Made a recipe? In a small bowl, add tuna, cream cheese, salt, pepper and garlic powder; mix with a … And now it’s too late…. Serve warm with raw veggies or soup. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; I was skeptical of the cream cheese at first but it’s DELICIOUS. And this is our healthy family recipes blog. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I had mentioned to Aunt Joan that I’d be working nearby that day, so she had invited me over for lunch. I found that the tuna mix was enough for two sandwiches. Aunt Joan was my husband’s aunt. What a good idea. Slice Kaiser buns in half and top each half with tuna mixture, dividing equally among all 4 buns halves. Healthy Tuna Melt Recipe with wild tuna, a bit of cream cheese and no mayo, served on whole grain English muffin. I freeze shredded cheese in a gallon size Ziploc bags. They loved it! No special instructions. A tuna melt sandwich is a hot sandwich that includes bread, melted cheese and tuna fish. In a small bowl, add tuna, cream cheese, salt, pepper and garlic powder; mix with a fork. I enjoyed the balsalmic, dijon and dill pickle flavors, they blend well together. I love that this is a no mayo recipe – so many of my family don’t like mayo that it can be hard to find a tuna melt without it! Nutritional info is provided for informational purposes only and to the best knowledge. If you’re racing home from work and out the door to soccer, baseball, dance, hockey or whatever another 30 – 60 minutes, later, you’ll love this meal option. It helps keep iFOODreal recipes free. Was trying to find a recipe for an open faced tuna melt my mother used to make. Canned tuna is a staple in our house. Read More…. I started this blog in 2012 when I ended up at home with 2 small kids unemployed and a wee bit chubby. Glad you are finding my recipes to be healthy and easy (a winning combination)! Awe, so happy to hear, Joan! I was pretty worried that it would be awkward. amzn_assoc_linkid = "3f98c7b88d5fcb00d7a3396f14e62d2a"; This recipe is part ofThe Country Cook’s Weekend Potluck! Add a squeeze of lemon juice for good measure. This is your base. Since I could tell it had onions, cream cheese and cheddar cheese in it, I finally created something very close and one that maybe even rivals it. what a delicious brunch I think I may just have to try these this morning we love tuna! Had these for supper tonight. And that’s exactly what I needed, given I had just moved far from home and my Mom’s comfort food (and I wasn’t much of a cook myself at the time). No kid will say no unless he doesn’t like tuna. You assume full responsibility and liability for your own actions. ); amzn_assoc_title = "Shop Related Products"; It’s fast (under 20 minutes), easy and makes a great quick weeknight dinner or lunch recipe. And if you are looking for more canned tuna recipe ideas, check out my tuna salad with avocado and mango, and tuna zucchini fritters recipes. After that, we not only comfortably spent time together (even without the boys) we’d even phone each other regularly to make family plans or even just to chat. Plus I love your sense of humor. I also prefer adding organic cream cheese instead of mayo, so the taste of fish is not overpowered. And if you’re looking for more canned tuna recipes and love tuna melts, then check out my Two Cheese Tuna Mexi Melts for another unique take on Tuna Melts: My Amazon Recommendations (affiliate links). Tuna sandwiches are always great in a pinch, and I love adding tuna to salads too. **Note: I used Tamed Jalapenos, as they have a little less heat. Tuna melts were fine, but not something that exactly got the salivary glands revved up. Thanks for your support! Learn how your comment data is processed. A tuna melt sandwich is a hot sandwich that includes bread, melted cheese and tuna fish. Hello! Tuna Melt Sandwich. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe and memory of Aunt Joan <3. Hope you enjoy it! on: function(evt, cb) { But when I tried her healthy tuna melt (no mayo) with cream cheese…Wow! She would have loved this. I'm a mom to 2 boys and a wife to Alex. As an adult, I tried many diets without results. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; It is against the law to republish recipes anywhere including social media, print and all world wide web. window.mc4wp.listeners.push( Cooked under the broiler, mayonnaise souffles like magic and takes on a lighter texture with a crisp brown shell. (function() { I’m not trying to sell tuna melt to the world – but mine is pretty good Tag @ifoodreal or #ifoodreal on Instagram. I know, tuna is such a great delicious and economical option. I'm a mom to 2 boys and a wife to Alex. This was an excellent, yet basic tuna melt recipe. Divide tuna mixture between 4 toasts, top with 1 tbsp cheese, place on baking sheet and broil on High for 6 - 7 minutes or until cheese is melted and browned a bit. event : evt, Welcome! Are you close to downtown Calgary? The open-faced sandwich is topped with the tastiest tuna salad, vine-ripened tomato, and melted, gooey cheese. It was unlike any tuna melt I had ever had. This page may contain affiliate links. You are lucky because on my Dad’s day to cook it was always a concoction we referred to as “hamburger surprise”!

tuna melt recipe no mayo

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