2 cm.Includes photocopies of sections from various publications on mathematics at Cambridge, mathematics exams, and related topics, with some correspondence and notes.00052 William Henry Bragg: Cambridge-Tripos exam papers (1884-2003) 1 cm.Contains copies of three Mathematical Tripos exam papers-Part I and Part II from 1884, and Part III from 1885-with one page of handwritten notes and a letter regarding the exam papers sent to John Jenkin in 2003.00053 William Henry Bragg: Cambridge-Mathematical Tripos-: Pts I and II June 1884-Part III January 1885 (1879-c. 1983) 1.5 cm.Includes copies of sections from student guides, the Cambridge University Calendar, statutes and ordinances, and the Cambridge University reporter, related to mathematical Tripos from 1879 and the 1880s. William Henry Bragg (1862-1942) Father of W. Lawrence Bragg. Series 1: William Henry Bragg: early life, and general files, 1830-2006 71 cm Series 1 contains material relating to William Henry Bragg and his early life, prior to his departure from the United Kingdom for Adelaide. 00006 Robert Charles Bragg: personal war record (c. 1916–2007) 0.5 cm.Includes email correspondence between Richard Walding and John Jenkin; a hand coloured map of the Balkans and Lower Danube; correspondence from the Ministry of Defence with handwritten notes by John Jenkin; and other related correspondence and notes.Also includes an envelope inscribed ‘Gallipoli from Patience Thomson’, containing a letter from Patience (niece of Robert Bragg, daughter of William Lawrence Bragg) to John Jenkin, and three loose colour photographs of Gallipoli sites taken in 2003.00007 Robert Charles Bragg: Gallipoli (1915-2004) 2.5 cm.Papers on Gallipoli, including notes, and photocopied articles and sections of publications with handwritten annotations and highlighted sections. Oxford, 1925. He and his son William Lawrence Bragg were awarded the 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics "for their services in the analysis of crystal structure by means of X-rays." Sir WILLIAM HENRY BRAGG, O.M., K.B.E., LL.D., D.Sc., Sc.D., D.C.L., M.A., F.R.S., who was elected an Honorary Life Member of the Institution in 1934, in recognition of his distinguished services to science, will be remembered at the Institution for his brilliant Thomas Hawksley Lecture on "The Application of X-rays to the Study of the … The father-son duo won the Nobel Prize "for their services in the analysis of crystal structure by means of X-rays". He continued to be a prominent figure within the scientific community until his death in March 1942. ‘Digging into a famous past ...’ from the Leicester Mercury, Monday, January 23, 1984 (on Dr John Jenkin's research on Bragg in Market Harborough). 1914-2010? 0.5 cm.Contains a 1933 map of Adelaide with the location of Bragg residences and a small number of additional locations marked in red, and two tables from the Adelaide City Archives containing handwritten notes.00014 William Henry Bragg: residences in Adelaide: North Terrace (c. 1885-1888) 0.5 cm.Contains handwritten notes and a hand-drawn map, including notes on material from the South Australian Archives.00015 William Henry Bragg: residences in Adelaide: LeFevre Terrace (c. 1890-2004) 1 cm.Includes an uncredited colour photograph of the semi-detached houses at 57-60 LeFevre Terrace, North Adelaide, South Australia (no. 1906-2009 1 cm.Contains articles and correspondence regarding William Henry Bragg's work on antisubmarine harbour defences and "Indicator Loops".Includes photocopy of a letter from William Henry Bragg to his wife Gwendoline Bragg from Hawkcraig Experimental Station; and correspondence between Ernest Rutherford, Joseph John Thomson and Richard Threllfall.Also includes "Report on Detection of Enemy Submarines by Acoustic Methods" by Joseph John Thomson.00255 William Henry Bragg - WWI work - CBE – KBE. Also half page of handwritten notes by John Jenkin on King Edward's Horse, quoting The Register, 29 November 1901, p. 5.00009 William Henry Bragg: ships (c. 1893–2003) 1 cm.Includes handwritten notes and photocopies on ships William Henry Bragg travelled on between Australia and the United Kingdom, including Rome, Australia II, Victoria I and Waratah. 1909-2010? re original work etc. 1930-1983 2 cm.Includes transcripts of broadcasts given by William Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg; and newspaper cuttings regarding the broadcasts.Also photocopied article entitled "The Braggs and Broadcasting" by James Friday. Also  correspondence to and from John Jenkin regarding J.H.L. William H. (Henry) Bragg and William L. (Lawrence) Bragg: A guide to the research records of John Jenkin, 1614-2010. William Henry Bragg was born in Cumbria, 2nd July 1862 and was educated at Market Harborough Grammar School, King William's College on the Isle of Man, and Trinity College, Cambridge. 1912-2010? 1919-1996 2 cm.Includes photocopied articles and research notes on sonar and the uses of science in the First World War.Also photocopied section of "The Technical History and Index" on the anti-submarine division of the naval staff 1916-1918; and catalogue list of the Fisher [John Arbuthnot Fisher] papers.00260 UK Naval History -Arthur Marder on the Royal Navy 1904-1919. 0.5 cm.Includes copies of articles, correspondence and illustrations related to William Henry Bragg and the Waratah.00011 William Henry Bragg: sinking of Waratah (Ship) c. 1909-1972? 1909-2010? 