It’s our absolute favorite thing to eat and can’t wait for you to make this yourself! Thank you!! Top with your favorite toppings or try our Grilled Chicken Keto Pizza! Hope this helps! Check out the easy Caprese salad. Is it possible to make this on the stove top instead of the microwave? It’s amazing and super easy! If you want personalized pizzas for your family this is perfection. Hubby loved it too. $19.99 $ 19. Why it’s awesome. Mix as well as you can. That sounds amazing ! I found this today, made it for lunch with spinach artichoke dip, ham and cheese and it was excellent. Greetings, fellow Fat Heads. Glad you liked it ! It does get a tad bit odd here because mozzarella turns to a big glob when melted. A delicious and easy fathead pizza crust. New to low carb, but this is the best so far! Can you substitute any other kind of flour? Combine the almond flour, salt and garlic powder in a bowl. BBQ Chicken and a Garlic Parmesan Chicken! Zero Carb, Keto … Hope that helps. But truthfully, the dough was a little unwieldy. Create whatever flavor combinations that you and your family enjoy the most. With this one, the only way you know you aren’t holding a “real” slice of pizza in your hand is that, as … For the MCT oil, I wouldn’t skip the cream cheese. Five star ? Does anyone else find this mixture really difficult to deal with, sticky. It works SO well and there’s no mess! Give it a try yourself and see how you like it. Place onto your pizza pan baking parchment piece being on the bottom and then remove the remaining plastic wrap. Is the recipe designed to use the low moisture/part skim pre shredded mozzarella cheese—or full fat mozzarella? I have yet to try the recipe, but sounds great! This has been pinned over 10k times on Pinterest just in the last week! I use a kitchen aid mixer with the paddle attachment to mix my mozzarella and dry ingredients together. Tom Naughton was originally believed to be the creator of the fat head recipe, but he has since given credit to Cooky’s Creations, A low-carb blogger and keto foodie, who had called it holy grail pizza crust but the name fat head pizza was adopted by … Simple, easy to mix, make and bake. I just made this and double the recipe, whole family loved it, thank you!! Microwave on high for 20 seconds at a time until melted. The Fat Head Dough recipe is often called the Holy Grail of low carb pizza … Just made this and it definitely helps my pizza craving! Reach for the oven and heat it up on a pan until warmed through, or try the skillet. The raw egg in the Fat Head dough will have warmed with the hot cheese and so the dough needs cooking before freezing. Absolutely, we did! We love this dough in terms of meal planning. This recipe says 1/4 Tablespoon salt. I’m anxious to make it, but first 2 questions…. Or add a little bit of oil to your hands so that if you go to work over the dough it doesn’t stick to your hands so much. I’ve found that with certain types of parchment paper for some reason if you press this dough into it even just a tad too much it ends up sticking like mad. Mix as well as you can. Your dough will be sticky and not necessarily easy to roll out. Freeze in an airtight container with pieces of baking paper in between … KetoLogic Keto Cheese Crisps: Pizza (6 Pack) – Oven Baked, Sustainably Sourced, Keto Snacks - Low Carb, High Fat, High Protein, Gluten Free. Stir in the … Thank you! Stir until slightly combined and place back into the microwave for another 60 seconds, or until cheese is warm and melted. Remove top plastic wrap and replace with paper/baking parchment. OR our Keto Garlic Bread. I need to incorporate MCT oil in my daily diet so I’m always trying to figure out how to do that via recipes. I have rolled this between plastic and made calzones. The other fathead recipe I have used is too big and just uses SO much cheese! We do suggest using blanched almond flour to get a nice white, soft and pliable fathead pizza dough. Then if this happens…patience is the game.. You want to slowly peel it away and with a knife you can slide the knife and gently remove any of the crust that sticks on the paper. Place a sheet of plastic wrap over top of dough and roll out into a circle. Thanks, glad you like it! If you opt to make your fathead pizza crust with coconut flour then that will lower the carb count further. Keto Chicken Soup Recipe (Instant Pot Recipe) ». The skillet will heat your pizza low and slow on a lower heat setting and keep that crispy crust. Most other Fathead Pizza recipes call for 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 cups of mozzarella. This keto pizza crust is made with a whole bunch of cheese and some almond flour, making each slice only 1.4 g net carbs! Maybe add the oil into your sauce? Want to try out another fabulous Keto pizza crust option? FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Certified Organic. I actually have them in the freezer right now. Love this recipe! The dough can be used to make a lot of things, but our absolute favorite is this pizza. Pierce the dough a few times with a fork so that it cooks evenly, and then place it in a 425 degree oven for about 10 minutes. Prepare your counter top by placing plastic wrap onto counter to roll dough out onto. Because life is too short not have pizza. Should bite the bullet and just do it! This brilliant keto dough is a combination of just a few ingredients that is nothing short of magical. Use fathead dough for pies, pizzas, sausage rolls, scrolls flat breads and bagels. I get asked a lot does fathead pizza taste like regular pizza. It was much to wet and creamy. Will make with 1 tablespoon next time, that should be perfect! That's Low Carb?! That is exactly why I made these this way. Also: Are the calories stated for the ball of dough or for 1 piece of pizza? You can make a ball of dough and store in the refrigerator for up to a week. We slice it into 8 slices and split it between the husband and myself.  You’ll want to calculate your carbs based on the toppings you choose if you opt to try another variation. Have you tried making them ahead and pulling them out for a super quick pizza night? Find fu, Quick, easy, low-carb and delicious! 4.67 from 6 votes. Grease a pizza pan, spread dough out into a 1/2″ thick circle. Bec says: 4 February, 2018 at 10:09 am . We are excited to share our newest FAT HEAD SPECIALTY PIZZA VIDEO! Today I’m sharing what I do to make fathead dough easier and nut free! Place the dough in between 2 pieces of parchment paper, and roll it out into a 10″ circle. Pizza Dough. This dough can be tricky if the mozzarella is not just right. When I put all the ingredients in my fitness pal to save the recipe it says 12 net carbs! if you are to slice it into 8 slices. Filed Under: Keto & Low Carb Recipes, Quick Meal Recipes, Recipe Index Tagged With: dough, easy, fathead, low carb, pizza. I know you said that this makes two individual pizzas so is one whole individual pizza considered a serving? The answer is yes, and no. We think it tastes better than traditional pizza crust. This is my go to pizza recipe.
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