Otters are cute and smart, so giving them an adorable name is an obvious choice! The quintet of short-clawed otter pups were born in November at the zoo in Upton.. The otters’ 2,500-square-foot space incorporates indoor and outdoor living environments. Ottermus Prime. Potter Park Zoo announces names of River Otter pups LANSING, MI (WILX) -- Two River Otter pups have been named following a naming contest held by Potter Park Zoo last week. The names of adorable baby otters recently born at Chester Zoo have been revealed. Three of them already have names but we need your help in deciding the remaining two names. Creative and unique otter name ideas by ARK players. 2 points ️ Name Ideas 7 days ago NEW Report. An otter has 450,000 hairs per square inch. The public were asked to cast their votes online, and now we can announce the winning names! Skipppy. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Two rescued river otter pups have been named. Otter Name Generator Find name ideas for otters. In April, the Perth Zoo family expanded with the arrival of five Asian Small-clawed Otter pups! Vote for your favorite otter names! Otters were not often kept in zoos before the 1950s. The pups weigh just 500 grams, belonging to the world’s smallest species of otter. Whisker found sanctuary at the Detroit Zoo in 2009 after being rescued under a house in Washington State. The three baby otters born at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo back in September have officially been dubbed … Our otter name generator will find random name ideas for otters. Make a special donation to the Potter Park Zoological Society with your vote(s) for the zoo’s two male otter pups. The river otter is famous for its playful antics – mud sliding, water sports and manipulating objects – which increases coordination and sharpens hunting skills. To celebrate World Otter Day we are asking YOU to help us name two of our otter pups. 1371 points ️ Name Ideas Aug 25, 2017 Report. In 1991, we received our first Eurasian otters, a pair from a zoo … What should I name my otter? 717 points ️ Name Ideas Aug 30, 2017 Report. CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has announced the names for its three otter brothers. Harry Otter. Otter Naming Contest. Otters den in a riverbank burrow, under a rock pile, in a thicket, or even in another animal’s home such as a beaver’s lodge. The results are in and thanks to 10,500 votes, the Oregon Zoo’s newest otter pups now have names. The otter habitat is also home to Whisker and Lucius. Our otter collection gradually grew to include giant, Asian small-clawed, smooth-coated, and North American river otters. The female pup has been named Nehalem, or “Nellie,” and … On 10 June 2020, a routine veterinary check-up for two of our Asian Small-clawed Otter pups doubled as a naming ceremony! Lucius was born in 2006 and arrived at the Zoo in 2009. Every $5 donated counts as a vote toward the name of your choice (i.e., $10 equals 2 votes). But the San Diego Zoo’s first otters, two male Pacific otters, arrived in 1934. The five otter pups, of which there are three females and two males, recently took their first swim along with mum Annie and dad Wallace. They are Adhi, Bejo and Cipto. The 3-month-old pups, one male and one female, are now living at the Oregon Zoo … Update: The nameless now have names.

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