Height/Weight Weight ranges from 36 to 48 pounds per cubic foot with an average weight of 42 pounds per cubic foot. What are you looking for? *This a list of indigenous trees in the Philippines to provide for choices in planting materials. Please note that the indigenous tree species in Bataan will mostly proliferate in Bataan’s climatic conditions, and are thus highly suggested for planting. Quezon City Brgy. Red lauan, white lauan, red meranti, dark red meranti, light red seraya, dark red seraya, tanguile, tangile, bataan, mayapis, tiaong, obar suluk, saya, meranti ketuko, nemesu, almon, mayapis and alan. Both Typically used in. Yakal-yamban Shorea falciferoides ssp. BINHI Tree Locator. White lauan definition is - a light-colored lauan; especially : a grayish red wood obtained from a Philippine tree (Pentacme contorta) of the family Dipterocarpaceae and often used as a substitute for mahogany. It is endemic to Borneo, being found in Brunei, Sarawak and West Kalimantan. The timber is sold under the trade name of white lauan or white seraya.It occurs in at least two protected … It is commonly called (along with some other species in the genus Shorea) Philippine Mahogany or White Lauan.It is endemic to the Philippines.It is threatened by habitat loss which stems from recent human involvement in its natural habitat.. References. Woodwares, Sawn or hewn building timbers, Furniture, Fuelwood, Tool handles, Pulp. 5. trees planted in the country. In the Philippines, as well as elsewhere in their range, Shorea trees might be called red or white lauan, tangile, almon, as well as the descriptive "dark-red meranti" or "light-red meranti." after the genus name means that several species in that genus … falciferoides Tindalo Afzelia rhomboidea Villamil Nato Pouteria … (Note: In botanical science, the letters spp. Map not available for this tree. Parashorea macrophylla is a species of plant in the family Dipterocarpaceae.The name macrophylla is derived from Greek (makros = big and phullon = leaf) and refers to the species extremely large leaves (30-50 x 16–24 cm). But it is meranti (Shorea spp.) that makes up the greatest proportion of timber that's sold as Philippine mahogany. Talinis Peoples Organization Federation Inc. (MTPOFI) Contact Person: Apolinario B. Cariño, +639207152977, +639278924317 apolbcarino@yahoo.com: … Shorea palosapis is a flowering plant in the Dipterocarpaceae family. Shorea spp is the scientific name of the lauan tree. Among the species of mother trees that were identified, white lauan (Shorea contorta) has the highest number of mother trees followed by bagtikan ( Parashorea malaanonan ). Pinagtungkulan, Lipa City Batangas . Locate our planted RED LAUAN Tree. Liptong; Bacong; Negros Oriental: Institution: Pederasyon sa Nagkahiusang mga Mag-uuma nga Nanalipud ug Nagpasig-uli sa Kinaiyahan Inc. (PENAGMANNAKI) and Mt. Negros dipterocarp tree species; mixed non-dipterocarp species: Location: Brgy. This Dipterocarpaceae article is a stub.You can help Wikipedia by expanding it The specific type of lauan tends to be red, whose scientific name therefore is Shorea teysmanniana.

white lauan tree scientific name

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