Young David on Cello soared industriously away, ably supporting Jem’s pyro-technics with a magnificent humm & thrumm. Shane K had Death itself nibbling at his buttocks, Treebeards’ reflected ruminations proved to be conclusively inconclusive, and MZ PixxieGutz confirmed her reputation as the articulate voice of Teen Angst, while Fi’s gentle tale spoke to us of the quiet joys of Domestic Bliss, Love and Food. He said he had called police numerous times to deal with incidents in the area. (One of Damien’s prize winning poems will be appearing shortly on this site.). PG indeed! Musgrave Park has been for many years a place of congregation for the Murri peoples of south-east Queensland. Various Public Service Announcements of Interest filled the brief interlude, as our worthy Judge tallied his notes, flipped coins, and prepared his Alibis. Kurilpa will capture the rhythm and spirit of Brisbane’s outdoo… to sundry contestants at the discretion of our esteemed Judge. But all things change, and current President Cam has already taken steps to find us a new home, and so we shake off the nostalgia like a dog that’s just come bounding out of the Sea, and look forward to the Future with bright &eager eyes. Linda surveys the art of the enigmatic Shane K. And so it was Judgement Hour. As the Kurilpa Poets’ highly esteemed Director of all things artistic & visual, Shane has been the person responsible for filling the Big Screen of our Virtual Art Gallery with a staggering array of artistic talents, from struggling, local newcomers, and obscure, old genius’s long-ago rotted in their garrets, to the Big Names of Art History as well, often shining a light on the more shadowy parts of their careers. Whatever, his powerful performance took him to the next round. "There's certainly not...a lack of police resources in that area, he said, highlighting nearby South Bank as heavily policed. Literary Artefact, long reputed to possess Mystical Powers. This was the Seventh occasion that the Cup has been run & won and thirteen talented Poets lined up at the track this year to compete for the honour of winning this fabulous. Don’t forget to bring your own Poetry/Words/Music to share in Open Mic, and if you feel like bringing a bottle or packet or plate of something nice to contribute to the Feast, that’d be peachy keen! Especially the Food. invited to act as judge for the day’s contest, which will see entrants competing not only for the fabulous Kurilpa Cup itself, but also for the associated subsidiary prizes traditionally presented to the winner, these being; a jug of wine, a loaf of bread and a book of verse. Kurilpa is the Aboriginal place name for ‘place of the water rat’. Her selection for this occasion won her a well deserved place in the Final round. Covering an eclectic range of subjects, Vince writes accessable Poetry with Heart and a sly sense of humour that hooks you & reels you right in. In recent times the spotlight has also been shone on the region as frequented by backpackers who choose to camp or sleep in vehicles rather than pay for traditional accommodation. The name of the bridge is Aboriginal and means the place of the Water Rats. "Whilst we can improve things and have the whole city covered in CCTV and lighting, I don't think that is a reality.". and we thank Jonno for taking the time out from his busy schedule to take on yet another “civic duty”. Kurilpa (located in West End and South Brisbane), is a significant meeting place for the Turrbal and Yuggera peoples and means "the place of the water rat". This year we are honoured to have help with the Judging duties for the KP CUP, non-other than our very own Political Firebrand and Poetic Maverick, local Greens councillor, Jonathan SRI. It’s in my favorite suburb of Brisbane known as West End. Which would be nice as the ‘Loops will be launching their new single, (based on a poem by Charles Baudelaire and a riff stolen from Jerry Lee Lewis!) Last year for the Kurilpa Derby we made Guril, a 5m float of the water rat native to the Kurilpa Peninsula. It is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge only and is the world's first and largest tensegrity bridge. Kurilpa Park rotunda close to the William Jolly Bridge, which passes overhead and behind the Parmalat factory.Credit:Google Maps. And his doodlings & scratchings & scribblings & inkings and daubings! It refers to the suburbs on the river-bounded peninsula of Highgate Hill, South Brisbane, West end and Hill … *There is not usually a time limit, but if there are a large number of entrants we may have to ration out reading time on the day. the multi-purpose magnificence of the CUP itself. The kuril is not just a little rat, far from it." Next up it was time for our esteemed, elected local representative. ), *A handsome certificate suitable for framing or wrapping fish. It was great, and a fitting way to cap off the Opening Round. This is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Brisbane River. "Kureelpa" is an aboriginal word that allegedly means "place of the water rat". Official video for Kurilpa Reach's latest single 'Rat Race. There are no toilets or power points to attract people to Kurilpa Park, however despite attempts to lighten the area, it falls decidely dim at night next to the darkened mass of the river curling around it. *, But more importantly, just bring yourself, and don’t miss this final opportunity for 2019 to escape the humdrum monotony of the daily grind with. Be advised, we will be starting a little earlier than usual. Perhaps he learned the circular breathing technique for playing didgereedoo while up in the Territory? Last