He is a fantastic tour guide, social and kind, and I know his wife does so much of the behind the scenes work to support this tour! This tour is intended to be interactive, fun and faith strengthening. Of course! We also tried the best Koshari in Cairo and we had a very productive afternoon with our purchases in the market, 100% recommended. Well done Karim and keep up your good work.". No, you can make a booking even for just 1 connection. With Anna MacKay, Laura Ranieri, and Hossam Ragab – a special appearance by Barry Kemp CBE… and more surprises! This tour is targeted for Jehovah’s witnesses. DISCOVER BIBLE LANDS™ | Bible Lands Tours for Jehovah’s Witnesses Since 1992 | DBL TV™ | First Streamed Bible Lands Tour Channel for Jehovah’s Witnesses Since 2020 | JW Bible Lands Tours™ | JW Global Tours™ | Egypt | Greece | Israel | Jordan | Turkey | Special Interest Travel Bible Lands Tours for Jehovah’s Witnesses | Be in awe | Let The Past Inspire Your Future™ This tour is a must. Take the 360 virtual reality tour of Holy Land sites like Holy Sepulchre Church, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, etc. EGYPT ALIVE! Read More. I feel that I learned too... read more Much,It was more than I expected. Date of your tour: The name of the tour taken (Guide name may vary from what is shown): You can book up to 99 connections over a single Zoom tour. Please inform us as soon as possible and then make another booking from our website on one of the available dates. This will ensure that Paypal doesn’t deduct any fees from your donation. Do you need help with your visa? Private tours need to have. eat the best koshari and was very patient with us in the market. Using “Zoom Meetings” App. hours into an experience of a lifetime. not only did he pick us up, asked if we needed breakfast or any other accommodations, and then took us all over the entire area we... read more wanted to see! Please refer them to our website www.cairostreetsmart.com and to follow our Instagram page @Cairostreetsmart. It also saves a lot of time too. Arabic, which helped us when it came to bartering for souvenirs. Giras en Español. Available now - Disponible Ahora. Truly a great experience to be able to see these historical sites. The ride on camels is so great....More, Thanks to Ramy for this great day, taking us to this Bibliotheque safely. Aside from all of the fun of touring these sites Karim is the guide you need. Are all participants Jehovah’s witnesses? You can learn more about is in the “About Us” page. facts for each specific site, what makes touring with Karim so different is the fact. 0. lives - I’m not kidding: today is now in my top ten favorite days of. As a result, we lost our jobs. He was driving us trough the city... read more to the pyramids. We can help you with your paperwork. 5-7-day notice is recommended if you want to cancel/reschedule. I would recommend him anytime. However, these Zoom Bible tours are designed in a way to be interactive, informative, intriguing, fun and faith strengthening. English very fluently. Can I take the tour again? Dear friends, we are happy to announce our main Virtual Bible Tour for Egypt. These virtual Bible tours will show how Egypt has always had an influence on God’s people, how Satan’s first lie is evident, how archaeological findings show the accuracy of Bible events, Bible prophecies and Bible-based publications of Jehovah’s witnesses, and above all highlighting the issue of the sanctity and vindication of Jehovah’s name. He navigated us through the wonders of history while adding to the experience. What are the references for the information in the tour? I would recommend him anytime. Everything was perfectly timed and well. A great highlight was traversing through the street markets, which could...More, We had a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of a seaside city. If you are interested, please book a tour now for free and share the news with your friends, families and congregations. He has. View Details. However, note that the tour content or length doesn’t change for a private tour. Check ou, Hey there! I am very grateful for the hard work of this beautiful pioneer couple, and so happy I could help support them by enjoying this tour and telling everyone I know about it! I would definitely recommend touring with him if you can. His knowledge of history is outstanding. If you don’t see certain times open on the calendar, this means that this tour doesn’t have availability to fit the selected number of connections. This tour shows you how Satan uses works of art to mislead people. Well done Karim and keep up your good work.". You'll come away feeling like you learned something, and with a smile on your face . This all-new virtual reality experience offers an exciting tour of 24 of the most famous biblical sites. We also tried the best Koshari in Cairo and we had a very productive afternoon with our purchases in the market, 100% recommended. I really enjoyed the full day in Cairo, the tour in the museum was The best because the detailed explanation about the museum pieces. He has...More, This guy was amazing!!!! What if I missed it? Of course! You can use the “Raise Hand” feature and I will take your question. We warmly welcome you to one of our virtual Bible tours of Egypt. Dear friends, we are happy to announce our main Virtual Bible Tour for Egypt. The following is a slideshow presentation created by Rex Moody, a Bible archaeology enthusiast who periodically leads Israel archeological tours. to the pyramids. Tours in English. What should I wear? However, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes and a hat for the heat…. Karim was waiting for us at the airport entrance. In what languages are the tours available? This will ensure that Paypal doesn’t deduct any fees from your donations. What benefits you get from a private tour? I was satisfied with the over all experience and how professional, yet personable, Karim is. However, we encourage you to consider how many links do you really need. Karim was a great tour guide with an excellent knowledge of Egyptian history, which is great because if you love history, you will love listening to all of the explanations.... read more Karim picks you up, which is great because it can be difficult trying to navigate in a country that you've never been to before. He was very accomodating if we needed to take our time or take pictures. I honestly was never bored,... read more or watching the clock. Had an excellent virtual tour with Karim who's knowledge of both the history of ancient Egypt and of the scriptures was superb. Virtual Bible Tour Review. Karim was prompt in picking us up and communication was excellent as he is 100% fluent in English and... read more Arabic, which helped us when it came to bartering for souvenirs. A Virtual Tour of Ancient Egypt and the Nile. Disclaimer: Due to the Covid-19 virus, traveling and tourism have been suffering badly. 100% recommended. We hope that our virtual tours can be a refreshing and fun activity especially during these critical and stressful days we live in. We are flexible and understand unexpected circumstances. View Details. Secular references: Egyptian Museum of antiquities, Saqqara and Giza Necropolis, Metropolitan Museum in NY, Brooklyn Museum, Berlin Museum, Encyclopedia Britannica. The link is for your personal use and for the members of the group you have reported. We spend hours researching and developing content for our tours so that it is fun and informative. This time my trip to Egypt was different!...More, Today we made a childhood dream come true and it’s all because of Karim.

the bible unearthed in egypt virtual tour

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