How can I pay the application processing fee? More information. If I do not receive an invitation to submit a secondary application this year, how can I improve my application for consideration next year? © 2020 VCOM - The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine. Is VCOM willing to accept a letter of recommendation from a DO resident physician or family member to meet the requirement? first-time pass rate on the COMLEX Level 2 (higher than the national average) Report. In the meantime, there are some items you can prepare: Our physicians are comprehensively trained, patient-focused, and passionate about giving back. We encourage you to pay via PayPal; however, you may send a check or money order to VCOM. Will a letter of recommendation from an allopathic physician be accepted in its place? VCOM VCOM/Bluefield Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences. VCOM also places emphasis on the applicant’s interview, if he or she reaches that stage of the application process. You will be invited to complete the VCOM secondary application by email. VCOM does not want to impose the secondary application fee or time commitment on candidates unless they have met the minimum qualifications or have promise in continuing to the interview stage of the application process. 2265 Kraft Drive Only applicants who meet our initial screening receive this invitation. The admissions process is competitive, and a higher grade point average (above 3.4) results in improved chances for acceptance. PayPal instructions are at the bottom of the secondary application. All What happens if I forget my password for the secondary application? Acceptance discography and songs: Music profile for Acceptance, formed 1998. Will I be considered if my MCAT is below 500? Since VCOM focuses on the last 120 hours of coursework, this is a good option for the student with lower than desired freshman or sophomore grades. He or she can bolster the science GPA in a one or two-year upper-level program. Thus, the applicant who is a few points within the MCAT score 500 should consult with the Office of Admissions, as other areas of improvement may be advisable. Competitive applicants will have shadowing experience with the DO who writes his/her letter of recommendation (typically around 24 hours), demonstrating his or her commitment to the profession and understanding of the practice of osteopathic medicine. Once you're in, you'll attend Accepted Students Day at your campus for orientation events, facility tours, and a housing fair. Global Outreach Embracing the one world-one health concept, VCOM faculty and students provide global health outreach programs in El Salvador, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. All If I receive a secondary application invitation, will I get an interview? Though only candidates who submit a secondary application and all supporting documentation are considered for the next step in the admissions process (i.e., interview), not all of those who are invited to submit a secondary application will have the opportunity to interview. If you are not paying with PayPal, please make your check or money order payable to VCOM and mail to: Blacksburg, VA 24060. Enroll (and do well) in upper level (300/400) science courses. Schedule a tour of one or more VCOM campuses … Get top-quality osteopathic training and join us in our mission to bring exceptional care to the medically underserved in rural, minority, and international communities. Rights Reserved. We have four campuses, each with its own faculty members, student groups, and university affiliations. In the event you are unable to recall or obtain your previous standardized test scores, please respond with “do not recall.” Please attempt to locate and submit this information, if at all possible. of graduates matched into residency on their first attempt, was the average incoming GPA for the classes of 2020-23, first-time pass rate on the COMLEX Level 2 (higher than the national average). VCOM also places emphasis on the applicant’s interview, if he or she reaches that stage of the application process. As DOs, we emphasize preventive medicine, a patient-centered approach to care, and empowering patients to strive toward the body’s natural, optimal state of function, self-healing and health. While our academic programs follow the same structure across campuses, your medical school experience will be shaped by the location you choose. The average GPA for acceptance is 3.5 to 3.6. In order to complete your application and be considered for an interview, you must provide a letter of recommendation from an Osteopathic or Allopathic physician.

vcom acceptance rate

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