What does Caliban think Trinculo is? Antonio wants sebastian to be the king so he no longer has to pay tribute to Alonso. He does so by eliminating all the arguments against this plan. They say there are lions and bulls. Why does Caliban take up with Stephano and Trinculo? Answered by jill d #170087 on 10/31/2012 … What does Stephano think Trinculo and Caliban together are? Ariel awoke Gonzalo and Alonso. He means that what happened in the past creates the future events. Antonio, however, continues to plot against other characters: he persuades Sebastian to kill his brother, Alonso, so that Sebastian himself can become the King of Naples. Antonio and Sebastian want to kill Alonso and Gonzalo so that they can be King and the King's advisor. (v) Ariel at that moment sings in Gonzalo’s ear and awakens him, thus preventing Antonio and Sebastian from doing what they had planned. Why? Though Sebastian does inquire of Antonio whether his conscience bothers him, he … It is later revealed that he also played a part in the overthrow of Prospero. Sebastian is easily persuaded by Antonio to try to murder his brother so that he can become king. Sebastian said, "As though gotst Milan,/ I'll come by Naples. In addition, he says that Claribel, Alonso's daughter, is too far away to interfere: They work well together because Sebastian is prone to fooling around in a mean-spirited way and Antonio earns Sebastian's trust and respect by also being a horrible human being. ariel. (iv) Antonio finally convinces Sebastian to kill Alonso and Gonzalo and become the King of Naples. why does antonio want sebastian to kill king alonso. Antonio is Prospero's brother, who betrayed him to have the dukedom; Sebastian is younger brother to King Alonso of Naples, and is interested in stealing Alonso's throne. who does stephano call by the name "mooncalf" caliban. What does this tell about Antonio's motives? (c) (i) Stephano is Alonso’s butler. He meets them in the woods and mistakes the drunken Stephano for a god. At this point “solemn and strange music” fills the stage (III.iii. feast. rish. Caught standing with swords drawn, what do Antonio and Sebastian say to cover their betrayal? What does Trinculo think Caliban is? Antonio and Sebastian want to kill Alonso because Antonio believes that Sebastien should take his crown, What interrupts the murder? What could Shakespeare be saying about human nature? who wakes Gonzolo in the nick of time. triculo mistakes caliban for a large. act 2. Antonio suggested that Sebastian should kill Alonso while he was asleep. What is their plan, and what happens to it? Antonio himself intends to kill Alonso. Antonio, still hoping to kill Alonso, whispers to Sebastian that Alonso’s exhaustion and desperation will provide them with the perfect opportunity to kill the king later that evening. Antonio ensures Sebastian that Ferdinand, Alonso's son, is dead. Why kill these two and not the others? What does Sebastian's response tell us about him? alonso and company are surprised by a magically appearing . Ariel sings in Gonzalo's ear and Gonzalo wakes up. Antonio incites Sebastian to kill his brother and take the crown of Naples. Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, and their companion lords become exhausted, and Alonso gives up all hope of finding his son. Draw thy sword" Why didn't Sebastian kill Alonso? Alonso 's brother. Asked by allie o #275539 on 10/31/2012 5:48 PM Last updated by jj m #729701 on 12/6/2017 2:57 PM Answers 4 Add Yours. what is ariels purpose of the feast.

why does antonio want to kill alonso

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