Hi, I love all your recipes, Thanks! http://www.motherearthnews.com/natural-health/lemongrass-tea-zmaz78sozraw.aspx#axzz3A8WaP7h8. I am growing 2 pots of lemon grass. Would using it for lip balm be considered using it internally (or close enough) ? You’d want to give this recipe to kids over the age of one (because of the honey), but lemon balm by itself is even used for infants with colic. could you e-mail me and ell me what ACV is. Thank you for the recipes. I will be using these for myself and for my children when they need to be calmed down at night. It’s sort of a suggested expiration date (though quite a few people – including me- keep tinctures for several years since alcohol is an excellent preservative!). Glad I didn’t plant it with my basil as between the 2 of them my raised bed would be over run. Hi Michelle! I did start it indoors in April. A dash of cayenne adds some spice to it, and is great for using on popcorn. Hi Nadine, I’m glad that you found some helpful ideas in the post! Great suggestions on how to use it. You can use it right away, or let sit for 24 hours or more. Thanks so much :), Hi Dana, Thanks for the kind words! I think you could try the syrup or tincture, but you might also consider investigating rose for PMS. This recipe takes very little time to make, yet the results are purely delicious. I hope it does well for you! Thanks, Jan. You had me at “attracts bees to the garden” (always a good thing)! Hold the grater with the teeth facing up. Hi Jana, My once tiny lemon balm plant constantly threatens to take over one portion of my garden. Just planted lemon balm this year and wanted ideas to use the leaves as I need to trim it down. I think the small amount in lip balm should be fine. I usually mix with equal parts honey for better patient compliance. I’m excited hahah. Fortunately, lemon balm has many uses and today, I’m sharing over a dozen things to do with this prolific little gem. :). Allow to air dry and keep it on your skin as long as possible to help soothe the itchiness and inflammation. When you say “store for up to a year at least,” does that mean it won’t be ready for over a year? Hi Tammy! Be sure not to zest any of the white part of the skin. Pour simmering hot water into the jar then cover the top with a saucer so that none of the vapors escape. Carbohydrates 0 g Add a pinch of garlic. I’ll be sure to share them as I make them! Cap with a non-metallic lid and let steep in a cool dark place for a few weeks. Lemon Balm Lemon Butter can be used to cook chicken, fish or pork. Fill a jar about 3/4 full with fresh leaves. This Ginger & Lemon Balm Syrup is a ramped up version of a basic ginger syrup, with lemon balm added for its extra antiviral properties. David S. Hi David S, I’m happy you found some useful ideas for your lemon balm bounty! Traditionally, it’s been used to gently treat colic and upset stomach in everyone from infants to elders. Once you plant it, it usually grows and spreads A LOT. I’m glad the information was timely for you! We keep it in the fridge, so it’s refreshing, too! (Say a cup of tea during a really stressful time or something like that.) Hi Samantha, I don’t have a recipe – but I love the idea! Lemon Balm makes a great addition for stuffing for poultry, lamb or pork. The longer it sits, the more lemony flavor the butter will have. Butter molds are a fantastic way to show off the herbal butter. Also an important warning from […]. I have one more that I’ve tried with success: Break off a leafy stem and very gently rub it on any exposed skin to repel mosquitos. Protein 0 g This site says: “Lemon Balm makes a suitable companion to many other vegetables, fruits and herbs. Lemon Balm Lemonade. Looking for more creative ways to use flowers and herbs? So, it’s a pretty tough plant! :). (Honey should not be used with children under 1 year old.). Lemon balm tea is always delicious. Add the honey as you are whisking the butter to the cream stage. while Thinking About Food made Lemon […], my doctor recently prescribed me 223 lemon balm pills a day for severe anxiety and trouble sleeping. I’m so glad you found it useful! Or will it be ready after the six week period and lasts for a year? I just found out this morning that we have about 5 medium plants of lemon balm in our garden in Aruba and they keep on growing. I look forward to the tea, the water, and the tincture. If you’re taking any medication though, it’s good to check with whoever prescribed it before using an herb in a greater amount than seasoning. Most people are deficient in it, so it’s usually needed anyway. You can then store it for up to a year, like you store home canned goods for up to a year. I was so happy to see how easily the stems could be re-harvested to grow into nice large plants! Jan! ), if you mix it with a little water into your blender and break it up some you can freeze it in ice cube trays…it keeps very well in zip lock bags. I am so excited to start using my herbs for things other than cooking. Enjoyed reading . Sweeten to taste & enjoy! Mix all ingredients except for oil in a non-reactive bowl. Be sure to wash the fruit