The over-harvesting of Meranti has led to the destruction of the tropical rain forests. Save To List . It is one of the affordable hardwoods. Botanical Name: Shorea spp. Industrial IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Meranti plywood (Lauan) is a generic term for imported tropical hardwood plywood. Solid wood is commonly used in cabinetry, trim, and millwork. 4' x 8' x 5.5 mm Meranti Plywood Item: # 2822-300 ; Model: # 743-00110; clear. Please wait for your “Your order is ready for pick-up” email before coming to the store to pick up your items. Both of these refer to a mix of Shorea species, the same used for luan or lauan plywood. The raw material for Meranti plywood originates from poorly managed non-sustainable sources. Light red Meranti plywood is almost equal in strength to the weakest type of dark red meranti. Also known as Lauan, Meranti Plywood is ideal for lamination, custom cabinetry and other interior and exterior applications. 9. Meranti is found in all types of panel products such as core stock, sub flooring, and decorative panels. Burning adhesive-filled woods in your fireplace will only release unwanted toxins in your environment. Meranti plywood/Lauan plywood originates from tropical hardwood forests along the Equator that have not been managed for long-term sustainability. Some of the woods most commonly associated with decorative plywood include oak, red oak, birch, maple, ash, rosewood, teak, and more. The variations in color and sub-specie can result in the inconsistent appearance and density of Meranti plywood panels. Meranti Plywood is imported from Indonesia and Malaysia and is known for its exceptional consistency and quality. Meranti Wood is used for molding, furniture, structure, window, cabinets, and door trim, and veneers for plywood. All Rights Reserved. 48 in Length. It is also used as a face veneer and is very popular as the visible surface of interior doors. Meranti is used for furniture and it is commonly used for plywood. RevolutionPly® is environmentally friendly, has a consistent blemish-free appearance, is a higher quality panel than Meranti and Lauan plywood, and comes with the best packaging in the industry. The wood is light to medium weight, and widely used for light construction and more importantly for veneers. Every crate is wrapped with a breathable, waterproof poly bag, that covers a … As the name implies, this is the plywood that has a hardwood exterior often used for decorative purposes. There are many serious disadvantages to using Meranti plywood. The highest grade plywood in indonesia are meranti plywood. In this industry, it commonly goes under the name meranti or Philippine mahogany. Hydrotek is a marine plywood panel that is manufactured in accordance with the British Standard 1088. The White Meranti is available twice the price of pine, besides all that, it is far more durable for … With straight-grain consistency, meranti trees produce long, straight pieces of lumber. RevolutionPly® plywood has the best packaging in the industry. Privacy Policy | Shipping & Returns | Contact Us. Meranti is commonly used in the marine and carpentry industries, and valued for its durability and natural strength. Is Meranti Wood Good For The Furniture? The wood is light to medium weight, and widely used for light construction and more importantly for veneers. This is exactly what bendy plywood is designed for. Plywood – Lauan, Meranti, Okoume, Bintangor Don Linville 2018-06-08T10:50:18-07:00. Meranti plywood/Lauan plywood is sold as utility or overlay and better grade which allows for the presence of knots, patches, and discoloration. The negatives of using Meranti and Lauan plywood.

what is meranti plywood used for

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