, Banzai & Ed | Pimon & Tumbaa | Ralph & Eddie | El Toro | Claudius | Native Chief | The Three Natives | Cheetayta & Cheetahto | Dragon Buldeo | Sergeant Clairbourne | Bette Midler and Helen Mirren were considered for the role of Zira. She is an Outlander who is Scar's most loyal follower. El Diablo | Mark Pierson | Jadis' Secret Police (Maugrim & Vardan) | Linda Walker | The next morning, Zira along with Nuka, Vitani and the other Outsiders ambush Simba, who is tricked by Zira into thinking that Kovu led him to them. Zirə, Azerbaijan; Zira, Iran (disambiguation), places in Iran Zira, Punjab, a small town in Ferozepur, Punjab, India; Other uses. Nessus | Jesse | She was the mother of Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu, the mother-in-law of Kiara and the leader of the Outsiders along with the hyenas Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, and the mate of Scar.
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