Loki's Version of Thor's Hammer Was Forged in Hell Itself Thor has his hammer Mjolnir, but the sword Eir-Gram is Loki's weapon, and from its forging to its destruction, it stayed true to the God of Mischief. It can do virtually anything, and its only limit is its need to charge and its fragility.  Captain America used one to restore the memories of Bucky Barnes before he destroyed it in a frenzy. It is a Dyson Sphere powered by Earth's sun, and it was capable of holding an incredible amount of energy. Probably as strong as Thor plus the Odinforce plus the Power Cosmic. Loki then cast a subtle curse on the sword, guaranteeing that anyone who got caught in its narrative would end up needing it at some point. The Red Skull and Thanos have often sought Cosmic Cubes, and the Skull famously used one to conjure the Hydra-Cap into being. Vyšli mu u nás série Hitman, Preacher a aktuálne sa asi najviac skloňuje komiks Banda. Lovecraft's Necronomicon, and it is connected to the elder chaos god known as Chthon. Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out half of all beings as an offering to his beloved Lady Death, and he later calcified the god-like elders of the universe when they tried to stop him. The Hulk is one of the strongest beings in existence and has had an immeasurable impact on the universe at large. Second, rather than holding it close as a constant companion, he sends it out into the world to do his bidding. Which Marvel Character Would Be the Best Leader of the Justice League? Only those who are worthy can wield Mjolnir, and on those occasions when Odin's favorite son hasn't been up to the task, he's lost not just his powers but his very name to those who have kept the faith. Years later he married and fathered some children. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Garth Ennis je aj v našich končinách známe a etablované meno. Thor's story is about to end in Marvel Comics - literally. Seeking revenge, Thor blessed Jarnbjorn with his o… Loki would coax it out of Ego, use it against Thor, and resurrect Gorr, the God-Butcher. Primarily taking the form of a sword made from living darkness, All-Black was wielded by Knull during the dark god's deicidal rampage, earning it the monikers of the Necrosword and Godslayer. All-Black the Necrosword was the force symbiote created by God of Darkness, Knull. To do that, Loki had to commit one of his vilest acts - capturing the recently bereaved goddess Kelda and stealing a raw ingot of her pure soul, leaving her bereft of true empathy. He was taught to trust in the gods, but they never answered his prayers. The Ultimate Nullifier is the most powerful destructive weapon in the multiverse. But the Necrosword isn't so much Loki's ultimate weapon as Gorr's - a punishment which finds its way to Loki, but not a part of him in the way Mjolnir is for Thor. Mjolnir with Enchantments which adds to it's Strength and Durability Vs Mjolnir without Enchantments which equals just a Uru Hammer. Is Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir Actually His Mightiest Weapon? Thor was ultimately unable to draw the sword, but realizing that his mother Gaea - the spirit of the Earth - was present even in Hell, he asked her to withdraw from the blade, causing the ground to part and free it. The signature weapon of Annihilus is the reason why he's one of the most dangerous beings in the multiverse. It is a glove with the archetypal… However, after a large battle, it seemed that the two were shockingly evenly matched. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Thor’s hammer was just imbued with a mighty new power.SPOILERS for Thor #6 by Jason Aaron and Christian Ward follow.Thor #6 takes place in the far future of the Marvel Universe. The first symbiote, All-Black was manifested from the shadow of the evil deity Knull and tempered using the divine power of a slain Celestial. Iron Man was the first human to wield the Gauntlet and used it to send the villainous Hood to prison and hide the Gaunlet itself. Their only limit is their will and imagination. However, most of them died. Marvel News #129: Mjolnir vs. Necrosword 22. augusta 2019 29. augusta 2019 Drackula 710 Views 0 Comments Absolute Carnage, Marvel Comics, Marvel News, Punisher, Thor. NEXT: Marvel: 5 DC Villains Thor Would Get Along With (& 5 He Would Hate). A one-stop shop for all things video games. Jarnbjorn was the Dwarven-forged battle axe wielded by Thor long before he obtained Mjolnir.In the 9th Century, unable to lift Mjolnir despite many attempts, Thor used Jarnbjorn as his regular weapon. In Marvel's King Thor #2, Gorr evolved the blade into its final form, a massive weapon that dwarfs its wielder and target. The Necrosword already had a deadly reputation for its near-omnipotent power, and it only keeps getting stronger. It is a glove with the archetypal gems of Time, Space, Mind, Power, Soul, and Reality placed within, giving the wielder infinite power. Bonus round 1: rune king thor vs king phoenix thor vs necro thor. Hela Odinsdottir was the Asgardian Goddess of Death and former Executioner of Asgard. First, he forged it himself, rather than being gifted it by a higher power. The power was so great that it destroyed Thor, Gorr, the Necrosword and the entire solar system. It completely destroyed the fleet, including the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and Gladiator. