Now, there still exist those right-wingers, including some deviants from the norms of professional scientific associations, who want to believe that it’s a choice. Since they don’t in most cultures, even those where being LGBT is legally accepted, we have no idea what the choice would be if it could be made without any stigma. To do so, of course, they have to paint heterosexuality in rosier terms than, let’s say, bisexuality, homosexuality, asexuality, or even uncertain-sexuality. Guests; Report; Share; Posted December 5, 2008. Art (12) Books (22) Bookshops (6) Coming Out (28) Employment (6) Fashion (8) Film (59) Gay Scene (71) Gay Scene Australia (25) Gay Scene UK (28) Gay Scene USA (17) HIV/AIDS (96) LGBT … Statistically, the vast majority of human beings at any one point in history are heterosexual. 0. Share this post. Causes of heterosexuality . seriously, like the new take on an old question. No Surprise at All: It’s Religious People Fearing They’re Losing Power They’ve Savored, Check Your Expectations, Because God Works Through Everyone. Numerous potential causes … Sexual preference is determined by a person's genetics. Name * Email * Website. And much medical and psychological science studies abnormalities rather than what’s just assumed. It might require a whole redefinition of oneself in the midst of current prejudices and rampant homophobia. It’s apparently something that’s established very early in a human being’s lifecycle. Heterosexuality is going to have to come out of its closet, then. And they do that by targeting whatever the orientation of the non-heterosexuals is for any psychological or social problems some individuals have. It can also be impacted by the environment in which a person is raised. Being heterosexual is one human option. It questions whether people really would choose to be heterosexual if they actually had a free choice in the matter. Posted Aug 29, 2016 By Guest proud agnostic, December 5, 2008 in Rants and Replies. 0. What causes heterosexuality? Required fields are marked * Comment. They’d be straight if they could be, poor things. In 1999 GLAAD awarded him its Leadership Award for Education, in 2012 the University of Kansas named him one of the University’s Men of Merit, in 2015 the American Men’s Studies Association gave him the Lifetime Membership Award, and in 2018 Missouri Jobs with Justice presented him with the Worker’s Rights Board Leadership Award. They like to picture heterosexuality as not just the norm for all human experience, but as actually inherently healthier than any other orientations. It allows lesbians and gay men the freedom to contemplate what is good about being gay. And it allows those who identify as bisexual the freedom to love whom they find companionable and attractive. Maybe that's due to an absence of available funding for the research or just plain lack of interest. ", which is technically correct, if misleading. — No Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply. That being a person of color isn’t a choice has not ended racism yet. Sexual orientation lies along a continuum that ranges from exclusive heterosexuality to exclusive homosexuality and includes various forms of bisexuality. His writing has been published in Whosoever since 2005 and he continues to speak and lead workshops around the country. Heterosexuals can also be described as 'straight', and, by small-minded bigots, as 'normal'. A slang term, generally but not exclusively used by homosexuals to refer to heterosexuals is 'breeders'. Were we inclined to mirror right-wing discourse on homosexuality, we might say something like, 'The causes of heterosexuality are to date largely unknown. They can’t relax as if their own sexual orientation is settled, God-given, or comfortable. What About Now? No one knows whether heterosexuality is the result of nature or nurture, caused by inaccessible . I personally am bisexual, which most social researchers say is, in some degree or another, the norm. It seems to be a widespread human condition, and yet science hasn’t found its cause. Or they at least want to blame heterosexuality on how children are parented and use a variety of debunked developmental theories to try to do that. In the past some people have been won over to equality by the argument that LGBT people can’t help that they deviate from the norm. What Does the Biblical Legend of Jonathan and David’s Same-Sex Relationship Say About Homophobia. That type of inconsistency represents heterosexual privilege, though I prefer to call it straight privilege because it has more to do with enforcing the straight role onto people than what one’s sexual orientation really is. What Would a Loving Same-Sex Relationship Between Two Women Look Like in the Bible? It is common for people to say that a world without straight people would swiftly see humanity go extinct, and by extension, that heterosexuality is what keeps humanity going. If a man molests boys, it’s blamed on homosexuality, but if he molests girls it just can’t, can’t have anything at all to do with sexual orientation. I was doing some research on religious scripture to find out how various beliefs address issues like war, . That insecurity in someone’s own heterosexuality translates into varieties of psychological projection while they shake in their boots, fearing that something might turn them to non-heterosexuality. The possibility that most fall in that middle might be too much for many to contemplate. Share this post. But if sexual orientation falls on a bell curve like many human characteristics, that would put most people in an ambiguous middle zone. Follow Us. Furthermore, some scientists argue that heterosexuality is a result of a variety of factors, both biological and environmental.' Who Are Those “Eunuchs Who Have Been So from Birth” in the Gospel of Matthew? Ok this is my first time posting a topic in this forum so please be patient with me. What causes heterosexuality? Some have argued that so-called 'straight' people were born that way, whereas other posit that heterosexuality is a choice. They can almost tolerate LGBT people, but don’t want them to show pride, success, committed relationships, or anything enviable in the straight world’s terms. He resides in Kansas City, Missouri and is founder of The Fairness Project. And believing that heterosexuality is a choice makes security with one’s sexual orientation precarious. He is an historian of religion with specialties in Biblical studies, Asian religions, religion and gender and religion and sexuality. Nevertheless, we’re still in the dark about why there are people who are attracted romantically and sexually to a different gender than the one with which they identify as if they have problems loving the very gender they themselves embody. What do you think causes heterosexuality? Categories. So, we’ve been left to social scientific observation, psychological analysis, and anecdotal evidence represented in the inability to answer the question: “When did you decide to be heterosexual?” What seems clear then, and therefore has been embraced for over half-a-century by the mainstream scientific community, is that heterosexuality is not a choice. We don’t know what the percentage of people who are non-heterosexual are — 10 percent sounds like the best demographic estimate. And that idea in itself is sure to make many uncomfortable. But moving beyond the debate over cause goes further. Right now it’s hidden behind being straight-acting, straight-thinking, straight-feeling, and straight privilege. During LGBTQ History Month, What Do We Learn from Anti-LGBTQ History? What causes heterosexuality? Sexual Orientation More Evidence Regarding the Causes of Homosexuality "Genetically determined" and "choice" are not the only two options.

what causes heterosexuality

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