year, it won the prestigious World Architecture Award for Best Transport Project. Its eyes gaze directly into those of a kuril, the native water rat that gives Kurilpa Point its name,” the gallery said in a statement to the ABC earlier this year. many’s the time a pleasant congruency of Word and Image has occured unlooked for as a result. just the usual assortment of ratbags & nogoodnoks, The Tapeloops, living legends amongst us today, Join the Reverend Hellfire & The Tapeloops., at the Lucky Duck. There will also be some cash and some handsome certificates presented not just to the Winner but to the Runners Up to commemorate their Triumph, and indeed there will be a general grab bag of prizes to be presented, as whim and fancy dictates, to competing poets on the day. Below is a timeline of the major events that have shaped the Kurilpa peninsula since the Moreton Bay area was opened to free settlement in 1842. Date of experience: March 2019. Twas good to see Nigel Q return to the Kurilpa Poets stage again. The Winning Poet will be showered with prizes, these being; *An elegant, re-purposed Trophy (reputed to possess Mystical Powers! Reverend Hellfire led off with his own Epic of Environmental Angst, laden with prophetic foreboding. Meanwhile Visual Arts Director Shane K was subjected to questioning over his Art, which was featuring on the Virtual Gallery for the occasion. The name of the bridge comes from an Indigenous name for "place of water rats… All in all it was indeed a fabulous occasion, and a fitting goodbye to the old Croquet Club which has provided us with such a fine home for so long. If that sounds confusing, believe me, it all adds $39.60 on this occasion, apparently. Also important are the lesser-seen species including the bush stone-curlew, micro bats and the water rat (from which Kurilpa takes its name) as well as threatened species such as the grey-headed flying-fox and water mouse. the engagingly entitled, and to mark the occasion will be giving away to the first 6 patrons a limited edition CD of their new song plus all four songs from the rare, first TAPELOOPS ep. At over five metres long, Guril will enlist a team of volunteers to pull it by hand during West End’s Kurilpa Derby. Known as Kurilpa (Water Rat) to the Murri tribe of Southeast Queensland, the Brisbane suburb of West End is an appropriate location for Brisbane’s only native-Australian restaurant. and the audience responded with their own fervour. Amongst other things Vince is the Winner of the coveted, featured as Mystery Musicians of the Month, the, and police halted the set! But in the end, as they say, there can only be One Winner (well, actually one year we had Two winners, and ever since then we’ve kept a spare Cup to one side..just in case) and in this particular instance, it was our Journeyman Poet from across the Tweed, Mr Damien Becker who won the day with his alchemically constructed poetry that amalgamated the Personal with the Political. Create a free website or blog at You can always have more resources and we'd always love to have more resources, but I can assure you it is heavily resourced. Kurilpa Park rotunda close to the William Jolly Bridge, which passes overhead and behind the Parmalat factory. It’s a fantastic day full of fun activities that all ages can take part in as well as talented artists and entertainers. Showing that the Judges instincts weren’t entirely amiss. It lies on the southern bank of the Brisbane River and is directly linked to the CBD by the Kurilpa, Victoria and Goodwill bridges. due to the ongoing collapse of Western Civilization. The patch of earth where Sophie Collombet had her young life cut short - Kurilpa Point - was originally known as the 'place of the water rat'. Mother & Child are doing well, Though this was apparently the first time, Next up, that Dynamo of Dyslexia, the ever popular, Also demonstrating unsuspected talents was, Joining us all the way from Murwillumbah was, So then it was break time and whilst the Poets chatted and ate and made merry, up on stage, Fittingly for this, our final gig at the Croquet Club, Jem ended her last set with a. This was my fourth time attending the Kurilpa Derby. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness a choice selection of the work of one of Brisbanes’ greatest “Unsuspected Artists”! A Poet with bite! (editors note; said Passenger has since arrived. Jono knows his material by Heart, for it comes from the Heart, and he delivers in a style both precise & well articulated and somehow at the same time, conversational. ... Often described as the knitting needle bridge, the Kurilpa bridge is one of the many bridges linking North and South sections of the Brisbane CBD. ringtail possums, water dragons and black flying foxes. It was also an emotional occasion for the regular crew, as this was to be our last monthly event held at the old Croquet Club, where we have had so many memorable Events over recent years. We therefore advise keeping yr poems under the 4 minute mark. Jonno has always been a keen supporter of the Kurilpa Poets and Poetry in general. Named by the Turrbal people who first inhabited the area, it was considered in Brisbane's earliest history to be meeting place for indigenous tribes and a popular crossing point before the Brisbane River was bridged. Enter your email address to follow the Gazette and receive notifications of new posts by email. Further to that, his knowledge of Art appears to be encyclopedic. They were roasted and eaten by women only. Meanwhile the Poets were gathering in their numbers inside the Old Croquet Club at sacred Musgrave Park for