upper chest workout at home Without Equipment. Incline push-ups. For this workout, do three rounds of the following eight exercises. Time under tension is the time your muscle spends under load during a set. Todays workout focuses on time under tension training (TUT for short), you may of also heard people calling it eccentrics. 1. 3. Maximal Tension Falling Tower. Lagree didn’t hesitate to call the bench press the ideal exercise to start experimenting with time under tension. Regular push-ups. Time under tension push-ups. A great way to maximise the intensity of your training and break through those plat This includes the time spent in the concentric (shortening) phase, peak contraction phase, and eccentric (lengthening) phase. This method takes advantage of the continuous tension sets by keeping the muscle loaded while increasing the time under tension. Home chest workout (no equipment needed!) Maximal Tension Chest Dips. The maximal tension chest dip is one of the best exercises for building chest hypertrophy. Eccentric training can be especially beneficial as this phase causes the most muscle damage and leads to greater rates of protein synthesis post-workout. 4. 2. “Lower the weight fully down to your chest. This incline pushup dropset builds upper chest muscle, size, and strength by overloading your upper chest with load and time-under-tension, then piling up volume. 'TUT' training refers to the amount of time a muscle is under strain/tension during a set. If you don’t know how to do a chest dip, here is a great tutorial. If you don’t know how to do falling tower here’s a video I made a few years ago. Decline push-ups. Time Under Tension The Basics. Increasing the total number of sets is one way to do this, but greater TUT can also be achieved by performing isometric contractions on every set of bench presses and cable flyes . This means increasing their time under tension (TUT)—the duration your muscles are contracting during a given set or workout. I would advise starting every chest workout with incline.

time under tension chest workout

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