This receptacle and wiring inside the walls had to be replaced. You cannot create more damage with any test instrument that is used in the CurrentSAFE Service. Signs of a home struck by lightning, if siding is present on the home, you can often see black scorch marks on the siding, located around the perimeter of the home. We have come across many lightning strikes that have exploded electrical equipment off the walls of homes, and that same power surge that damages electronics also damages the wiring in the walls. If that does not turn off the water then locate the main shut off … “It really messes with your neurological system,” she said. Lightning's extreme heat will vaporize the water inside a tree, creating steam that may blow the tree apart. The most common cause of death in a lightning strike is cardiac arrest.” If you do survive a strike, you’re likely to suffer from headaches, body pain, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, short-term memory loss and personality changes. As a result of lightning strike damage or a power surge the controller could send out power to multiple zones at the same time, even when the controller is in the “Off” position. Signs of a Lightning Strike. Now if you think your home electrical system was in some way damaged by lightning or through a surge, it needs to be tested with CurrentSAFE. When lightning strikes a nearby power line, it travels the path of least resistance from the power line to the meter and then into the home’s electrical panel. Concealed damage from lightning strikes and surges to your electrical system can be detected with CurrentSAFE instruments. So instead of testing for damage the megger test can cause damage. If the electrical panel is equipped with a whole-house surge protection device, the surge will stop there. The Megger test sends a 500 volt to 1,000 volt DC current across an electrical system that is designed for 240 volts AC. Increased resistance in the normal current path caused by a Lighting Strike can create a poor electrical connection which can build up sufficient enough heat to start a fire in an outlet or junction box. Top Five Colossal Symptoms of Lightning Strike Damage to Your Sprinkler System. More time out enjoying your healthy landscape might make you more healthy too. Cooper Electric's CurrentSAFE, is an electrical hazard detection service that finds and eliminates electrical hazards. A megger test is very limited and only measures one value in the electrical system. Concealed Lightning Strike Damage to Electrical Wiring. In this case the first thing to do is to unplug the controller. The test current has been known to destroy lights bulbs and printed circuit boards that have been inadvertently left in the electrical system as it is being tested. The level of checks after a lightning strike to the airplane is determined by flight crew information and the airplane condition after the incident. A very important part of an electrical system test is to determine the resistance in the path of the electrical current. We have performed … Some homeowner insurance policies provide coverage for power surge damage that is a direct result of lightning strikes. Common signs that your home was struck include: Increased resistance in the normal current path caused by a … The question is where do you start to look for the problem. For example, if all the navigation and communications systems are operated by the flight crew in flight after the lightning strike and no anomalies are found, checks to the operated systems would not normally be required. You might need to evacuate your home, if the damage is too severe. Resistance in the normal current path due to a damaged connection caused by the energy of a Lightning Strike would never be detected by a megger test. The CurrentSAFE Service is a completely nondestructive test in virtually all aspects. Cooper Electric is experienced in dealing with insurance companies to mitigate damages caused by lightning strikes and surges on your electrical wiring. Twenty-eight people are killed by lightning in the United States each year, according to NOAA's 10-year average of annual lightning fatalities. If you do a megger test and the resistance of the conductor insulation fails the only thing that you know is that somewhere along the entire length of the circuit the insulation had become defective. According to statistic compiled by the Insurance Information Institute, did you know, that among homeowners nationwide, Ohio ranks in the TOP 10 States for Lightning Strikes and Surge related losses?! “You can also get burns from a lightning strike, at the entrance and exit sites.” A direct lightning strike can emit shock waves powerful enough to move chimney bricks, roof shingles, and other roofing components. If ever hit by lightening, check all buildings (within the context of safety) for damage and all circuits to see if they work.

things to check after lightning strike

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