VINIFICATION : Collected on the old wines of 25 years. Technical sheet. Since the inception of the Caves at Murray’s Cheese, our expert Cavemasters have aged and produced the best cheeses in our very own center for affinage in NYC. This cheese was born into privilege as St. Stephen, a bloomy-rind number from a Hudson Valley creamery that Clark describes as "butter turned into cheese". Their local pyramidal cheese apparently aroused unpleasant memories as he allegedly then cut the top off in anger with his sword leaving the shape that survives to this day. WINE PAIRING : It goes well with oysters, sea food, fish and goat cheese such as Valençay Serve : 12°C . For a long time, Mimolette was known as the "Boule de Lille" (Ball of Lille) or "Vieux Hollande" (Old Holland). This soft goat’s milk cheese is covered in black ash which gives it a gun metal blue gray color. TERROIR : Limestone, Clay with flint. It could also pair well with a young Tempranillo. Valencay Fermier uses wood ash while the Laitier version uses vegetable ash (a.k.a. Les Batfers. A creamy, ash-coated truncated pyramid with a snow white pate. export). The rind on a young Valençay is grey in colour and possesses a wrinkled texture. True Valençay fermier is made from raw goat’s milk, while industrial and certain export versions are pasteurised, often bearing proprietary names but the exact same appearance. Valencay Loire Valley, France ... having returned from his disastrous campaigns in Egypt stopped at the castle at Valençay. Valencay is a raw-milk chevre from the Loire Valley in France. But then Murray's Cheese basted it … The result was Mimolette. As the cheese ages, the magic begins. It’s lovely pyramid form is blanketed in a soft ash mould. TASTE : Supple and round with fruity notes, the finish is persistant and mineral. Legend has it that the Valencay was at one time a pyramid with a point – NOT as in a cheese with something to say. Edam does differ from the French cheese however, in that it has a cream-colored paste and a paraffin wax rind. Our Bloomy Rind Cave is home to soft, young Cavemaster Reserve cheeses like our Hudson Flower and Lait Bloomer. Good to have it with: sparkling wines, high acidity white wines such Sauvignon blanc and Riesling and dry rosé wines. And from then on Valençay cheese has had a flat top. SUPERFICIE : 2 ha. Distinctive in its truncated pyramidal shape, this young cheese has a fresh, citric taste, with age giving it a nutty taste characteristic of goats cheeses. It is made from cow's milk and has an uncooked, pressed paste. taste: Like other Loire goat’s-milk cheeses, Valençay combines definite acidity with definite salt; the young cheese has a fresh, clean taste with an acidity that can seem lemony, along with something nutty and something vegetal that might be fresh hay. GRAPE VARIETY : Sauvignon Blanc 70%, Sauvignon Rose 30%. While purely cosmetic today, back then cheeses were covered with ash to keep the flies away. Goatiness may hardly be present until the overall taste grows stronger as the cheese ripens and firms. Our Cavemaster Reserve selection is a line of premium, unique cheeses that come straight from one of our four caves.

valençay cheese taste

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