support our communities around the country. Easy Eating, Dinner, Dinner, A perfect winter meal. Minty, zesty, and deliciously crunchy to …, Dinner Parties, Recipes, This well-known stir-fry dish originates from Southeast Asia and is one of Deena Naidoo's favourite "take-away” meals. Fish rice - Food From Portugal | Great recipes from Portugal In the Western Cape snoek is the preferred fish for …, Bakes and Desserts, These croquettes are easy to prepare and is a version of the Italian Arancini recipe. Quick & Easy Meals, Bursting with flavour, easy to make, and …. Serve this in a large …, A popular Tamil dish. Try this delicious recipe …, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Lunch/Family Meals. Braais, Sea Food, Recipes, Recipes, Dinner, This recipe also contains chorizo, sausage …, Breakfasts and Brunches, Quick, easy and delicious is how Khaya Silingile describes this bake, Show off with this really easy to prepare vegetarian dish. Include the recipe for your dish. “Can’t stop eating” is the phrase that comes to mind when this …, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, 15ml Ground Coriander. Breakfasts and Brunches, Dinner, This cold rice salad is right on trend by being healthy, low carb and is described as a perfect source …. Serve as a snack or starter. Lunchboxes, Perfectly served with Spekko India Gate Basmati Rice, Feasts and Catering, Quick & Easy Meals, Peter won the very first Spekko Rice Cook Idol competition in KZN with this luscious rice dessert. Easy Eating, Brunches, Recipes, This chicken curry is published in his first cookbook EEN MAAL and is served with an oven baked rice dish. Celebratory meals, Lunch/Family Meals, The …. Presenter of Kasi Kitchen, Sindi Mpahwla (left) and Khaya Silinge – Spekko’s Kasi Kitchen chef. The brown rice and smoked feta …. Quick & Easy Meals. Sunday Best, Curries, Add cooked chicken or cold roast beef to the salad …, Lunch/Family Meals, Brunches, Dinner, The videos include recipes, tips and hints for successful cooking, and useful ideas around cooking rice. Recipes, This tart is easy to prepare, but do make your own crust  – it makes all the difference to the …. Tune in to Kasi Kitchen for more ideas for your own kitchen. This is a quick an easy curry to cook. Menu . Salads Only, An easy, tasty family meal. If you like, add a pinch of sugar to the mixture …, Buffet Dishes, Soups and Salads. Serve either on a buffet or plate individually. The beans and peppers add a lovely crunch. Quick & Easy Meals, Try this easy and delicious Chicken Curry with Tomato & Coriander Rice for your family this coming Sunday! This recipe really stretches your meat. Go on, try them for yourself! Quick and Easy Meals, Recipes. Curries, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Vegetarian, delicious and a perfect family dish! Paella was the first dish I ever made for my friends John and Twanji; I packed up all my ingredients …, All Spekko Rice variants make for delicious risotto\’s. Cosy Dinners For 2, Serve these baked tomatoes with a salad and serve with salads for an easy lunch. Lunch/Family Meals, There are as many versions of biryani as there are home cooks in South Africa. Carte blanche in the kitchen. Serve these tortillas with a crispy purple slaw and sriracha glaze. Dinner Parties, Vegetarian Meals, Breakfasts and Brunches, Share the love with your family and try out this delicious classic dish. Ask us about store hours, specials and more! Recipes, Dinner Parties, Advanced search options > Cooking Time: 0 - 15 Minutes 15 - 30 Minutes 30 - 45 Minutes 45 - 60 Minutes 90 - 120 Minutes ... Spekko Rice. Brunches, A hearty and satisfying, all in one dish to celebrate winter. Whether you're cooking for yourself or for guests, these easy dinner recipes ensure you won't be short of ideas. Crunchy, good looking snacks. Leroux van Vuuren, a top 10 contestant in Kokkedoor Season 2, created …, A quick tasty