It is cultivated and grows wild in temperate climates throughout Europe and North America. Sign in. Native Introduced Native and Introduced Those of you who live in the countryside may know and perhaps curse this rambunctious plant called Japanese wineberry or wild raspberry. This is my first post for 2019. With their bright red, slight fuzzy texture, sweet taste and gentle fragrance, raspberries (Rubus), whether wild or cultivated, are a summer treat. Wild Red Raspberry Rubus idaeus L. Family: Rosaceae, Rose Genus: Rubus: Synonyms: Other names: American red raspberry Nomenclature: idaeus = from Mount Ida Nativity / Invasiveness: Montana native plant: Edible plant: Medicinal plant: Description The raspberry plant is a familiar one that is found in both home gardens and the wild, but the red raspberry plant species is native to Europe and parts of Asia. They are a member of the same family as blackberries, however, they are a bit different. A closely related plant in North America, sometimes regarded as the variety Rubus idaeus var. strigosus, is more commonly treated as a distinct species, Rubus strigosus (American red raspberry), as is done here. Red Raspberry leaf is an effective herbal medicine, especially for women. Its protecting the land but also an opportunist with its vicious thorny stems, but it […] The leaf has been used for hundreds of years (probably longer) to make a medicinal tea or infusion that is very nutrient-rich. The red ones are not very sweet, ... but if you look around you’ll see fuzzy blobs on what look a lot like thornier Raspberry bushes. Differences Between Wild & Cultivated Raspberries. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for subspecies profiles. Raspberries are a small native American flowering bush or trailing vine. Raspberry Plants. The red raspberry is what people traditionally think of as a raspberry. The berries can be red, black, or golden. Maryland Wild Plants. Japanese Wineberry or Wild Raspberry –Rubus phoenicolasius. The Plants Database includes the following 2 subspecies of Rubus idaeus . Taxonomy. This plant is very common and many of us know it for its delicious red berries, but the leaves also contain many powerful medicinal benefits especially for the female reproductive system. Maryland Wild Plants. Happy New Year Everyone!!

wild red raspberry plant

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