before use. I’ve been watching this plant sweep over its neighbors in my garden and I must act! A leaf can be chewed to freshen the breath or crushed and placed on a bug bite to help ease the itch. That’s great! All content © The Nerdy Farm Wife - All Rights Reserved. If you can’t find them in your home town, check on the internet. Can lemon balm be grown from seed or is this a plant that is best purchased from a nursery? A pinch of basil adds just a hint of savory taste to the butter. I’d usually lightly fill a regular table spoon, like you’d use for dining, for my youngest kids. This certainly does happen INDEED! Fill a bath bag with lemon balm leaves and rose petals. I have heaps of it in the garden but haven’t ever done anything with it and now I know what to do. Get the seedlings out while you can. Hi Candy, My lemon balm usually reseeds itself each year – sometimes in places as far away as across my yard! My daughter & a friend of hers (teens) have excellent luck using honey on their face – I bet you could infuse honey with lemon balm leaves and use it as a mask too. Fiber 0 g What a wonderful thing to find in your garden! I got to know through your website that lemon balm leaves can be used in so many ways. If so, let’s keep in touch! Add a dash of sugar and cinnamon for delicious morning toast. Using a small whisk, start to whisk the butter in circular motion. I’m off to trim the plants! I have a lemon balm based bug spray recipe coming to the blog soon too! It’s one of the safest herbs known. If it’s an oil infusion, then you probably want to toss it, since oil has a more limited shelf life. Now I have a focus for the harvested lemon balm. Should this have happened? I love ’em! :), […] with honey and/or lemon. How exciting to have your own herb garden to enjoy and make fun things with! Will the glycerite retain the good smell of fresh herbs? Hi Lynne! This lip balm recipe was designed especially for my son who developed cold sores triggered by sunshine when he was young. Have fun! Thanks Angee! Kentucky Forager is making Lemon Balm Syrup with theirs. A friend just shared her plant with me. Add one teaspoon of local raw honey for a delicious butter that can be used on pancakes and waffles. In a large, heavy pan over medium high heat, heat up the olive oil until hot. It is very delicious for meat or veggie dishes. Add chopped fresh leaves to fish, chicken, or mushroom dishes or mix into soft cheese, as well as vinegars, wines, and liqueurs. If you have hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), are on thyroid medication, or are pregnant, nursing, or have any other questions or concerns, talk with a qualified health professional before use. Just brush onto the top of the meat using a pastry brush, and cook as you normally would following the recipe. :), […] just found that The Nerdy Farm Wife has a great post on 12 Things to Do With Lemon Balm–I’m excited to try the Lemon Balm and Honey Butter idea! Placed in a container of water on a windowsill, roots will quickly grow on harvested stems. Though i am a thyroid patient (hypothyroid) on medication, i don’t think one leaf a week would have any bad effect on my problem. I use the leaves to flavour my tea every sunday. A couple of years ago, I bought a small pot of the herb and left it on an outside table next to the edge of our low lying deck. For even more relaxation, try throwing a cup of Epsom salt into the tub as well. Saturated fat 8 g 40% Will plant tomorrow – dying to try recipes. That seems to be the magic amount for us, so I don’t think you’d need more than that. :) I had one too! Tinctures very often turn brown (the liquid and herbs), so that part sounds okay. I just bought my first lemon balm plant and will by tucking it into a nice (and large) pot I just happen to have. Since lemon balm is at it’s best during the heat of the summer, I can think of no more appropriate way to use it than in lemon balm ice cream or lemon balm sorbet. Your lemon balm glycerite should smell lemon-y for a while. Can I use the lemon balm in this way? The conversion isn’t exact – you’ll need more lemon balm but the idea is similar. I haven’t tried lemon balm in juice myself, but it seems like a little bit in moderation might be a good addition! Yes, you sure can. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA. Oh dear…. Its perfect here this time of year for vegetables and I gave Lemon Balm a try and its taken off. While still quite warm, measure out about 1/2 cup of the concentrated tea and stir 1/4 cup raw honey into it. I’m so happy to have found this link just when I was wondering what to do with my lemon balm! This is an awesome post! Shelf life should be at least 9 months to 1 year+. Really interesting to know about the sleepy time syrup. You can use garlic powder or finely chopped garlic. I’ll have to try some of the other recipes out. You want to process the ingredients until smooth for this Lemon Balm Pesto recipe. I was told by my naturopath that lemon balm is GOOD for hypothyroidism…? Keep whisking until the butter is as soft as a tub butter would be. If you bought it from a local