Abdicate definition is - to renounce a throne, high office, dignity, or function. Many sentences on our Website sentencedict.com, hope can help you: 1) Many parents simply abdicate all responsibility for their children. Yeah, but it probably worked out pretty well for IBM, and lazy/mediocre managers could pretty easily abdicate responsibility for things while not getting fired for buying IBM. It is a culpable use of liberty to abdicate it. Examples of Abate in a sentence. 2) She was forced to abdicate the throne of Spain. The word abdicate has to our ears a certain regal sound.. And, opinion polls have suggested, done by various television networks that over 55 percent still want her to stay on the throne and not to retire or even to abdicate, which is not in our constitution anyway.. Kamal Abu Sena urges the president to live with dignity and "abdicate," as he put it. 3. The king was forced to abdicate the throne . And Russian writers are happily abdicating the throne of moral authority. Synonym Discussion of abdicate. She was forced to abdicate the throne of Spain. In time, his anger will abate, and he will forgive you. Layard, or to abdicate in favour of Khaireddin Pacha. Sure, I've abdicated control over my own destiny. abdicate in a sentence - Use "abdicate" in a sentence 1. The firemen sprayed water on the burning house to abate the structural damage. Sentence with the word abdicate. 2. If the King does not abdicate, he will have to be dethroned. Find more ways to say abdicate, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Did You Know? Examples of abdicate in a sentence: 1. The reason I wnat to abdicate is to try something different. Check the meaning of abdicate. The last French king was Louis Philippe, who abdicated in 1848. How do you use in sentence abdicate? How to use abdicate in a sentence. Courts must never abdicate their duty to protect citizens from the abuse of power by governments, a senior judge said last night. 2. Sentence Examples for abdicate. Example Sentences for abdicate Suggestion: abdicate and re-hire this guy as your next CEO. I hope this medicine will abate the pain in my leg. With any luck, the storm will abate soon so we can still have our picnic. Yuan Shikai forced emperor to abdicate and hand over power to him. Another word for abdicate. You will not have me abdicate in the zenith of my glory? One is abdicate gives Baoermo, this is nodded very difficult. Use abdicate in a sentence. Most people chose this as the best definition of abdicate: The definition of abdicat... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. How to use abdicate in a sentence is shown in this page. 3) The king was forced to abdicate the throne . A compound complex sentence is when you combind a compound sentence and a complex sentence. 4) Yuan Shikai forced the emperor to abdicate … 37.
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