In reality, there’s a lot you can do. This pagan witch does not "worship" anything! It’s easier if you are part of an organized religion. After all, they caution you, worship of any being other than the Christian god is tantamount to devil-worship. There is not fantastic display before the caster, no poofs of smoke or sparkly lights. Not everything pagans do in worship is inherently evil. Granted their power is irrefutable and I respect that. So, if you’re a pagan…what are you supposed to DO? Réponse préférée. That’s what pagans do. A religion without goddesses can hardly be classified as Pagan. Maybe you’ve got the 8 High Days down pat, but you don’t know what else to do at your altar. Focus On the Family, a fundamentalist Christian group, warns that if you're looking at the positive aspects of Paganism, it's because you've been tricked by the devil. They pray. Where are their place of worship?-Generally Pagans worship in their homes. Pertinence. Lv 7. I can only speak as a Wiccan (Wicca is one denomination of Neo-Paganism), but Wiccans, at least as I was taught, don't worship nature per se. Pagan religions all recognise the feminine face of divinity. What is critical to God is how they sing, how they behave in their temples, how they pray and to whom they pray. They go to a temple. The Goddess. And is it true that they do most of their worshiping in the nude? Il y a 1 décennie. Répondre Enregistrer. Spells are a subtle thing. You can Yes, many (those who incorporate Witchcraft into their practice) Pagans DO create spells, but they're nothing like you would see on television or read in a book. I live in harmony with the Goddesses & Gods and have a very deep appreciation or them and all of nature. These are customs of pagans, and they may do them even as they are sacrificing humans. What do pagans worship? I see people — including pagans — ask some form of this question regularly. Is it mother nature? People can corrupt and misuse anything. Hanging out at Your Altar. prairiecrow. 16 réponses. Pagans who worship the One are described as henotheists, believers in a supreme divine principle, rather than monotheists, believers in one true deity beside which all other deities are false. But they (unlike the Christian "God") do not require me to bow down before them and tell them how great they are (they already know). Some Pagan paths, such as the cult of Odin or of Mithras, offer e They sing.

what do pagans worship

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