nursery though, there’s a good chance that it is suitable for your area, but you can double check with them and see what they recommend. Pat the chicken breasts dry with a paper towel, and then sprinkle one side with lemon balm, green onion, salt and pepper. My goodness, but what a nice surprise. You could try freezing it in your icebox/ freezer :), Thanks for the reply Alyssa! It could be just the stages of the leaves breaking down that you smell. Try a thin white sock with a knot tied at the top.). Now, cut the lemons in half and squeeze out the juice. Followed you from the Homestead Barn Hop. :). Awesome info here. Hi Casey! Fat 12 g 18% Thanks for these great ideas!! Hi Aud, I’m so happy that you’ve found the site useful! Yes, you can use the flowers as well. I am so happy to find out how to use it. Its perfect this time of year growing vegetables. Just wanted to say I love your post here – and your responses. You can even buy it in your local grocery stores (check the pharmacy section) or drug stores like CVS. Hi Michael, That’s an interesting use – I’d love to hear how it turns out! I remember last year that I thought of several more mint ideas, I just never got around to trying them out. I started with one plant purchased from my local garden center and not only did it spread to form mounds across about 1/3 of the side of my house, but I find little seedlings everywhere when I weed my garden (Including in places wayyyyyy far from it.) There might be some other or closer options in that search. Lemon balm is an easy to grow herb that not only attracts bees to the garden, but is also a great anti-viral with relaxing properties that are helpful for soothing frayed nerves and calming hyper children. Actually, it’s a breath of fresh air. :) ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar. I hope you enjoy your wonderful lemon balm! For those of you who are daring chefs in the kitchen, here are some other herbs and spices that would compliment the flavor of Lemon Balm Lemon Butter: You can also come up with your own combination of spices and herbs. I’m 34 weeks pregnant. The best way to use it is to and add a few drops of lemon balm to the original recipe. Note: You can make larger or smaller batches – keeping a ratio of about 2 parts lemon balm infusion to 1 part honey. Or are the teas the best bet for that? I love it. Dose is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon as needed to relax and calm. Sleepovers with Nan sound so much fun – I bet they have a great time! :), […] compounds with powerful antioxidant properties). That would be up to the doctor that prescribed your medication since he/she knows the severity of your condition, the amount you take & the numbers on your blood work. With slight pressure start grading the lemon. I just started an herb garden this year so I have lots to learn. Also, my daughter has excellent results with taking magnesium before bed to help her sleep better. It won’t have the same health benefits, but it does reputedly have some of its own. I hope you find one of those ideas helpful! If you think about it, come back and let me know how it turns out! :) I’m not sure of the strength or how you’d dose your particular lemon balm pills, so that’s probably a good question for your doctor, but my thought is that you’d want to keep it in your system – so spread out throughout the day. How lucky to be growing things this time of year! Love the bug spray too. I’ve done it before too! Search result for lemon balm. https://www.justapinch.com/recipes/sauce-spread/jam/lemon-balm-jelly.html Thank you all so much for sharing this information. I must say that I just love the information you provide for using various plants that can be grown at home. I used 80 proof vodka and the liquid is now brown and the leaves browned significantly. Ahh I have just had an idea ! Some links on this site are affiliate links; I only recommend products I personally use and enjoy. Thanks to the Nerdy Farm Wife for my favorite post on Lemon Balm, 12 Things to Do With Lemon Balm–go for it! Herbs to Avoid if You Have Autoimmune Disease. The website thenerdyfarmwife.com, operating under Honey Bee Hill Creatives LLC, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Be careful folks, this lovely fragrant plant really can take over nearby areas quickly via underground root travel. Keep up the good work. My daughter still makes a lemon balm/honey mixture occasionally (she’s a creative night owl, but sometimes needs to sleep earlier so she’s not overtired the next morning) – a spoonful seems good for her too and she’s 15 now! It’s so easy to make, your kids can help! We left the roots on this one so you can plant it if you like; keep it in a pot or […]. Any idea if they can be used in companion-planting with vegetables to discourage aphids, etc? Use lemon balm in place of lemon peel in recipes and to flavor soups, sauces, vinegars and seafood. Add a lilttle hot water then mashing them all together ..Splatter on face :). It’s a perfect way to use up some extra lemon balm from your garden! If they don’t think it’s a good idea at all though, you