The Elders, also known as The Founders or The Powers That Be, are a council of extremely powerful Whitelighters who advise benevolent magical beings and are in command of all Whitelighters. The Elders created a magical cypher, which they entrusted to the Sentinel for safekeeping. Although Piper soon began to forget, she was furious because the council told her and Leo could no longer see each other and threatened to reassign him. Dead magic. Once Neena was defeated, the Elders joined their power with the witches and Leo to separate the sphaera and restore balance to the realms. [16], Following his time with the Avatars, the Elders decided that Leo needed to find his true destiny. [15] Once the sisters joined the Avatars to create their perfect world, the Elders were unable to intervene. The Council of Elders also known as the Founders and the Powers That Be and commonly referred to as just the Elders are a powerful group of elder Whitelighters who advise and govern the forces of good. The Book of Elders revealed hidden pages with a name list, the triquetra symbol and clues all in plain English, instead of the language of the Elders, when the current Charmed Ones touched it together at the same time. While most of the council was massacred, a few were able to escape to earth, where they sought the protection of other magical beings. [10], In 2004, the Elders also become concerned with a coming storm. [9], After Leo was freed from Valhalla, he returned to the Heavens to resume his Elder duties, though he continued to keep an eye on the sisters and Chris. [11], Paige met with a group of Elders, including Odin, to discuss the future of Magic School and was eventually appointed as the new headmistress. The Book of Elders contained a spell that could reveal any trace of magic in a being. The Elders reside in the Heavens and communicate with witches through their assigned Whitelighters, giving them messages and warning them of impending threats. After vanquishing Gideon, Leo abandoned his duties and became obsessed with vanquishing Barbas. Macy used an Essence Extraction Spell on the ring to reveal the most important moment in its history, which showed her and Harry that Jordan's ancestor, Lawrence Mortimer Chase, condemned a witch to death, and was cursed by her to "wither five by five", along with every male in his bloodline - no male in the Chase family can live longer than twenty-five years. Tribunal and Tribulations The names of the previous incarnations of the Charmed Ones 1, The names of the previous incarnations of the Charmed Ones 2, The names of the previous incarnations of the Charmed Ones 3, The names of the previous incarnations of the Charmed Ones 4. a spell that could reveal any trace of magic in a being, It is written in the language of the Elders and contains powerful magic, and as such, is enchanted to prevent anyone with demon blood from even touching it. But Medusa was violated by the sea god, Poseidon in Athena's temple, and Athena cursed her into a gorgon both as punishment and warning to the Elders. Occupation They used the cypher to read the Book of Elders and subsequently discovered more information about Whitelighters, as well as other entries that helped them further. Mel insisted, as it was their only method, and Macy agreed. Episodes [26], After Rennek stole the Empyreal Sword and the Grimoire, he used their power to switch magic from magical beings to mortals. To aid them in this task, the Elders asked a magical blacksmith to produce a weapon for these warriors. He was killed by the demon Arnon, though his powers were transferred to a young witch named Kevin after he was vanquished. Leo explained that is was their love that allowed him to become an Elder, and proceeded to take away her pain with a spell. Abigael theorized that this was done purposefully by the Elders to prevent Whitelighters from finding out about their darker selves, the Darklighters. When Piper found out, she declared herself a true goddess and nearly lost her humanity. The Elders decided to interfere and caused these Whitelighter powers to manifest in Melinda, in an attempt to alter the prophecy of the Twice-Blessed Child. Over the course of the series, the Elders underwent several changes. They kidnapped the people who came in contact with her magic (Kyra, Coop Halliwell, Benjamin Turner, and Tyler Michaels) and experimented on them in hopes of finding a way to stop Heremus. Maggie saw it was an 'E', making the word Harry was trying to decipher 'Tessera' - Latin for 'Password'. Protecting the Greater Good, the Grand Design and managing their. The Charmed OnesThe Elders (formerly) Activepowers Basicpowers They also send Whi… [28], Some time later, Piper and Leo visited the Upper Regions to find a solution for Prue Halliwell's magic clashing with the Power of Three. turned to her true goal, obtaining the Sphaera of Light and Dark. Healing magic. Protecting the Greater Good, the Grand Design and managing their Whitelighters The Elders clothing has changed many times.

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