1919-1950? (Adrian refers to Lady Adrian, the granddaughter of William Henry Bragg)Typed transcriptions of correspondence including: between W. H. Bragg, his wife Gwendoline Bragg, and their son William Lawrence Bragg regarding the death of Robert Charles Bragg; and Robert Bragg's letters from Oundle, Trinity, from camp with King Edward's Horse, and as 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery, primarily written to members of his family.Also includes notes, a small number of photocopied photographs, emails between Lady Adrian and John Jenkin, and other papers.00005 Robert Charles Bragg: Darwin 0.5 cm.Contains photocopies from two books on Charles Darwin (1997, 2001). 1942 Obituary. MSS 0144. Ewald)". Barr Smith Library South Australia 5005 Australia, Phone: +61 8 8313 5224spark.collections@adelaide.edu.au, The University of Adelaide It also includes information on the ships William Henry Bragg travelled on to and from Australia, places he lived in Adelaide and his Church affiliations, as well as biographical information and William Henry Bragg’s own personal reminiscences. 1908-2005 1 cm.Includes photocopied entry for Norman R. Campbell in the Dictionary of Scientific Biography and photocopied correspondence to and from John Jenkin regarding Norman R. Campbell.Also includes photocopied letter from Norman R. Campbell to William Henry Bragg regarding the formers book on Modern Electrical Theory, and notes by John Jenkin on Norman R. Campbell's publications.00248 Norman Campbell – Articles. Includes correspondence, handwritten notes, and typed transcripts from interviews with Mr. Addison, Dame Kathleen Lonsdale, Professor Ewald and Professor Blackman.00029 Chronology for W.H. Sir William Henry Bragg (Wigton, 2. srpnja 1862. 2 cm.Includes photocopied chapters from book entitled "From the Dreadnought to Scarpa Flow: The Royal Navy in the Fisher Era, 1904-1919" by Arthur J. Marder.Also  extracts from a collection of essays on Naval Warfare in honour of Arthur Marder.00261 Articles – WWI. 1 cm.Includes articles and other material on the history of the University of Leeds, a street plan of Leeds and a typed letter from Charles Todd to William Henry Bragg regarding Bolton and Leeds. Njegov sin William Lawrence Bragg je zajedno s njim osvojio Nobelovu nagradu Otkriće rendgenskih zraka nastalo je s ispitivanjem katodnih zraka . The remainder follows the early part of William Henry Bragg's life prior to his departure for Australia, largely relating to his education. CRICOS Provider Number 00123M, Adrian Desmond and James Moore, Darwin (title page, publication details, page opposite p. 333, and pp. Also handwritten notes on census data, and photocopies of pages from the 1871 Census and the 1881 Census, Public Record Office, London.00037 William Henry Bragg: Uncle William Bragg (1890-c. 1977) 0.5 cm.Contains photocopies of extracts from publications, related to, referring to or by William Bragg (William Bragg was William Henry Bragg's uncle and guardian with whom he lived for part of his boyhood).00038 William Henry Bragg: Market Harborough Grammar School-The Robert Smyth(e) School (1983-1984) 1 cm.Includes correspondence with John M.W. 0.5 cm.Contains handwritten note by John Jenkin on the Cavendish Chair of Physics at the University of Leeds; photocopy of a letter inviting William Henry Bragg to accept an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science from the University of Leeds; copy of speech presenting William Henry Bragg the degree of Doctor of Science.00244 William Henry Bragg - University of Leeds - re opening of Physics building. Biography Abstract. [particularly] re. See Article History. 1962-1992 2 cm. Sir William Bragg, in full Sir William Henry Bragg, (born July 2, 1862, Wigton, Cumberland, Eng.—died March 12, 1942, London), pioneer British scientist in solid-state physics who was a joint winner (with his son Sir Lawrence Bragg) of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1915 for his research on the … - University of British Columbia - King's College London - University of Edinburgh - then University College, London. 2003 0.5 cm.Includes fax sent by Lady Heath to John Jenkin regarding William Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg, and the landmark ceremony held by the Royal Society of Chemistry to commemorate their work.Also includes article by Frank James entitled "William Henry Bragg and the University of Leeds as reflected in the archives of the Royal Institution of Great Britain".00247 Norman R. Campbell. Sir William Henry Bragg OM, KBE, PRS (2 July 1862 – 10 March 1942) was a British physicist, chemist, mathematician and active sportsman who uniquely shared a Nobel Prize with his son William Lawrence Bragg – the 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics. 1868’. Sir William Henry Bragg won the 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics with his son Sir William Lawrence Bragg, for the development of X-ray crystallography. Also an envelope addressed to Dr. John Jenkin containing correspondence, hand-drawn diagrams of a water-wheel at Stoneraise Place, and related papers.00033 William Henry Bragg: Cumberland: mother's death and other deaths (1869-2005) 1.5 cmIncludes copy of Mary Bragg's death certificate (mother of William Henry Bragg-died 1 March 1869), photocopied extracts from publications on childbed fever, attachment and loss, and related correspondence, notes and papers. 1907-2002 2 cm.Includes various photocopied articles relating to Norman Campbell.Also includes photocopied articles written by Norman Campbell including "Modern Electrical Theory", "A History of the Cavendish Laboratory" and "Ionization by Alpha Rays".00249 Henry Gwyn Jeffreys Moseley and George Howard Darwin – Biographical. 2 cm.Includes transcribed correspondence, photocopied illustrations and extracts from publications, emails, notes and journals referring to or related to the sinking of the Waratah in 1909.00012 William Henry Bragg: Waratah (Ship) Lloyd's and Inquiry c. 1910-1984 1 cm.
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