Lv 6. A perfect summery everyday scent that can even be worn all year. Gwen had it right when she designed this awesome fragrance that smells just like coconut! HUGE compliment getter. Coconut Passion is a simple fun fragrance from Victoria’s Secret, that has the perfect mix of coconut and vanilla. This is a summer scent and is not designed to scream out for attention or fill a room. This is an AMAZING affordable hidden gem, let’s take a look…. Tropical White Florals With A Hint of Coconut. Does Montale’s Intense Tiare live up to its name? It will smell really good and will smell similar to a pina colada! This is super affordable, so you can simply pop it in your bag and top up when needed. Smells like a luxury creamy coconut suntan lotion complete with the smell of sun kissed skin, baked sand and tropical flowers. Hello, 0 0. Eventually some coconut along with a hint of vanilla start to tip-toe in to smooth everything out. It has a tropical creamy coconutty suntan lotion vibe. Date nights, going out, casual, bars, etc.. The citruses quickly fade, and the creamy coconut starts to creep in and smooth out the florals, joined with some ylang-ylang and a touch of pistachio. Guerlain are a French luxury perfume house and their in-house master perfumer Thierry Wasser, describes this scent as…. If you don’t want anything complex and want to smell of straight-up milky coconut with no interfering notes. Just as the name on the tin says…this really is intense! If you’re looking for a powerhouse this is (definitely) NOT it. Reb’l Fleur starts off with a strong blast of a dark tangy and sweet fruity cocktail of juicy plum, peach and red berries. . Coconut Fizz is a very playful and charming perfume that smells like a sunny summer day on the beach. Also, this smells nothing like any of the other previous Dolce releases. (a coconut tobacco scent) what do you think of it? 3. VIW screams summer and would make a perfect tropical vacation scent. Listed as unisex (but is very feminine) and more suited to the 20-up crowd for warm weather use: spring/summer. Vittoria Apuana is an EDP and has soft subtle projection (under arm’s length) for the first few hours, then sits close to the skin, lasting around 4 to 7 plus hours. Now, as starts to settle, the fruits fade and are joined with some florals (tuberose/hibiscus/violet), creamy coconut, a hint of warm patchouli and some powdery vanilla sweetness. And as it develops, some amber and tonka bean eventually join the party. Terracotta opens with a blast of beautiful sweet white florals (jasmine & tiare flower) with a hint of bergamot citrus. Guerlain are a French … Creed are a luxury niche perfume house that use super high quality natural ingredients and have been creating fragrances for more than 230 years. 1 decade ago. This is unisex so you can share it with your significant other. Learn more. Perfect for the warmer months: spring/summer (needs some warmth for the coconut to bloom). It’s simple but extremely well done and smells natural (and not overly sweet). Montale are a French niche perfume house known for their powerful long-lasting luxurious fragrances. Terracotta projects just under arm’s length for the first few hours, then sits close to the skin, lasting around 4 – 8 plus hours. odor: sweet, coconut creamy, milky with a phthalate celery like note and a fatty melted butter and dry lactonic cheese like nuance flavor: Waxy, sweetened coconut, dairy creamy with a melted butter, slightly brown butter and toffee like nuance You don’t want to be wearing anything overwhelming in the high heat that could choke people out. But, 2 good fig scents that come to mind are Diptyque Philosykos EDT version (green fig and creamy coconut scent) and Acqua Di Parma Fico Di Amalfi (fresh citrusy woody sweet fig) which I reviewed here. This site uses cookies. Side note: for more effect, you can also pair this up with the matching scented Tom Ford Soleil Blanc shimmering body oil. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. . Speaking of… to find out more about Creed and to discover our favorite picks from the house, go here. It will smell really good and will smell similar to a pina colada! This is super versatile and suitable for all ages (but has a youthful vibe).

what smells good with coconut

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