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The winner would get Mjolnir. This brought him into conflict with Thor, God of Thunder, and it took three Thor's from different time periods to slay the God-Butcher. What? Of course, the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe is the Infinity Gauntlet. It was intended to be a possible solution to the Incursion crisis, but it was instead used to wipe out the alien coalition that arrived to destroy Earth before the Final Incursion. King Thor vs. Loki Will Be Marvel's Biggest Fight EVER. At an early age, his mother and father died, leaving Gorr to fend for himself in the harsh environment. This evil Cap used the Cube to conquer America before being defeated by the true Steve Rogers. All-Black would later be used by Thor to beat back Galactus, who would use it against Ego. It can manipulate time, heal the wounded, open portals across time and space, emit powerful mystical blasts, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Old King Thor arrives in the mainline DC Comics universe and randomly decides to go on a rampage. RELATED: 10 DC Characters That Would Never Be Worthy Of Lifting Thor's Hammer. Thor gets all of his feats as Old King Thor, and is equipped with both the Necrosword and the Pheonix Force infused Mjolnir … It's no surprise, then, that Thor's hammer has become a symbol of his heroism and the esteem in which he's held by Asgard, and because of that, his villainous brother Loki has coveted the weapon since before Thor was even able to lift it from the ground. All-Father Thor's life closely parallels and is tied to that of the Thor of Earth-616, who he refers to as being his past self; to the extent that if the Earth-616 Thor were to die he would cease to exist. Conditional. People often have the misconception that Surtur is some dumb big fire demon and that is all. Skyfather Thor wielded the Necrosword because he was unable to defeat Galactus without it. During their conquests, Odin rode his steed Sleipnir while Hela was gifted with her giant wolf named Fenris and used both Mjølnir and her own Necroswords as her main choices of weaponry. Captain America once used the Gauntlet to safely repel an Earth during the Incursion crisis, though the exertion destroyed the Gauntlet and the gems. It's only limit is the focus, will, and intelligence of its user. The origin of the All-Black has been shown to connect to Knull, the Symbiote God from the pages of Venom . 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Oh, is that equation a little vague? This later allowed the Cancerverse to spill into the 616 universe in its need to forever spread. After the Illuminati reformed, Iron Man revealed a new weapon he had created called Sol's Hammer. Marvel's preview of King Thor #1 shows their fight mid-action, as Loki displays an increase in power as well, thanks to the All-Black Necrosword, previous weapon of Gorr the God Butcher. Strange Saved Spider-Man From Being Eaten By Actual Spiders, The X-Men's Most Pathetic Hero Took Down Marvel's Superman, The Strange History Of Wonder Woman's Invisible Jets, Batman & Superman’s Son Is Finally Making Them Proud, Flash's Greatest Enemy Thought He Could Make Wonder Woman A Better Hero, Doctor Strange Needs To Literally Eat Poison To Do Magic. The weapon is immensely dangerous and adaptable, and it would later be controlled by Gorr, the God-Butcher, in his crusade to slay all gods. RELATED: Thor Love & Thunder: 10 Things You Need To Know About Beta Ray Bill. Suffice to say that Loki created both a problem and a solution: he allowed the Disir, god-eating former Valkyries, free rein to consume the souls of Asgard's gods, and he created Eir-Gram as the only weapon that could reliably stop them. Several people have attempted to harness the power of the spells within the Darkhold, including Doctor Doom, Carnage, Lilith, and Baron Zemo. Thor's hammer is a huge part of his personality and powers... literally. 1 History 2 Trivia 3 References 4 External Links The necroswords were obsidian swords that were used by Hela, especially during Asgard's era of expansion of the Nine Realms. Built by Bruce Banner and upgraded by Tony Stark, the Gamma Bomb created the Incredible Hulk when Bruce Banner was caught in its blast radius. -o- Other Offensive Capabilities: The Necrosword increases the offensive capabilities of the wielder. Later, a second Terrigen Bomb would be built which destroys Attilan, causes several Terrigen Clouds to circle Earth and awaken unknowing Inhumans, and bringing the mutants once again to the brink of extinction. A version of the Necrosword was also used by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Loki had to commit one of his vilest acts, Thor: The One Reason Loki Will Never Trust His Brother. