Referred to as "The Golden Power" in ancient Hylian literature, it represents the essence of the Golden Goddesses who created the realm of Hyrule that was left behind when they departed the realm for the heavens. Eventually Ganondorf manages to steal the remaining pieces of the Triforce from Link and Zelda. Cia manages to obtain the Triforce of Wisdom from Sheik and Triforce of Courage from Link and uses it power to summon the different eras where the other fragments of Ganondorf's soul were sealed. Zelda then has Link retrieve the Master Sword in order to defeat Cia who still possesses the Triforce of Power. Other variations simply spell out the title. The logo for The Minish Cap depicts the Four Sword and the shape of Ezlo in the word "Cap.". It appears in The Legend of Zelda. The Triforce of Wisdom holds the essence of Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom, who is recognized for creating the physical laws of the realm of Hyrule. When Yuga-Ganon is defeated by Link, Hilda orders Yuga to give her the Triforce of Power, but Yuga reveals he has no intention of saving Lorule as he reveals he desired the Triforce to become a God and planned to remake Lorule in his image. The logo for A Link to the Past depicts a shield behind the Master Sword, which is incorporated into the Z of Zelda. Link acquires it after defeating Ganon inside Death Mountain. The Triforce of Power and the Triforce of Courage were stolen at the beginning of the show but were returned by the end of the episode. When activated, the lower left triangle in the Triforce mark on Zelda's hand glows, representing the Triforce of Wisdom. the inspiration for the idea of using the Triforce in the Zelda series came from the Hōjō clan, and the incorporation of the symbol was similar to how Western games used crossed swords. Upon seeing Link's glowing Triforce mark, his innate strength, and skills she becomes convinced that Link is the current incarnation of the Hero, later giving him the Hero's Tunic to wear. In Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf (the Gerudo king) heard of the legend of the Triforce and lusted after its power, primarily as a tool to subjugate the kingdom of Hyrule and expand his influence. The tokusatsu drama show, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger used the design of the Triforce as the basis for the Greatest Treasure In The Universe. Although Ganon suffers defeat at the hands of Link and is banished to the Sacred Realm by the power of the Seven Sages, he retains the Triforce of Power. The back-story given was that Ganon gained it by thievery. The logo for Skyward Sword depicts the seal of the Royal Family of Hyrule. The Triforce of Wisdom may have been used to save Midna's life and transfer Zelda's light or soul into Midna to give her the ability to survive the light of Hyrule. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, the "Triforce Slash" appears as Link's "Final Smash" attack, as he emits a beam of light from the Triforce of Courage on his left hand in order to trap the enemy between two Triforce-shaped force fields before relentlessly slashing them. However, he was imprisoned the Sacred Realm which has become a dark version of Hyrule, where, among other things, all inhabitants are beasts. The logo for Ocarina of Time depicts the Master Sword and a Hylian Shield. The Triforce crest also appears on Link's hand during the opening prologue for Brawl. However, she is unaware that Cia possesses Ganondorf's Triforce of Power and when Sheik joins Link in confronting Cia, the presence of all three Triforce bearers causes each of their Triforce marks to glow due to being in close proximity to each other. Link possesses the Triforce of Courage early in the game, though it is later stolen by Cia along with Sheik's Triforce of Wisdom. In A Link to the Past, Ganon has obtained the completed Triforce, and has wished upon it to rule Hyrule. It is possible that some of the objects depicting Triforce markings may have been brought to Termina from Hyrule, explaining its appearances in Termina. In some games, each of the three Triforce parts manifests itself as a symbol on the hand of its bearer. The Triforce of Wisdom remained with Zelda and occasionally gave advice by talking through Zelda. Link & Zelda returns the Master Sword to its pedestal and Lana takes on the Guardian of Time's role as overseer of the Triforce. Ganondorf attacks Lana in the valley of Seers to reclaim his Triforce of Power, though Zelda sends Impa to assist her in retreating from Ganondorf's army. At the end of the game, Link defeats Ganon and takes the Triforce from its resting place. The Triforces were made of some sort of jewel with gold on the interior and each piece was engraved with the first letter of its name. This is because Lorule is crumbling away since its Triforce was destroyed by Hilda's ancestors to end the various conflicts that arose in Lorule over its Triforce, unaware of the Triforce's role as the foundation of their world. In Hyrule Warriors, it is revealed that the Guardian of Time is an overseer that watches over the Triforce, observing the various eras and battles over the Triforce. It has served as a major plot device in many of the games. It is shown that one who possesses the complete Triforce can choose to return the Triforce pieces to their original bearers, as Cia did to keep the complete Triforce out of Ganondorf's hands by returning the Triforce of Courage and Triforce of Wisdom to Link and Zelda respectively. Together with Zelda, Impa, and Link the heroes defeat Ganondorf's generals, Ghirahim and Zant in order to reach Ganon's Tower. The Goddesses ordained the Triforce as Hyrule’s providence, the ‘True Force’ to govern all and the ultimate source of power. The Triforce is Link's symbol in Super Smash Bros. In A Link Between Worlds, the Lorulean Wizard Yuga kidnaps the Seven Sages in order to resurrect Ganon so he can fuse with him to gain his Triforce of Power. [11], "Official Site - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U", "Only part of Nintendo employee Gunpei Yokoi's amazing video game legacy could fit onto his grave", "Google cracks down on hidden triforces in logos",, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2019, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from November 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 November 2020, at 05:21. Obscuring her role in Yuga's plot, Hilda instructs Link to find the Triforce of Courage for himself, and Hilda steals the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda. Inadvertently aided by Link and the Hylian princess Zelda, Ganondorf eventually finds his way into the Sacred Realm.

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