salad for a mom on the go. 23rd Nov 2020. Serve as a side to a roast or braai. “Rys, vleis en aartappels” is a description often heard to describe a plate of good South African fare. Feasts and Catering, This rice porridge is gluten free and totally delicious. In 2013, she started writing a recipe column for the Cape Times for and has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in South Africa namely, Knorr, Nedeburg Wines, First Choice and Spekko rice. When the onions turn a pale golden brown, stir in the crushed garlic and ginger. Dinner, Fatti's & Moni's. Dinner Parties, Enchant your family and friends …. The honey and soy roasted chicken fillets are complimented by the crunchy sesame rice. Easy Eating, The pork steaks are marinated in the paste before grilling. Dinner, Lunch/Family Meals, African Inspired Meals, Recipes, Sunday Best. Quick & Easy Meals, Quick and Easy Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, Recipes. Make these burritos for a picnic “a deux”. Quick & Easy Meals, A tandoor is an Asian clay “oven”, where food is baked on top of glowing coals made in the oven …, For this salad the beans can be canned, that is the kidney beans and chickpeas, but definitely not the green …, Shahi Kheer is a traditional Indian dessert, also called Mahana pudding. This is an old Spekko Rice recipe that works every time. This delicious family meal recipe is from Karen Hart’s new cookbook “Toor met Hoender”. Add the dried fruit for an extra zing. Lunch/Family Meals, With only 500 g of lamb mince, you can make an impressive and delicious oven bake to feed a family …, African Inspired Meals, Quick & Easy Meals, Brunches, For a gluten free snack, replace the breadcrumbs with …, Dinner Parties, Warming Winter Menus, Chicken is always a favourite. All you need is a few quality basics and you can create something delicious. Dinner, This version with …, An after work dinner to make in a flash. Incredibly "more-ish” fritters. Vegetarian Days, Bakes and Desserts, African Inspired Meals, These rice balls, stuffed with biltong and gorgonzola, are truly amazing. Quick & Easy Meals. Dinner Parties, Quick and Easy Meals, Try this fun variation of the good ‘ol pancake. This is delicious stove-top one-pot chicken dish …, Inhloko, better known as smileys or lip meat, is a popular street food here in South Africa. Garnish with fresh coriander and curry leaves. In 2013, she started writing a recipe column for the Cape Times for and has collaborated with some of the biggest brands in South Africa namely, Knorr, Nedeburg Wines, First Choice and Spekko rice. Kasi Kitchen: Warming beef stew and one pot rice with beans This channel features video clips created by or on behalf of Spekko Rice. A meal in one or a side dish to a braai or roasted …, The roasted red vegetables add a wonderful colour and taste to this fish soup. Recipes, The …, This recipes comes from the cookbook A Year of Seasonal Dishes – Food & Home Entertaining, published by Human & …. Quick and Easy Meals. Instead of boerewors, use chicken sausage or budget Russian sausages. Feasts and Catering, Spekko India Gate Basmati Rice. This channel features video clips created by or on behalf of Spekko Rice. Feasts and Catering, Recipes. Follow him #bakeswithbas …, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Copyright © 2020 Spekko | All Rights Reserved, As one set of winners is crowned, our next #CookWi, Congratulations to our round 2 #CookWithHeart winn, Travel the world from the comfort of your kitchen, Our round 2 #CookWithHeart finalists are here, and, Fully-Loaded Cabbage Roll-Up anyone? Lunchboxes, Lunch/Family Meals, Easy Eating. Lunch/Family Meals, Serve with roast meat or as a side with the braai. Recipes, This is a traditional Indian dish that is popular all over the world. Fragrant crab with hints of coconut milk, your family will love it. T’s & C’s apply. Khaya Silingile has changed her MasterChef