If you are lucky enough to have a shed or similar outbuilding … However, a well-maintained unit should last for many years, so that annual depreciation is small. OBJECTIVESOBJECTIVES To know about need of housing for poultryTo know about need of housing for poultry productionproduction Different types of poultry housesDifferent types of poultry houses Location and layout of poultry housesLocation and layout of poultry houses Floor space requirementFloor space requirement … There are four systems of housing generally found to follow among the poultry keepers. The system of poultry housing to be adopted depends on category tage), type of birds,climatic conditions, capacity to invest and strength of birds.Broadly, the classification or types of poultry housing … Type of poultry house. Selection of any approach depends upon the capital investment and land availability. The type of housing adopted depends to a large extent on the amount of ground and the capital available. Poultry Housing 2. objectives • To know about need of housing for poultry production • Different types of poultry houses • Location and layout of poultry houses • Floor space requirement • Different systems of rearing with relative advantage and disadvantages. Poultry housing system can be roughly categorized into three categories. In tropical climates, open-sided poultry housing is common. The need for a Poultry Housing:- a) Protection from other climatic extremes such as direct sun, wind, rain and even against theft and attack from natural enemies of the birds such as, fox, dog, cat, kite, snake, etc.The birds also should be protected against external parasites like ticks, lice, mice, etc. Poultry HousingPoultry Housing 2. Unless you have a spare building, housing is generally the largest single expense. Depending on your climate, you’ll need to adopt a particular approach to the type of poultry housing built. The type of house you build for your poultry may also depend on the economic use and the system of maintenance. There are different types of poultry houses, which you can group according to the species and age of the poultry. Types of Poultry Housing. There are different types of poultry house and several factors have to be considered before carrying out a poultry farm design layout. Poultry housing simply refers to a building for keeping poultry.. And, now to begin looking at the actual features of poultry housing. PDF | On Dec 23, 2017, Pragya Bhadauria published Different Types of Poultry Housing System for Tropical Climate | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Poultry Housing 1. b) Comfort: The best egg production is secured from birds that are comfortable and happy. A poultry house should be constructed bearing in mind the effects of some environmental factors, such as heat, rainfall, etc. ; a good poultry house must abate the effects of these environmental factors. Poultry housing 1.

what are the 4 types of poultry housing

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