Does McDonalds use MSG? The show was Phish’s sixth appearance at The Spectrum and it opened a two-night stand at the since-demolished arena where the band played a total of nine times, following another two shows … Phish will play the audience in an online chess game as we present an archival webcast of Phish’s 12/31/95 show from Madison Square Garden. Listen to albums and tracks from Phish. It was “Divided Sky,” an intricate 11-minute tune that shows off the group’s diverse jam rock chops. share. It was last played July 30, 2017, which was 96 shows ago. All Answers correct Cavern Cities Destiny Unbound American Band. It was last played February 21, 2020, which was 2 shows ago. That said, Trey Anastasio has gushed fondly over the years about his first Dead show at the Hartford Civic Center in ’83, as have Page, Mike, and Fish about their own experiences with The Dead. For the last five years, Phish has called the Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Denver home for Labor Day weekend, and in doing so have made it a destination for all Phish fans. Answer. Phish was the only band that played the main stage, performing seven sets of music over two nights, including a late night disco set at 2:30 AM featuring all four members on keyboards. And many sections of the multi-part epic "Fluffhead" have been played outside of the song. Phish has only played this escapee from Trey’s solo group once, expanding his minimal lyric about dreams and streams into a 45-minute saga with multiple deviations. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . It began on a friend's farm. The songs from Gamehendge have been played many times throughout the career of Phish, ... On 1991-10-13, Phish played an almost complete Narration, leaving off "The Lizards". This thread is archived. Question #19. December of 1995 was one of the band’s most formative and successful eras. It was played 111 time(s) at the following show(s): and "Bundle of Joy". 67% Upvoted. The July 8, 1994 concert is the only complete Gamehendge performance to have been issued by the band as an official live release. “Sand” has been played approximately once every 16.8 shows. JTA — Gary Stein remembers the first time someone played a Phish song for him in high school. Icculus was played at 1.56% of live Phish shows. Original Album: Arc (1991) Vocals: Instrumental. Phish and the City of Albany have always had a cozy relationship. Join Napster and access full-length songs on your phone, computer or home audio device. How many TAB/70vP shows? Phish has played Buried Alive 13 times since 2009 and nine of those times it’s been an opener, which makes for pure chaos every single time. Every show is different. For Phish, who have played 1700-plus known shows since they first debuted on Dec. 2, 1983, there’s no shortage of live shows out there. Posted by 5 years ago. Gary Stein remembers the first time someone played a Phish song for him in high school. Question #20. It has been performed live 1 time(s). It was last played: 1998-10-03. Related Questions . It was last played July 14, 2019, which was 19 shows ago. How many MGB shows have been played? And Phish fans happily capitulate. Do any of you know? Here’s a Mashable article from 2018 that, in addition to detailing the evolution of Phish’s digital streaming empire, nicely summarizes the fan mentality: “Ya Mar” (Cyril Ferguson) During the Summer of 2017, Phish played 13 nights at MSG, instead of going on a more traditional tour. It was played at 0.05% of live shows. In 2017, they played thirteen straight shows at Madison Square Garden without repeating a single song 5. That Epic Time Kenny Rogers Played With Phish In a previously unpublished interview, the country veteran, who died last week, talks about taking a musical gamble at Bonnaroo 2012. Phish played their 53rd concert at Madison Square Garden on December 28th, 2017, to start a four night New Years Eve run. We Do!!" has Phish played? 3 3. comments. This quintessential jam band single-handedly created a community of loyal fans with their infectious and incredibly funky jam-based rock. Debut: 1998-10-03. “Harpua” has been played approximately once every 22.2 shows. Be the first to answer! 2. Historian: Craig DeLucia. That’s a pretty big ratio! Yes, many of their products include MSG. The Mockingbird Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Phish fans in 1996 to generate charitable proceeds from the Phish community.. And since we're entirely volunteer – with no office, salaries, or paid staff – administrative costs are less than 2% of revenues! How many TAB/70vP shows? Since its debut, “Harpua” has been played, on average, once every 21.3 shows. Music: Neil Young. Today, trampolines only come out for one specific funky build-up during the anthemic number that, according to, is played at 33.69% of shows… Original Artist: Neil Young. Since its debut, “Icculus” has been played, on average, once every 62.9 shows. Harpua was played at 4.51% of live Phish shows. Close. Since its debut, “Sand” has been played, on average, once every 5.4 shows. 0 1 2. Phish’s last performance of Gamehendge came just two weeks after they played the suite as part of the famed “GameHoist” show in West Virginia on June 26, 1994. There have been 1,793 shows since the live debut. If Phish was stranded on a desert island with only their instruments, which song would they play first? Since 2010, Phish has played two more Halloween shows, approaching them differently than in the past, seemingly abandoning the arduous task of covering a … Tried to figure this out with but failed. Sort by. How many shows have phish played MSG? My friends and I have been attending P hish shows for years, and like many Phans in the community, we often play a game before each show to see who can guess which of Phish’s 876 songs will come out to play on a given night. report. Arc has not been seen in 653 Phish shows. There have been 1,824 shows since the live debut. 800: 796 to be exact. The Bangor Symphony Orchestra performed Debussy and Stravinsky during the afternoon of the second day, accompanied by a glider pilot who soared above the audience. “Icculus” has been played approximately once every 64.2 shows. save. In June, the band got It's the first time Phish has played in the Milwaukee area since playing two Alpine shows in 2015 — publicly that is. Going to back to 1989 and their first gig at Pauly’s Hotel, Phish has played a total of 17 shows in Albany during the course of their career.Shows in the early 90’s at the Palace Theatre helped … Here’s a staggering Phish stat from the nerd machine: Julius has been played at 12.04% of live Phish shows. Many of these shows have been some of the best we've seen, but they've also had some fun with the song order in the set lists to spell out messages or only play songs that start with a certain letter. hide. Trey embarked on his first solo tour, Fish toured with his various side projects, Trey and Page joined Phil Lesh for unprecedented Phil and Friends shows and Mike played with a variety of artists.
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