the running of the fabulous Kurilpa Poetry Cup. The creative partnership of contractor Baulderstone, engineer Arup, and architect Cox Rayner produced the scheme for the 430m long tensegrity Kurilpa Bridge (Aboriginal for “place for water rats”), a bold fusion of art and science featuring a striking array of masts, cables, and flying steel spars, winning the design competition. When she kicked into “Ring of Fire” the Rev could hold back no longer and falling to his knees at Jem’s feet, sang an impassioned accompaniment to the second verse. Details are as follows: (Please note – unlike the Croquet Hall, this is a licensed venue, so please don’t bring your own alcohol), Join the Reverend Hellfire & Co., at the Lucky Duck, (Also – the Kurilpa Cup PHOTO Review is on the way soon. as well as the traditional Bottle of Wine, plus a number of other subsidiary prizes to be awarded. Kurilpa is the traditional name for the South Brisbane/West End peninsula, meaning ‘place of the water rat’, with Reach referring to the Brisbane River that surrounds the area on three sides. But that was at the Sitting Duck and now we have returned to the cosmopolitan, anything-goes-vibe of the olde Croquet Club where this time, hopefully,  they will be able to complete their set without interruption. *Free Onsite parking * Free food & Refreshments. Friends Dana Hain and Tim Marwick had built a giant water rat for the parade, because the rodent is native to the Kurilpa … Acknowledgement of Country. The spine protects the information highway of nerves that send messages up and down the spine. Yes once again the Kurilpa Poetry Cup is upon us, a chance for all local Vocals & vociferous Versifiers to strut their stuff. It is a story of the river, the land and the people. South Brisbane together with West End and Highgate Hill is known as Kurilpa (meaning water rat) by the local Indigenous people and the area remains important in Indigenous life. Starting with the Judges’ Traditional Opening Remarks on the Difficulty of their Task, (15 Gladstone Road, Highgate Hill, just a short walk from South Bank Station. Mother & Child are doing well) Fi was the Kurilpa Poetry Cup winner herself a couple of years back and her poetry has the ability to be both clinical and emotional and though invariably delivered quietly, it always packs a kick. Kurilpa Derby 2015. and delivered a powerhouse set, passionate and visionary. The name of the bridge is Aboriginal and means the place of the Water Rats. He said in recent times there had been a car with Victorian number plates in the area that kept driving up and down the stretch from his business to Kurilpa Park. "I think the police presence is fine there. *Loaf of Bread, Jug of Wine and Book of Verses. Meanwhile the majority of traffic from the only other access point, to the south-west, diverts via the Go Between Bridge and Merivale Street before reaching the section of Montague Road where the iconic Parmalat dairy factory obscures the small park behind it. This was an understand, but well executed exhibit that had a spunky lady dressed as a bee inside a box decorated as the ‘hive’ as their float. a member of local outfit there, the Poetry Out Loud Crew, I believe. Wrapping up the First Round was FLO, a young chap with a French accent, who accompanied himself on the keyboards to croon to us an atmospheric Cabaret style poem. "The kuril is a totem for the area: a spiritual being who looks after that area. Kurilpa means place of the water rat in local aboriginal language. March Master of Ceremonies & part time Plague Doctor, the Reverend Hellfire welcomes you all to join the Kurilpa Water Rats at our Emergency Pandemic Poetry/Vector Event, as they spread Poems for the Plague and Verse for the Hearse! South Brisbane is an inner city suburb located 1 km from Brisbane (CBD). Bring your sarcastic satires! They featured in various dreaming tales and tribal lore. SAV knows. An esteemed guest poet will shortly be. By night, Kurilpa Bridge becomes a rainbow of color, lit by solar powered LED lights. No doubt about it, as a Performance Poet he is up there with the best. While not drawing a link to the Collombet case, he said the vehicle was used as a 'hang-out' by numerous people and was an example of what he witnessed on a regular basis. But that was at the Sitting Duck and now we have returned to the cosmopolitan, anything-goes-vibe of the olde Croquet Club where. Joining us all the way from Murwillumbah was Damien Becker. The precinct is undergoing gentrification under the direction of the Brisbane City Council and Queensland Government’s Kurilpa Riverfront Renewal Project. (State Library Queensland). Queensland Police data show in the 12 months to March 27, when Ms Collombet was last seen, more than 200 criminal offences were committed on the South Bank boardwalk and along the route Ms Collombet took from the Cultural Centre interchange. Next up, that Dynamo of Dyslexia, the ever popular SAVANU, demonstrating the gentle art of using “found objects” from your environment (eg signs, menus, etc) to construct poems. Note: previously thought to refer to a water rat species; however, ongoing research indicates this to be incorrect. Only a slender access road, Stanley Place, which hairpins against the grain of the traffic, brings traffic from the south-east. featured as Mystery Musicians of the Month, the Kurilpa Poets got their first ever noise complaint (from a Supreme Court Judge no less!) Most crimes related to public order, however there were nine assaults, three robberies and two other offences against the person.
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