apron for that of Spekko Rice, to become the newest addition to Spekko’s bouquet of celebrity chefs. It looks and tastes impressive. Spekko’s exceptionally high standard of rice gives you the confidence to roll up your sleeves and get cooking. Ideal for a bunch or to serve as a starter. Budget Friendly Family Meals, Our Top 5 Easy Recipes for Kids 12th Feb 2019. Dinner Parties, Easy Eating, Easy Eating, A spicy take on the traditional lamb neck potjie. The competition will close on midnight 31 December 2020. Easy Eating, Dinner Parties, Serve with drinks or as a starter. Easy Eating, Warming Winter Menus. Quick & Easy Meals, Mix, bake and eat. Lunch/Family Meals, Brunches, Bean Bake. Dinner, Indian Inspired Dishes. Add some chopped coriander and chillies, should you want. Easy Eating, A traditional Indian dish, to be shared and enjoyed amongst friends and family. Budget Friendly Family Meals, As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, at Pioneer Foods we are taking Let us know why your dish is special to you and why you chose to enter it 3. This version contains stir-fried vegetables and cream. Easy Eating. Simmer until the sauce thickens and coats the chicken pieces. Lunch/Family Meals, Snacks, Brunches, Salads Only, Bakes and Desserts, Lunch/Family Meals, Tandoori and garam masala lend delicious flavours to this one-pot recipe, with a rich, flavorful sauce for dipping naan and …. Buffet Dishes, Cosy Dinners For 2, Recipes. Try this desert using Spekko Parboiled rice, the kids will love it! 20ml White Vinegar. Find out how the South African government is working to combat the spread of the corona virus here: Brunches, Vegetarian Meals, Dinner, Quick & Easy Meals, This White Chocolate Risotto with Christmas Spiced Fruit is inspired by a wintery, snowy Christmas. This recipe was inspired by actor Tobie Cronje. Budget Friendly Family Meals, Quick and Easy Meals. Fashion designer Cyril Naicker who cooked this at a …, Brunches, Kitchen/Cooking. Cool completely and remove the fat from the top before …. Quick & Easy Meals, A great party snack. Quick and Easy Meals. This is an easy salad to make for a large crowd. Forgot account? Serve this for a celebration dinner. Use any nuts as desired. Warming Winter Menus, Brunches, Vegetarian Days, Dinner Parties, Lunch/Family Meals, Brunches, The lemon and capers add a zesty flavour. Not only does Thuli feature traditional African dishes, she’s also open to developing recipes, food consultations and brand collaborations. Budget Friendly Family Meals, Vegetarian Days, Brunches, An easy, citrus, vanilla and almond rice pudding. Feasts and Catering, Ideas, Celebratory meals, This version is prepared from …, Cosy Dinners For 2, Recipes. Feasts and Catering, Sunday Best, Breakfasts and Brunches, Easy Eating, This is a very quick and easy after work family dinner dish. Keep stirring until the chicken is properly sealed and the masala begins to stick. Curried Rice and Hake. Meal Inspiration, Dinner, proactive steps grounded in science to protect the safety of our products, our employees, their families and Curry inspired salad for the whole family. Entries for round 2 close 11h59pm Sunday the 8th of November, so roll up your sleeves and get cooking! Buffet Dishes, Long, slow cooking makes this bredie perfect. Sunday Best. Vegetarian Days, …, Pickled fish is a traditional Easter dish in South Africa. Feasts and Catering, The crispy skin on the fish is the best part. Curries, proactive steps grounded in science to protect the safety of our products, our employees, their families and Heat the sunflower oil in a large pot. This channel features video clips created by or on behalf of Spekko Rice. Quick & Easy Meals, Frozen fish fillets can be used. Buffet Dishes, The garlic and lemon zest ads loads of flavour. This channel features video clips created by or on behalf of Spekko Rice. Sunday Best, 60ml Butter. Food & Beverage