Well, imo is a secure instant messenger, but if you are worried about your kids’ online safety and want to find out what they are doing on imo, there is something you can do about it. From this block list, locate the Contact that you want to unblock on imo and then tap on the Unblock button beside the Contact’s name (See image below). 2. I have a friend whom i had a misunderstanding. He did the same. Then, click Unblock next to the person’s name. But they won’t be abale to text you as well! You open his contact on WhatsApp and notice that his “Last Seen” does not appear. When you’re ready to allow the person to see you online, Click the imo menu at the top left corner of the screen and select Blocked Users. Hi ! You can easily read all the IMO conversations still if it gets deleted by your children or employees. Unblock the contact: You will be shown the contacts you blocked, and near the contact, there will be an option to unblock the contact. How to go invisible on imo. Launch the imo app: Tap on the imo icon in the main menu. As we know that the person will not be able to read your messages once he or she adds you in the block list. Follow the steps below to do that. As compared to other apps, imo notifications are frequent and leave you irritated. But, if he did block me, why did i still see him online and i could see his last seen as well? Blocking on Desktop: Open imo. You can hide you last seen status from other users in applications such as Telegram or WhatsApp. A green icon shows that your contact is online and available, Orange or yellow icon signifies that your contact is idle, A red icon shows that the contact is not online and is away. Hide Last Seen Status on imo Using Android Phone. I think you should contact your operator support. So, if you don’t want a particular person to find out that you are online on imo, the only thing you can do is to temporarily block them! In order to block someone on imo tap on their name. Maybe it’s good to ask the owner to delete your stuffs. Once you are in imo, tap on the Chats tab located in the top menu on your screen (See image below) Note: You can also tap on Contacts Tab and locate the Contact that you want to block 3. Why is that so? Add privacy to your IMO account by hiding your last seen, profile photo and read receipts. This article has been made available by WhatsAppdownloadsandtips.com Disabling these three options will let you invisible as no one of your friends will be able to see your activities. How to go invisible on imo. Fortunately, some applications in the market can help you in tracking the online activity of a WhatsApp user, irrespective of his last seen visibility and connection with you! Your email address will not be published. Note: If you hide your last seen status on imo, then you will also not be able to see any of your contact’s last seen status. 5. Also, if you send a message to someone who has blocked you, you will only see a blue tick next to your message. This person can no longer see when you are online. Some applications allow you to customize your last seen settings. But when you block someone, they cannot see when you are online. On the Chats screen, tap on the Chat of the person that you want to block on imo. 2. we may block imo users sometime for a certain period or at that time to hide them from our IMO status, last seen and calls etc. if i see last seen status for an imo contact, means they have my number saved on imo? On the Settings screen, scroll down and tap on Blocked contacts (See image below). But when it comes to privacy, imo privacy settings can be a little tricky to use. Can I know who had seen my shared stories on imo.?!! If imo account was hacked and as precaution I deleted it and disabled the SIM card. However, there is a trick you can use to hide your status from a particular person at least for a while. It also offers a very simple user interface which allows users to enjoy all its wonderful features with not much effort. No more annoying imo notifications! Can the hacker still use my IMO account and reach my contacts. Get full details with date & time and senders/receivers mobile numbers. 4. Then i tried to call him. This video is unavailable. Furthermore, you won’t be able to see their last seen status. Now, you can see the unblocked name in the regular contacts list of IMO. It showed in the screen “YOUR BUDDY IS NOT LOGGED IN TO IMO” STANDARD RATES MAY APPLY. Open three-line menu: Tap on the three lines in the lower left corner. 6. 4. I really appreciate your prompt attempt on this matter. Check WhatsApp “Last Seen” of Your Contact. Go to Blocked contacts: Scroll down a little to find the blocked contact option and tap on it. This means that imo privacy settings does not offer any sort of feature which allows you to hide your last seen status from your contacts. Freezing your ‘last seen’ means you can appear as if you were online 8 hours ago while in fact you were online just 8 seconds ago. Reports on social media networks such as, Facebook, Instagram, LINE, etc. imo privacy settings includes the option to block a particular person so they can’t text you any more. Let’s see how it works with this example: We want to find out if our contact John has blocked our account. Follow the steps below to hide Last Seen Status on imo using your Android Phone or Tablet. You can select viewers of your last seen or online, whether it can be everyone or only to your contacts. 1. © 2017 Underspy. So, in the article, we have decided to teach you to turn off notifications on imo. Underspy imo monitoring feature allows you to spy on imo messages remotely and anonymously. They will no longer be able to see your last seen. In general, when anyone blocks you in WhatsApp you will not be able to see his/her “Last seen” time. 1. Click Block. A cool imo trick to see if someone blocked you on imo, is that you will still see them in your chat history, but they will no longer appear in your contact list. Furthermore, you won’t be able to see their last seen status. if someone blocked me on imo can i see his last seen. Read this article to learn everything about imo and all its privacy settings and features. Without much ado let’s see how you can Freeze your last seen status on line. If you are concerned about your imo privacy, you need to know that your contacts will see the same icons for you as well. Open the imo … definitely we get a chance to unblock those persons who have already blocked on IMO. how to see contact number in imo app. On some applications such as Telegram, if you block a person, they won’t be able to send or even type down a message in a chat conversation with you. if someone blocked me on imo can i see his last seen. So, you can just block them for a while and then unblock them. You can do directly by opening user profile if you want to block them in imo.im easily. On the Blocked Contacts screen, you will see a list of all Contacts that you have blocked on imo. You’ll have to repeat this method for everyone you want to block/unblock.
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