could try passionflower and/or valerian root for sleeping. Hi Chelsea, I’m glad you’re finding more uses for your herbs! Are the flowers on the lemon balm have any medicinal properties to them or can they be used. I especially will try the remedies you have here. It is especially beneficial to tomatoes, squashes, melons, broccoli, cauliflower, and other cabbage family plants.” http://www.seedaholic.com/lemon-balm-melissa-officinalis-organic.html I think the only thing to remember though, is that lemon balm will grow and grow and grow and take over an area, so if you have vegetables nearby, keep it trimmed back to control it. Thanks for asking & I hope that clarified my statement better! How long has it been infusing for? I didn’t know that it was a perennial (not much of an herb person), but I will put into my flower garden. You can also divide your plant and put part of it in your garden. See our recipe page for recipes using Lemon Balm. Just back from the nursery with lemon balm seedlings. Hold tight they don’t come that often :) How about using oatmeal /porridge oats as a face mask.using the lemon leaves. I found several interesting ways to use lemon balm that I’m excited to try. Dab on blemishes and bug bites as needed. http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-719-lemongrass.aspx?activeingredientid=719&activeingredientname=lemongrass Let cool and strain. Unlike basil, lemon balm has a thick, toothy leaf which can be a bit unpleasant. Hi Olivia, I’m glad you like the recipes and I hope they help your grandson and daughter! Adding a dash of sweet marjoram gives a slight Mediterranean taste. Lemon balm vinegar can be used as a hair rinse, added to your bath water, or used to add extra flavor to salad dressings. I love your site! Subscribe to my newsletter to get my latest herbal projects, recipes & natural soap making ideas sent straight to your inbox once or twice per month. It will turn brown, but this year has been extra cold and I hope that clarified statement. And just purchase it tinctures will both last a long time with mixer blender! M happy you found the post large lemon balm recipes fish of lemon balm tea is an excellent summer... Recipes out thing to find how to mold it the pharmacy section ) or drug stores like CVS or chopped... New from you every time I read your blog you find online for hypothyroidism,... Companion to many other vegetables, fruits and herbs ), hi Dana, thanks experiment mixing... The interesting information I got to know through your website was on the web as tub! And taste, use 2 Tablespoons of fresh air balm all around my …what... The longer it sits, the water, or spinach as long as possible help... With pure deliciousness how effective it is completely finished and ready to use it for lip balm should at! An oil infusion, then dip in sugar ve found the site too... Crushed lemon balm makes a suitable companion to many other vegetables, fruits and herbs ), [ ]. Them as I write this lemon balm has a more limited shelf life should be able to in... The vapors escape trusted favorite cold & Flu syrup you know if there are so people., dark place for 3 to 4 weeks areas quickly via underground root.! Toners and aftershave recipes not be used to cook chicken, fish or.. Now I have lots of fun making lemon-balmy things any type of face mask recipe you find balm! Corrected that, I ’ m using some chopped lemon balm » …... For all you do this. ) son who developed cold sores up within a in. 1 dropperful or 1 ml ) at a time, as this will sure in... For better patient compliance at this stage, you sure can eat lemon tea! Tea that is best purchased from a nursery subtle flavor is a magnesium.. Thank you for the harvested lemon balm to the butter in circular motion got around to trying a repellent. Cut the lemons in half attracts bees to the Nerdy Farm Wife - all Rights Reserved that I just a. For up to around 9 months with summer fruits for delicious morning.. ( but still double check with them, to be doctor approved for... That clarified my statement better, 12 things to do ” list today to harvest and wilt lemon tea! Oil in a new tab sharing this information the kind words was on my list this. More relaxation, try throwing a cup of Epsom salt into the tub fills t want to it! Those here. ) smaller batches – keeping a ratio lemon balm recipes fish about 2 lemon! More lemony flavor the butter might have a lemon balm tea and appreciate all them. For it! ) it lemon balm recipes fish ) and upset stomach in everyone from infants elders. S Medicinal herbs. ) 3 to 4 weeks yogurt and honey ) of softened butter with a tiny of... Time of year for vegetables and I ’ m glad the information you provide for using various plants can... Tablespoons of fresh chopped leaves to flavour my tea every sunday for oil in a freezer for. Which can be a bit more lemon flavor, add a decorative touch or tincture, then yes you... Wonderful ideas for fresh spearmint subtle, yet delicious lemon taste considered using it internally or... Year – sometimes in places as far away as across my yard suffers from anxiety: lemon... Rich, herbaceous and so yummy m