Company. Dinner, Brunches, Chinese Inspired Dishes, This timeless classic offers both a pleasant visual and taste experience. Quick and Easy Meals, A crunchy, garlicky and delicious salad. Easy Eating, Indian Inspired Dishes, Braais, Sunday Best. Brunches, Quick & Easy Meals. This dish from Chef Nicky Gibbs is LOW GI, vegetarian and be served as a main course or an accompaniment. This is a “never fail” roast chicken recipe. This is a quick and easy dinner for busy moms. Feasts and Catering, Bakes and Desserts, Potjies, Pickled fish is a traditional Cape Malay dish – and now it is usually eaten during Easter celebrations. Quick and Easy Meals. Budget Friendly Family Meals, Chinese Inspired Dishes, Filling and delicious – everybody will want more of this vegetarian casserole. Lunch/Family Meals. Buffet Dishes, Dinner Parties, Quick and Easy Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, Children also love these in their lunchboxes. Salads Only. Meal Inspiration, Vegetarian Days, Quick and Easy Meals, Always plan one meal when cooking rice. Recipes, Dinner Parties, Chef Siwe Hlope developed this recipe for Spekko Rice. Salads Only, Vegetarian Days, Create New Account. This is a crunchy salad with loads of texture and colour and a bit of bite. Only buy the freshest fish when you prepare this recipe. Easy Eating. Budget Friendly Family Meals, Curries, This Pork and Beer Paella would make a great meal for a dinner party. Easy Eating, Watch our handy video to learn how to make this yummy oven delight! The lamb shanks, red wine and …, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Kids Parties, A show-off vegetarian dish. Brunches, Dinner, Serve with Spekko Long Grain Parboiled Rice. Multiply the recipe for feeding a crowd. Easy to prepare chilli bites to spice up your festive season. This dish can be cooked up to two days ahead. Vegetarian Meals. A “wow” vegetarian recipe for the festive season. SASKO. Easy Eating, The honey and ginger flavour combination is addictive. Potjies, Vegetarian Meals, This salad is filling, really tasty and can be served as a complete vegetarian meal. Recipes, Dinner, Home; About Thuli; Sponsored Post; Consumer Education Quick & Easy Meals, Soak for 30 minutes. Welcome to the Spekko Rice Branded YouTube Channel This channel features a selection of video material created by or on behalf of Spekko rice. Lunch/Family Meals, Try our delicious simple winter-warmer soup for four. Quick & Easy Meals. Snacks, Thinking of what to do with your diced bacon, then look no further this quick and easy to prep recipe …, Budget Friendly Family Meals, African Inspired Meals, Serve with Spekko Long Grain Parboiled Rice for a delicious evening meal. Budget Friendly Family Meals, Quick & Easy Meals, Celebratory meals, Warming Winter Menus. Easy Eating, Easy Eating, Budget Friendly Family Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, Ideas, Cover with a lid, bring to the boil and simmer for 15-20 minutes, or until the water has been absorbed. Cook the ratatouille and rice before you start roasting the beef.Once cooked, carve the beef into thin …, Braais, Recipes. Breakfasts and Brunches, Dinner Parties, With just 30 minutes to prepare, this is an ideal after work supper for two. Lunch/Family Meals, When the mustard seeds begin to splutter, add the cumin seeds. Try this for your kids, they’ll love it! Irresistible served with a crunchy salad. Dinner Parties, Braais, This recipe is heart-warming and delicious on a chilly day. Use the leftover lemongrass rice to make a salad for the next meal. Warming Winter Menus. Strain the tamarind and use your fingertips to remove the pips. Spekko’s India Gate Basmati is farmed in the foothills of the Himalayas and is matured for at least 12 months before packing. Buffet Dishes, Vegetarian Meals. Quick & Easy Meals, Lunchboxes, Vegetarian Days, Breakfasts and Brunches, This salad must …. Lunch/Family Meals, Use frozen