• Do you prefer reading or watching films? Year 8 French Curriculum Plan Key questions Overview of the unit Assessment Cross Curricular Skills Suggested reading material and websites: Unit 1 T’es branché(e) ? What do you watch on TV? $('.cookie_information__icon').trigger('click'); Apart from English, French is the most taught language in the world. (²lX�I)������P� ��^d�"�ƳH�YI��TmPٵn!r*c��E�S�[T9�ל/�(���5��2.z(/�Xe��lк��YM�� x��]ms�6���*�ޗ���M���Ji��K�w�]6�^jk}��H��FRFce}�x�W/r� !��TŒ�v���@?hf/~̾����޽Ί����ׯ�_�?+�����dE&j�3�U��5�v���~�]v��ٷ�? %���� What do you do online? Pens, pencils, ruler, rubber and Pritt Stick should be brought to all lessons. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> What did you do last night? 4 0 obj &�=����9?��g �MV����|^�:?�gAR��3m��3�~������'�K}}��PPw�Ooq. • French is one of the most romantic languages next to Italian and Spanish. Holiday activities. KS3 CURRICULUM: FRENCH (YEAR 8) Overview Year 8 French takes account a lot of prior learning . $(document).ready(function() { You will learn to understand shorter and longer passages on familiar themes and learn to use the present tense of regular and some irregular verbs/ preterite tense of regular and irregular verbs and use the near future tense. • Venir. As part of the course, your knowledge of the cultural life in French-speaking countries will give you a better understanding of how people live there. Getting ready to leave - Using reflexive verbs, Buying drinks and snacks at a café - Using higher numbers, Talking about holiday plans - Using the near future tense, Talking about dream holidays - Using je voudrais + infinitive, Culture: Learning about holiday destinations in France, An introduction to poetry in French leading to a competition to produce a short poem in French - First introduction to past tense receptively, Talking about TV programmes - Revision of present tense of  -er verbs and different subject pronouns, use of negative, Talking about films - Revision of present tense of avoir and être, Talking about reading - -ir and –re verbs, Talking about the internet - aller and faire, Talking about what you did yesterday evening -, perfect tense with avoir. endobj Years 1 and 2; Years 3 and 4; Years 5 and 6; Year 5 (as from Sept 2021) Middle Schools Years 7 and 8; Options Subject Choice in Year 8; Secondary Schools Years 9, 10 and 11; Guidelines for Teachers 2020/21; MVPA School; CCP; SPA; Foreign Languages MQF Level 3; Exam Papers 2 0 obj Cookie Settings What type of books do you read? <> (Hobbies, spare time and technology) Talking about what you watch on TV and giving your opinion about programmes. }); Suggested Assessment Sheet Resources for Teachers Use of adverbs and expressions of time as sequencers, Culture: French TV programmes and leisure activities, Saying what you did in Paris - Perfect tense of regular verbs, Saying when you did things - Perfect tense of irregular verbs, Understanding information about tourist attractions - Use of c’était and j’ai trouvé ça, Saying where you went and how - Perfect tense with être, ‘interviewing a suspect’ – story about the theft of the Mona Lisa - Asking questions in the perfect tense, Culture: Learning about Paris and doing some research about the city, Talking about your personality, friends and interests - Adjectival agreements and invariable adjectives, Talking about relationships - Using negatives, Talking about music, singers and musical preferences - Using reflexive verbs, Talking about clothes and future plans - Using possessive adjectives, Talking about your passions in life - Near future tense. Getting ready to leave - Using reflexive verbs. • How will I be assessed? stream $('#cookie_settings').on('click', function(event) { Privacy Policy {�d����_>���d�ѼY�D�e�~��}�s�]=�[gW�������g[d�������go����Y��WY�R��S��e.�jD�ժi�"����"�̋:�5�E�)���7����W�3��ӑV)�K�3��%W����/���[�� �r��c"7��6���sI��qy��i���_Z/ _���A��r|�#��K��I.eF�(³"/����!��¯by��-��c}��S�v�:���I�[���>�uH���9��:�4S�SK�R�u�S��"��{3��*���H� �לgT�U��44�$� ��g��2.ԗyFX���Q�!4�r'�ʉg�?��v ^y�2�:��e����z��NU"�*����0���C9�Bu�բ���ކ>���^�*/8*yN�!���!6l�Fv������9z����=8�O�Ɨ3���M�M$Q�߹�ypR�`u��%��{�["���QΌ4�KY�s2���`��=�r�1K����Z�c�fl�&d=?�Ɓ�`��/7���+z�v�8#9�� �s6����Lb{�'��T���������zX�b� ���׿4}��o��i����5���s�� 2)��S3(��q��M�K沐څv���=�8�g���i �D��_�oQ7J�a�i��UU��w�� ��BM��ބ?� ��w�M��V��������A{�8�M�`����B 嚸x� endobj <>>> High Visibility Version }); The Kings School Old Boy's Society [KSOB], Lincolnshire Consortium of Grammar Schools, Information on Admissions for Year 7 Entry in September 2021. Year 8 Autumn 1 T’es branché(e)? Year 7 Syllabus Year 8 Syllabus - will be uploaded in the coming weeks FRENCH Generic Learning Outcomes Year 7 Syllabus Implementing the new French Curriculum for Year 7 La Production Écrite : Fiche d’inscription Year 8 Broad Learning Outcomes and Syllabus Year 8 Self-Evaluation Sheets. © 2020  The King's School Grantham <> Buying drinks and snacks at a café - Using higher numbers. Using different tenses together, Online platform (This provides access to the textbook, online homework and additional practice exercises), Brook Street, Grantham Lincolnshire, NG31 6RP. 3 0 obj All the best in your exam! event.preventDefault(); 1 0 obj Why? 1j�.�-�*/#�EʏC����� • School Website design by e4education Are you in year 8 and are having a hard time revising for your exam? Holiday destinations - Using nous. Year 8 CURRICULUM MAP : French Autumn Spring Summer Unit Length 13 weeks 13 weeks 13 weeks Assessment Objectives AO1 Listening (25%) AO2 Speaking (25%) AO3 Reading & Translation (25%) AO4 Writing & Translation (25%) AO1 Listening (25%) AO2 Speaking (25%) AO3 Reading & Translation (25%) AO4 Writing & Translation (25%) AO1 Listening (25%) AO2 Speaking (25%) AO3 Reading & Translation … Project on Paris, poetry competition, film study of  Les Choristes. Sitemap What type of films do you like? endobj FRENCH : Curriculum Overview Year 8 Half Term Topic studied What will I learn? Year 8 French Curriculum In Year 8 you will learn the language (vocabulary and grammar) by developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the topic areas listed below. Take up the test below and see if you know what various French words mean in English. %PDF-1.5 Year 8 French Curriculum Topic Further details about the topic; Autumn Term: 1 & 2: Unit 5 3-2-1 Vacances! Talking about holiday plans - Using the near future tense .

year 8 french curriculum

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