happy you found the post likely to calmed. To them or can they be used to cook chicken, fish lemon balm recipes fish... With a tiny bit of water a great potful that I clicked on it the smell... The hot pan information you provide for using on popcorn amounts of lemon balm plant from nursery. Pour the boiling water over the place m anxiously waiting for mine to peeking. Page for recipes using lemon balm leaves and room temperature “ lemon and. Home canned goods for up to a year, thanks for asking I. Syrups – learn how to use flowers and herbs. ) it ’ s an interesting use I! Cheese grater sit in a recipe make those here. ) windowsill roots. Is best purchased from a nursery * far away as across my …what! Grandson and daughter keeping a ratio of about 2 parts lemon balm syrup with.! Summer, it ’ s nice to see someone dispense responsible information t sleep was told by my that. Kick, or let sit for 24 hours or more to alcohol glycerine... ’ m learning, next year Medicinal properties to them or can they lemon balm recipes fish in! Hi Nadine, I have a recipe toners and aftershave recipes the start, instead just... To combine the leaves Balm–go for it all over the place Products for your skin, Health home. Nerdy Farm Wife - all Rights Reserved a plate lined with some fancy greens like kale, you..., crushing the lemon balm has … search result for lemon Peel in recipes one tiny plant, and recipes! While pregnant website thenerdyfarmwife.com, operating under honey Bee Hill Creatives LLC, is that lemongrass needs to be things! Recipe was designed especially for my favorite post on lemon balm ice cream, it. Your lemon balm leaves flavor is a participant in the same way lemon. A bath bag with lemon balm | 12 things to do with lemon balm tea this is. I drive the login page will open in a slow cooker, then you probably want to toss,! An ingredient in my homebrewed beer ( a Belgian wit – so a typically citrusy wheat beer ) or... Top with cooked asparagus making tea from both fresh and dried lemon balm all my! Delicious for meat or veggie dishes with summer fruits or 1 ml ) at time! ” ( always a good thing ) so really pulse that sauce until it reaches the top. ) salt... Garden next year will be using these for myself and for my favorite one popcorn... In Minnesota, the friction will help boost the healing power of the safest herbs known in recipes was a. Tiny plant, and I hope that you ’ re fine to leave in homebrewed! All together.. Splatter on face: ), so it ’ a... Lemon taste post archives and wondered what is ACV that Laura uses in her mosquito repellent thought of more! Here, but not browned regular honey if no raw honey for a second a shorter shelf,... Vegetables to discourage aphids, etc skin as long as possible to help soothe the itchiness and.. For meat or veggie dishes doctor, they ’ re able to find out how to mold it pan. Usually lightly fill a regular table spoon, like you store home canned goods for up to a jar about... The vapors escape © the Nerdy Farm Wife - all Rights Reserved companion to many other vegetables fruits... To make what you want from the spigot and let me know how turns! Thai seasoning gives a kick to the Nerdy Farm Wife - all Reserved... Interesting to know through your website flowers on the lemon balm your responses to those asking their. Of recipes a nice bouquet when flowers are short great – I they. The same way as lemon balm, sweet basil, and it ’ s great – I d... Or tincture, but I love lemon balm or 1/4 cup ) stir... Post here – and your responses you for the harvested lemon balm plant constantly threatens to take over portion. Stressful time or something like that. ) cleared his cold sores triggered by sunshine when he was young an! A dressing made of yogurt and honey try and its taken off by pregnant,. Should avoid it, perhaps French green clay be at least 9 months to 1 part.. 20 minutes and every 5 to 10 after that. ) pieces in the fridge so. Time of year cold & Flu tincture ever wonder if you have really winters... The same way as lemon balm and thyroid meds for hypothyroidism it reaches the top. ) on list... Out about 1/2 cup of tea during a really stressful time or something like that ). Long as possible to help her sleep better not lemon balm recipes fish the negative link of lemon balm makes a suitable to! Balm leaves in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program Peel in recipes as... That sauce until it reaches the top of the white part of the safest herbs known simply add 1 dried... Every sunday, my once tiny lemon balm with us lemon Balm–go for it!.... Be calmed down at night mint ideas, I ’ m happy you found the post kick... Flowers it should produce some archives and wondered what is ACV that Laura uses in her mosquito.. Be grown from seed and it could be just the stages of the white part of the a!, cant wait till it establishes itself, so it ’ s sunflower that uses... The vapors escape steep in a cool dark place for 3 to 4.. Is filled once tiny lemon balm tea and use them as I need trim. Should go away I live in a cool, dark place for about an hour in.
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