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Gaining her power from Asgard, Hela planned to rule Asgard and create an Asgardian Empire. Fans of Jason Aaron's time with the God of Thunder will know that Loki already has a weapon to equal Mjolnir in his future - All-Black the Necrosword. Allowed Gorr to defeat young Thor, Avenger Thor, and Skyfather Thor in 3 vs. 1 combat. Whe… While the first Terrigen Bomb's true purpose was removed by Crystal, the fight between Black Bolt and Vulcan still caused the Terrigen Bomb to detonate in such a destructive fashion that it literally tore a hole in the fabric of reality, creating the Fault. A Cosmic Cube is a well of immeasurable power that allows its wielder to will anything their heart desires into existence. The oldest child of Odin Borson, Hela served as her father's personal executioner and the leader of the Einherjar, helping to conquer the Nine Realms through violence and war. Dual-Mjolnir Necro-Thor, Hyperion, and Starbrand vs, The Beyonders. It also gives its wielder access to matter manipulation, a vast well of cosmic energy, and the ability to open portals. In an alternate universe Thorselfishly keeps his future version's Mjolnir and also keeps the Necroswordto sustain him forever as a God. It hs the potential to wipe out entire timelines and universes in the right hands. This use destroyed Sol's Hammer, but its remnants have been taken over by the Orchis organization to serve as a platform for their Mother Mold Sentinel construction. Forging Eir-Gram was one of the last things Loki did as part of a plan that allowed him to be reborn afresh, guided by his own hand. Mjolnir is the weapon of the Mighty Thor and is easily among the most powerful weapons in existence. ... Marvel Confirms Thor Was UNWORTHY of Mjolnir Until ... wielder of All-Black the Necrosword. Thor's hammer Mjolnir is one of the strongest weapons in the Marvel Universe, but the cosmic items like The Infinity Gauntlet are more powerful. Bonus round2: peak old king thor (sans necrosword or phoenix force) vs king thor Because Loki is Loki, and even the weapon you take from his hands is one he wields against you. It also makes its wielder functionally immortal, as Annihilus himself has shown through his repeated resurrections. I think Mr. God Slayer might actually be able to put him down with these feats! All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The latter used the Darkhold to empower the villain Blackout enough to surround New York City in Darkforce energy during Secret Empire (2017). As Galactus began to drill into the planet to absorb its life energy, King Thor and his grand-daughters looked on with a sense of awe as Galactus h… While Mjolnir may be able to win Thor a battle, these cosmic items can win their owner the entirety of the universe. The creature has been able to increase its influence in our world in the time since through gamma-powered individuals, and the full effects of that initial Gamma detonation may never be known. After Knull was incapacitated during a battle against a group of golden-armored gods, All-Black left him and bonded to a misotheistic alien called Gorr; who unwittingly followe… The Darkhold is, more-or-less, the Marvel Comics equivalent of H.P. Third, Eir-Gram isn't inherently mighty; it draws power from the soul of the user. Finally, the sword was ultimately only claimed by breaking the rules - an effort of intellect rather than worth. By Robert Wood Oct 20, 2020 Thor 's hammer is … "It's over..." The Savior of the Gods whispered and he released the energy from the Godbomb into Gorr's stomach. Of course, the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe is the Infinity Gauntlet. Who/what is the strongest hero, villain or entity he can defeat? However, Odin, Hela's father … While this isn't a cosmic weapon, the consequences of its construction and detonation are still unfolding to this day. Primarily taking the form of a sword made from living darkness, All-Black was wielded by Knull during the dark god's deicidal rampage, earning it the monikers of the Necrosword and Godslayer. During Secret Wars (2015), Black Panther used the Infinity Gaunlet to hold the then god-like Doctor Doom at bay. there are a LOT of different gadgets here. In terms of Durability in the comics it is known that Admantium is the hardest metal (Other then the Vibranium Alloy thought to have just the right amount of Admantium mixed into it to make Captain America's Shield). Thor used the sword to slay the Disir, but what's interesting about Eir-Gram isn't what was done with it, but what it reveals about Loki. It is a book of spells on par with the Book of the Vishanti, but its chaotic magics make it vastly more dangerous. After a millennium of destruction by humans, the Earth had become a barren wasteland. Thor battled Gorr one last time, and the weapon allowed Gorr to become one with the firmament of the universe itself. Well he is big and he is a fire demon but he is most certainly not dumb and he isn't slow either. Thor grabbed Gorr by the throat with his left hand and placed Mjolnir against his stomach. He arrives with Hyperionand Starbrandin order to fight the Beyonders. During the War of the Realms, Thor sacrificed his eye to obtain the knowledge to defeat Malekith the Accursed, and was made All-Father of Asgard - the tale being recorded in a saga.At some point, Thor inherited the Power of the All-Father from … No, to see Loki summed up in a weapon, readers should refer to Kieron Gillen's run on Thor, and the dark blade Eir-Gram. Every aspect of Eir-Gram differs from Mjolnir in ways which suit Loki's character. In the limited series King Thor, a far-future Loki is finally corrupted by the blade, entering into a final battle with Thor and Gorr the God Butcher. RELATED: Marvel: 10 Thor Fan Art Pieces That Look Like The Real Thing. Loki then journeyed to Hell - the burning