on Step 4. Remove any dust and replace the trunk piece exactly between the rulers. After putting it in my sister's room, it feels so much "homier"!! It was insprired by a quick google sea… Screw into the branch from the backside of the background, through the holes you just pre-drilled. Now to convince her to let me make this... Wow, that's awesome! That was one of the toughest parts. Ensure no dust is left on the tree, Coat the Branches and Background with Polyurethane. I recommend you change out the blade frequently to save yourself some struggle as cardboard dulls the blades quickly. Where did you get 3/4" plywood and how much did it cost? Use the countersink bit to make shallow wells where you pre-drilled. I absolutely love this idea, it looks stunning on your wall, & will use something like this when building a new storage rack for my hobby supplies. Working one large strip at a time I essentially did a big paper-mache. A few final coats of waterproof varnish etc, would keep it stronger for a while as well. Also really cool for a classroom. 4 years ago. For the main stem, you will need to glue three sheets of plywood together. Making it out of cardboard is a neat way to upcycle, easy to work with with no fancy tools, and is free! Lots of gluing and taping later and we have a solid structure. The video above will walk through the the process and give you some solid tips. 2 years ago Holding the rulers in place, remove the trunk piece. Take a sander to all the surfaces of the branches careful not to scuff up the painted background. (I put more books on after the picture was taken; so far I have about 10lbs of books on it and it has been holding strong!). Take care not to touch the sander to the background or it will scuff the sheen. :). Using the Deckmate screws, screw into the branch from the backside of the background and through the holes you just pre-drilled. Tree Bookshelf DIY: Let's make a sweet bookshelf, one that sets a calm and natural ambiance! Thanks Luca, Reply DIY Tree Book Shelf. I decided to make it 6'' thick to be able to fit most books and DVDs. Your instructions were in detail and easy to follow. Branch Number - Branch length (inches) - Branch Angles (lower angle, upper angle). Hi, this might be a stupid question, but what would you use for supports? The angles are measured looking down at the tree just as the image depicts. Question cool I don't know how much I trust cardboard, I would try this with wood. The reasoning behind the 7" thickness is that most books (when stood on end) are 5"-7" wide. My wife and I have a nature theme in our house. This would be great! Nice job! Trace the first one and start cutting again so you end up with a front and a back face. I used the brush to thinly spread the glue around in workable patches. We then cut the pieces down to size and improvised on the angles. Once the primer is dried (usually 30 to 90 minutes depending on brand, temperature and air movement), apply one or two coats of brown paint. Why the recessed center lamina? I've found myself in a new apartment that I've decided to theme with a touch of nature everywhere you look. This is where it is important that all the sides of your branch are square, otherwise, the screws will pull them at angles. If you want to quickly skip through this Instructables, simply read through the Quick Guide sections at the top of each step. Pre-drill from the backside of the background into the branch, using the holes you just drilled as guides. Sketch out a design out like and get ready to cut like a madman! Get out your disposable brushes and Polyurethane. Hello! The other two pieces need to be cut lengthwise (long strips) into 7 inch wide by 8 foot long pieces. Did you make this project? Wrapped in packing paper as done, or even a wood veneer glued to the cardboard, would make this quite strong! Make sure that the glue is evenly spread across the surface of the plywood so it doesn't gap as the wood shrinks and expands over time. This will minimized the amount of sanding required later. I like the end result, but there is something slightly ironic in how only humans can take a tree, mash it up and then glue it back into a tree like it was at the start and call it upcycling. Trace out your design, I stayed with straight lines instead of more natural curvey ones. Allow the tree to air dry for an hour. Allow the Polyurethane to cure for at least 24 hours. I taped it up on the wall to get an idea of how it would look and I was pleased with the result. The third pair of numbers corresponds to the angles of the branch. Finally I mounted my new cardboard construction on the wall using a couple of 3'' L-brackets it balances on. It is important to note which side of the branch the angle is measured from since the measurements are always less than or equal to 45 degrees. Man! Runner Up in the Homemade Gifts Contest 2015. Share it with us! Thanks! Question Drill countersink holes so the screw will sit flush against the back of the tree.

tree branch bookshelf diy

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