And in this article, we'll cover some of the modern tools that can not only help you identify some of these issues but also help you create strategies to deal with them. An article published in the January 2007 Gallup Management Journal notes that the components of a positive attitude, collectively called positive psychological capital, can … Know when it's time to say goodbye. What is workplace attitude? Usually, these people will endure for a long time until they either muster the courage to leave or find a better employer. No matter how good your hiring process is or how many subscriptions to the Journal of Applied Psychology your HR team has, you will eventually hire a person who will develop a terrible attitude. Some combinations of these interact better together than others. Who would you like to handle your package once you leave the store: a) the guy whose boss just thanked him for his hard work, put a letter of commendation in his file, and left him with a smile on his face while he hummed the latest Bruno Mars song, or b) the guy who just that morning got a ticket for speeding, showed up late to work and got an earful from his manager and lost his punctuality bonus? Unless we compensate for this humdrum with other, more fulfilling aspects of our workday, bad thoughts easily creep into our daydreams. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons On the other hand, some people possess the opposite types of attitudes. Not everyone gets to be the new frontman for Journey, to be adored by millions and live the rock n' roll dream. The problem here is that not everyone quits immediately after discovering they dislike their supervisor. There are many different kinds of work attitudes. Sometimes, however, the signs can be subtle. Log in here for access. A happy workplace climate requires a balance of many dimensions. All the above consequences lead to the most devastating of them all: Unhappy customers. b. 1) Job Satisfaction – A collection of positive and/or negative feelings that an individual holds towards his or her job. Describe the consequences of job satisfaction on the organization. Every work group is a smorgasbord of different personalities. You see, attitudes are a way of thinking, and they shape how we relate to the world both in work and outside of work. These three components are understood as the responses one can give to stimuli that provoke attitudes. "By itself, attitude is neither positive nor negative – although the expression "don't give me that attitude" usually has a … You see, attitudes are a way of thinking, and they shape how we relate to the world both in work and outside of work. Thank you so much for such relatively information. A positive workplace – one in which productivity soars, employee well-being is at its peak, and there's an overall good vibe – is very much like a concert violin: all its strings must be finely tuned in order for it to play in harmony with the rest of the orchestra. Components of the types of attitudes Attitudes have three components: beliefs, feelings, and behaviors. (Here's a short PPT presentation that illustrates this model very clearly.). You get my point. All rights reserved. A wise person once said, "Whenever I'm faced with a difficult decision, I ask myself, 'What would a person smarter than I am do?' This is where engagement, satisfaction and attitude surveys like Clarity Wave, can help you identify team members with positive and negative attitudes. However, the only thing we can control is our attitude toward any situation. IMPROVING WORK HABITS-1:Reasons of procrastination, Techniques for Reducing Procrastination ; IMPROVING WORK HABITS-2:Developing the proper attitudes and values, Time-management techniques ; NEW MODEL OF CAREER ADVANCEMENT:Career portability, HUMAN RELATIONS SELF-ASSESSMENT But if we seek refuge in the cubicle of the office's angriest person, we will most assuredly come out feeling even more depressed, defeated and unhappy than when our day began. However, once you know how to identify different types of behaviors and attitudes and how they affect the workplace, it's easy to get ahead of potential problems and steer your team in the right direction. He can create an aura of workplace negativity that sucks in the rest of his team. That's why I want to make sure that you're the only one to refuel my plane tomorrow.". You put in a ton of extra time, did your research, wrote and rewrote your report, added color 3D charts and even sprayed a little perfume on everyone's leather-bound copy. Doing the same thing every single day can feel like we're not really making a dent in the universe. Or is it the other way around? However, we can have thoughts or beliefs about doing a certain aspect of a job that we do not like, and those thoughts can cover the entire spectrum of cognitive, affective and conative. Some people might very well have the best work ethic in the world but still have the ability to suck the oxygen out of every team they work with. Why bother asking a person with a bad attitude for needed help on a project if every interaction becomes a 30-minute rant on how "Jane from Accounting keeps heating fish in the office microwave and finishing all the good coffee creamers.". Maybe they're going through a breakup or are having money problems and you simply rationalize it as, "He's having a hard time, give him a break.". (1998),, "Five Attitudes That Are Important in Workplaces.
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