In 1863, Captain George Augustus Graham decided to revive the Irish Wolfhound. Currently holding 166,038 irish wolfhounds. but as I watch my Keva, sound asleep on a leather lounge with blanket and a teddy, I can’t help but laugh at the thought of her living the life of her ancient ancestors. History. 10,782 sires and 20,303 dams in the database . The breed is very old; there are suggestions it may have been brought to Ireland around 3500 BC by early settlers, further genetic testing may help clarify a point of origin. The Irish Wolfhound – The Myth and Legend Posted in News on 26th September 2018 A Dog breed older than Christ himself, the Irish Wolfhound was depicted on the Coat of Arms of the High Kings and was believed to be a fierce hunter and protector. They did their job too well and practically made their prey extinct. More. Irish Wolfhound information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. Not wether this history is true…. In Ireland, the early hounds were bred with large, indigenous, hairy dogs to produce a big dog that was impervious to bad weather and able to tackle wolves and boar. Share. by the Celts. The Irish wolfhound is an animal which is not only symbolically linked with Ireland but also highly steeped in Irish history. #1 The history of the Irish Wolfhound begins more than 2500 years ago. Nov 10, 2018 - Mrs D le B Bennett with four of her Cu-Chulainn Irish wolfhounds One Irish wolfhound named Aibe is indirectly credited with starting a war in the 12th century, when his owner refused an offer from the King of Ulster of 4000 cows in trade for him. There are many sites relating to the history of Irish Wolfhounds. The Irish cu, the Irish greyhound, the slaughter dog, the Irish wolf dog, these were the ancient predecessors of today’s Irish wolfhound and after all the wolves of Ireland were hunted down, after the Irish Potato Famine, they were practically extinct. by Olena Prokopchuk. Irish wolfhound has a great history from 273 bc and GSDs had taken a shape in 1850s. Search for: Search. Around this time,… The Irish Wolfhound - A Brief History. Graham, a Scotsman, began to help recreate this wonderful breed by using the small numbers of surviving wolfhound and outcrossing the breedings with Great Danes, Scottish Deerhounds, Borzoi and English Mastiff dogs, which has given us what we have today. This site uses cookies. They originated from Ireland and were originally allowed to be owned by only the rich and noble Irish men. By this point the dogs were a symbol of Irish identity. A BIT OF HISTORY . Search for: Search. Irish Wolfhound – one of the oldest breeds in the world, the national pride of Ireland. This site uses cookies. In early childhood, we are introduced to the Wolfhound through the stories of Irish Myth and Legend, most notably through the legend of CuChulainn. The breed is frequently mentioned by authors of historical sagas and romantic tales, but there is a tendency for them to be portrayed as having mythical properties and qualities. About IWDB. Currently holding 166,073 irish wolfhounds. CLUB HISTORY. History Irish Wolfhounds have a history that goes back to 273 BC, possibly earlier. To celebrate National Dog Day, we examine the history of this beloved creature. The Irish Wolfhound has always been a highly valued dog in all of its history. By this point the dogs were a symbol of Irish identity. But do we really need to know the history of these breeds and how they came into the picture. The Irish Wolfhound has been a popular choice of dog for centuries (Picture: The Curious History of Irish Dogs) An unlikely champion Then, towards the end of the nineteenth century, an unlikely champion of the breed emerged, and he was determined to restore Irish Wolfhounds to their former glory. The Irish Wolfhound Club was founded in 1885. Originally, it was used in battle to pull enemy warriors from horse-back or chariot, and also for hunting wolves, after which it is named, wild boar, deer and some stories even say, the Giant Irish Elk.
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