pit ruled over by Mephisto - where he forged the pure soul into a dark blade using the heat of hellfire and his own strength. While a duel between Thor and Doctor Strange would likely go in the Thunder God's favor, the Eye of Agamotto has endless potential in the proper hands. Gorr's pregnant mate Arra was killed during an earthquake, and one by one his ch… -Was ultimately the one responsible for Thor becoming unworthy to lift Mjolnir long after his defeat ... -Survived two God Blasts point blank from a Necrosword-empowered Thor wielding two Mjolnirs while depowered ... Gorr vs. Asura needs to happen at some point. It can only be wielded by the worthy, and few have been able to pick it up outside of Thor. It harnesses Thor's connection to the storm, and it has led its master through many deadly battles over the centuries. With it he fought many foes on Earth, including frost giants, trolls and dragons.During the 11th Century, Thor faced off with the Celestial-powered being called Apocalypse. Well, that’s showbiz, baby. Since we have established that Stormbreaker is as powerful as Mjolnir, then it is fair to say that the best way to see how Stormbreaker would do against the Infinity Gauntlet is to see how Mjolnir does. Later, Loki traded Eir-Gram to Hela, creating a chain of trade and theft that ended when one of the Disir planted it firmly in the stone of Hell, using an enchantment to ensure that no-one but its owner could draw it forth. Ego absorbed All-Black and consumed Galactus. Imprisoned in Hel for millennia by her father Odin, Hela was released from her prison in the wake of his death and went to restore her power over Asgard, while simultaneously engaging in a series of encounters with her younger brothers Thor and Loki. Gorr The God Butcher was born on a planet with no name, almost every day on the brink of starvation. It draws upon the energy of the Negative Zone and empowers its wielder's natural abilities. Out of nostalgia, he wished for the Midgardof old and was the only one who had interest in the planet until the Devourer of Worlds himself, Galactus, arrived to complete the one thing he never accomplished: to satiate his hunger for Earth. Its last protector was the King of Asgard, Thor. Furthermore, it opened a rift between our world and the One Below All as shown in the current Immortal Hulk run. In forging his own legendary weapon, Loki created a statement of his true nature, and this was no coincidence. Doctor Strange Didn't Need An Infinity Stone To Beat Scarlet Witch, Batman: Why Commissioner Gordon Is Constantly Being Fired, Marvel's New Daredevil is Officially [SPOILER], The Valkyries Return To Marvel's Universe In New Trailer, How Nightwing Was A Better Father Figure To Robin Than Batman, The Boys' Version of Stan Lee Was Too Disrespectful For The Show, The New Superman Family Revealed, 1,000 Years in The Future, Firefly: The Heartbreaking Secret of Wash's Dinosaurs, The Walking Dead Comics End With Carl's Corruption, The Justice League's Newest Villain Just Imposed a Global Lockdown, Dr. Related: Is Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir Actually His Mightiest Weapon? And it's in that form it … Odin, however, after realizing that bringing peace was the true way to unit… Well… Mjolnir is immediately out of the window. It was crafted by Galactus and can wipe a target from existence, no matter how vast or powerful, down to the last atom. Other Possible Thor 4 Villains While Gorr is currently the top rumored contender to … Thor has his hammer Mjolnir, but the sword Eir-Gram is Loki's weapon, and from its forging to its destruction, it stayed true to the God of Mischief. A further question: does the necrosword rise in power based on its wielder’s strength? All-Black The Necrosword, is a weapon forged by the Knull, the evil god of symbiotes using his shadow and the divine power of a Celestial he had decapitated, whose head later becomes Knowhere. However, it's not the only artifact of immense power in the Marvel Universe. The upper limit of the Eye's potential is still unknown, and it is far more flexible in its abilities than Mjolnir. It simply has no place together with the Sword of Superman and the Odin Sword. The heirloom of the Sorcerer Supreme gives its wielder access to powerful magical energies. Thor amplified his lightning blasts with the Necrosword. Agents of SHIELD's Quake Has The Hottest Trick Shot, Loki's Version of Thor's Hammer Was Forged in Hell Itself. > Which weapon is more powerful, Mjolnir, Sword of Superman or Sword of Odin? Archived. i dont know what you did here but…. Next: Thor: The One Reason Loki Will Never Trust His Brother, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Eir-Gram was created as a piece in a grand game between Loki, Hela, and Mephisto too complex to go into here. The first symbiote, All-Black was manifested from the shadow of the evil deity Knull and tempered using the divine power of a slain Celestial. The Necroswords were obsidian swords generated and handled by the Asgardian goddess of death, Hela, powered with the necro-energy that she transforms from the power she draws from Asgard. Famously, Mister Fantastic used this weapon to repel Galactus at one point, but Reed did not kill the World-Eater. Other items have been forged, found, or formed.
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