Finally, you need to include some kind of documentation of daily life. What will the overall layout be? Happy writing! What will students learn? What are the different climates on this planet? What type of student would attend this school? Now, tell this story from the perspective of the pet writing a journal of the first few days in your new family. You need to select one item that people seem to cherish more during quarantine than any other time before. Later, archeologists, anthropologists and historians can dig it up and get a snapshot of life at a particular time. Here are lesson ideas to go with Education Is. Baseball has long been considered America’s pastime. What do you notice about the planet? Describe what tools you will use and what steps you will take as you begin to study the new terrain. Maybe you got a playful puppy or a scrappy old rescue hound or a retired racer. But this morning, when you wake up, you find a giant cardboard box in your room. And how better to pique their interest and power up their pencils (or keyboards!) Now, tell this story from the perspective of the pet writing a journal of the first few days in your new family. Remember that they won’t have the same background knowledge you have, so you’ll need to be clear, specific, and descriptive in your explanations. Will it be a team sport or an individual sport? Think back to the time you got your first pet. The box can only take you to five locations. You need to design a sport that people can play together even when they are physically far apart. Share in the comments section below. It could relate to movies, video games, music, What are your fears? books, or television. A movie theater? Use vivid language and precise descriptions. A pool table? Short student films can provide ample fodder for creative work as illustrated by this whimsical thesis animation by Yezi Xue. Or maybe a realistic fiction novel where you can help a character navigate an interpersonal conflict. Your job is to design this entire school and explain how it functions. What will the testing lab look like? Where will it be located? Will you play it indoors or outdoors? It’s a Friday afternoon and you and two friends walk into the classroom to check on your science experiment. Include a few sentences about what each item is and why you chose it. Or you’ll enter the world of superheroes and see firsthand how they save the day. Therefore, it is one of the most effective ways to enhance creativity in the classroom. What kind of atmosphere does it have? How strong is its gravity? How will you keep it hidden from the outside world? Popular advertisements, like this cell phone ad out of Thailand with more than 20 million views, can be great for writing prompts if they get kids thinking. But in recent years, baseball has become less popular, with fewer tv viewers compared to other sports. Unlike technical, academic, and other forms of writing, creative writing fosters imagination and allows students to have a voice. What would the building look like? You must work collaboratively with 2-4 people at a distance using email, shared documents, chat, or video conferencing. Maybe an arcade? Will you take turns? Now go out and make something awesome! Be sure to present specific facts and sound reason to present why Hansel and Gretel should be found guilty or not guilty. Were they harmless lost children who got lost in the forest without food or shelter? Here at Literacy Shed we aim to provide teachers with high quality films and animations that can be used in the primary classroom to enhance the teaching of reading and writing. Consider all the ways you can be creative with your classroom setting. The Association for Super Housing has commissioned you to design the ultimate lair. Just about any short, intriguing video can be made into a great writing prompt with the addition of a choice question or two, but I've put together a list of favorites discovered around the web. Or maybe a mystery novel? John Spencer is a professor and author who is passionate about creativity in the classroom, and he also makes sketch videos, including this list of nine animated writing prompts to use with students. People say it’s too slow and even boring. Surfing? Who will live in it? For your safety and the safety of your community, you are in a shelter in place order. Using images as writing prompts is nothing new, but it’s fun and effective. than with a video writing prompt? Keep in mind that your items need to last at least one hundred years. Think back to the time you got your first pet. Prompt. What are the toys like? Maybe you got a playful puppy or a scrappy old rescue hound or a retired racer. TeachHUB offers a bounty of video writing prompts and accompanying lesson ideas by grade band for recent movie trailers, videos about current events and holidays, and even popular ads. How big is it? What are your favorite ways to engage kids in creative writing? What will the rules be? Will it be loud or quiet? But that pet changed your world forever. A team of marine biologists has invited you to help design the first ever underwater school. Chris Van Allsburg's The Mysteries of Harris Burdick is a classic source for visual writing prompts. What will you do for fun? A giant aquarium? How will you win? What do you think of the food? Write the instructions for this new version of baseball. We used the videos in the session notes and slides (freely downloadable by clicking the image at the bottom of this post) in year four but they are equally transferable across KS2. However, there is a catch. What kinds of additional equipment would you add? How will you react to the setting? How many players will you need? What will you do while you’re there? Will you create a structure? Or maybe you can visit a dystopian future and help a protagonist change that society. Now they are about to give the closing arguments before the jury. It’s up to you. Although it seems ordinary, this box can transport you into any book you’ve ever read. What will you do in terms of safety? You can find 48 creative writing tasks with picture prompts in these ppts. Will it be timed? How would the classrooms be designed? What security protocols will it have?

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