fish fillets if you do not have fresh on …, Quick and Easy Meals, Buffet Dishes, The meat …. Warming Winter Menus, Try this delicious curry developed by Dorah Sitole. Dinner, Recipes, Use caramelised pears or other fruit instead of the berries. Always use fresh fruit in this dessert. Quick and Easy Meals, Vegetarian Meals, This dish from Johnny Hammna\’s first cookbook EEN MAAL is best served with the butter chicken from the same book. See more of Spekko Rice on Facebook. Vegetarian Meals, A great “emergency party dish”. So, cook …. Easy Eating, Dinner, Braais, This savoury mince pie has a topping of walnuts and a cheesy rice crust. All uncompromising in quality and taste. Quick and Easy Meals, This dish goes perfectly with a roast lamb and vegetables. Recipes. Easy Eating, Recipes, Lunch/Family Meals, TV presenter and chef Zola Nene cooked these Italian style deep-fried rice snacks at the Spekko Rice Celebrity cook-off on …. This budget friendly family meal is warming and satisfyingly tasty. Try this one with the kids! Feasts and Catering, Braais, Soups and Salads, As the school holidays are here, why not get the excited kiddies together and try this fun, and very yummy …, In every culture there is a version of the classic meatball. Delicious seafood creole served on Basmati rice. Buffet Dishes, Try this fragrant Chicken Pilaf dish! Cosy Dinners For 2, Ideas, Brunches, Together, Sharoney and Gerhard Steyn spell …, Chef: Niel du Bois Owner, Niel du Bois, shared his seafood paella with Spekko. Quick & Easy Meals, Curries, Feasts and Catering, Buffet Dishes, Where dietary or other information is important to you please contact Pick n Pay Customer Services if the poduct is Pick n Pay branded or otherwise the product manufacturer. Recipes. Lunch/Family Meals, Serve these chicken fillets with a sun dried tomato salsa for the ultimate taste treat. Easy Eating, Try this citrus inspired salad with a sweet touch. Quick and Easy Meals, Hope Malau is Drum magazine’s food editor. Quick and Easy Meals, Quick and Easy Meals, Classic, re-invented by MasterChef SA Season 1, Deena Naidoo. This cold dessert is flavoured with cardamon and coconut. Easy Eating, The confetti rice makes for a festive side. Texture and taste make this a great vegetarian dish. Vegetarian Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, Lunch/Family Meals, Served with creamy coconut rice, this is …, Braais, Dinner, A real treat for the sweet tooth. Spekko on Instagram. +27 72 418 1134 Sauté for 3 – 5 seconds. Dinner, Lunch/Family Meals, Recipes. Dinner Parties, Tastes phenomenal and looks very impressive. Messy to eat, absolutely delicious and one of KZN’s favourite curries. Musician Brenday Peyper loves these fritters. Easy Eating, Food & Beverage Company. The orange and star anise lifts the dish from the everyday …. Budget Friendly Family Meals, Vegetarian Days, Zesty, full of fibre and very satisfying. Sunday Best, Warming Winter Menus, It is easy to make this recipe in bulk. Easy Eating, Sprinkle in the sugar and simmer on a medium heat until the tomatoes soften and dissolve into a thick sauce. Family Dinners, Sunday Best, Dinner, It is fragrant, delicious – in fact delicious for any meal occasion, Quick & Easy Meals, …, Bakes and Desserts, An easy, satisfying vegetarian meal or accompaniment. Ingredients. You may …, Feasts and Catering, Lunch/Family Meals, Go on and try it! Curries, Sunday Best. Sunday Best, There are many ways to enjoy fish and this Masala Fish recipe will add to your list. Budget Friendly Family Meals, Feasts and Catering, Warming Winter Menus, Treat Dad on Father’s Day with this spicy version of barbeque beef ribs. Lunch/Family Meals, Piet won a Spekko Rice Celebrity Chefs Cook-off with this recipe. Your family will love this one. Sunday Best, This Valentine’s we’re sharing recipes from around the world that we simply love!
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