[8] She had collapsed three days prior while attending a meeting in Washington, D.C. and was taken to George Washington University Hospital, where she later died due to heart problems.[7][9]. editorial design. She was the model citizen—a Citizen Designer. The reason patients got lost was because of poor signs, lack of funding for feature for the building, etc. No one was as visible as Sylvia. After graduating she co-founded Two Twelve Associates, Inc. with David Gibson and Juanita Dugdale in 1980. Client: New York University Office of Strategic Assessment Planning & Design; Design firm: Sylvia Harris LLC; Creative director: Sylvia Harris; Designer: Leila Taylor, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Environmental Branding Study, 2000 She cultivated an interest in design while studying with AIGA Medalist Philip B. Meggs at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she received a B.F.A. user research As the projects became larger and more complex, she relentlessly explored how to use all of the tools in a designer’s tool kit to create comprehensive public information systems. Harris’ journey began in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. With that research in hand, she could set in motion intelligent plans for large-scale public design programs. Right after graduating from Yale, in 1980, Harris cofounded Two Twelve Associates with classmates Juanita Dugdale and myself. During this time she did design work for Citibank.[6]. Distributed to 80 million households, the 2000 Census presented an opportunity to study how a redesigned form might boost participation as well as public awareness of the Census brand. While dealing with the challenges of building a new design practice, she honed the skills and interests that would ultimately propel her career. Sylvia Harris was a remarkable advocate of good design for real people—a Citizen Designer. Her second position was at Architects Collaborative working on environmental graphics. Although Harris had already accomplished a great deal in her life, her ambitious idea and new direction were cut short by her sudden and untimely death on July 24, 2011. On the one hand, Harris wanted to dig deeper into the field of research—to conduct rigorous investigations that would help organizations understand how people actually experience design systems. Postal Service’s Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee. But my experience of Sylvia was a personal one — tethered to professional practice in a way, but enriched and ennobled by who she was, not what she did. She was a pioneer in government and nonprofit work. [7], Harris died on July 24, 2011. [10], Sylvia Harris was hired as an independent project leader to develop a design for communication with patients more effectively for New York-Presbyterian and Columbia University Medical Center. In the process, she guided some of the nation’s largest hospitals, universities and civic agencies through systems planning, policy development and innovation management. Sylvia Harris, also known as an “ambassador of design” and a “citizen designer”, was born in 1953 in Richmond, Virginia to her father, a legendary sports coach, and her mother, an art teacher and artist. social responsibility Today, auction … Designers & Studios. She believed that designers have a incredible impact for social good. Born. She always lived her passions, so it is fitting that she named what was to be the last iteration of her professional practice Citizen Research & Design, which she envisioned as a research and planning firm designed to help public sector organizations better communicate with the people they serve. Experience includes communications assessments, strategies and user experience master planning.” She was also indirectly influential on my career. Brooklyn, New York. As a young black woman in the South during the 1960s, she experienced desegregation firsthand and, in the process, gained a visceral understanding of how social systems affect people’s daily lives. Harris moved to Boston after college and discovered graphic design as a career path. Aetna calendar, 1996 graphic design In 1994, she left Two Twelve to form Sylvia Harris LLC. She renamed Sylvia Harris LLC to Citizen Research and Design as the company's focus shifted towards a design process driven by public research. Her second position was at Architects Collaborative working on environmental graphics. Biography by Laura House September 1, 2008. She also served on the U.S. [11], Illustration of Sylvia Harric by Creative Repute LLC, Previous design (left) compared to Harris' redesign (right), New York-Presbyterian/Columbia Medical Center, "Women's Equality Day is this Saturday, August 26th", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sylvia_Harris&oldid=979622417, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 19:55. At the same time, she wanted to build a practice that was bigger than herself—a band of citizens who would use their expertise on behalf of the common good. [4], Harris was born in Richmond, Virginia during 1953. If you've strolled through the Central Park Zoo in New York, participated in the 2000 U.S. census or selected an iconic stamp at the post office, then you've benefited from the work of design strategist Sylvia Harris. On Pullman's advice she left Architects Collaborative to earn an MFA in graphic design from Yale. [3], In honor of her memory the American Institute of Graphic Arts created the Sylvia Harris Citizen Design Award, which honors a professional designer who has created a project that enhances public life. She had a remarkable ability to draw smart, talented young people into her network, making them collaborators and friends. Harris began working at Washington Business Group on Health, where Chris Pullman mentored her. Client: University of Minnesota Design Institute; Design firm: Sylvia Harris LLC; Creative directors: Janet Abrams, Sylvia Harris; Designers: Kathleen Meaney, Leila Taylor. Sylvia passed at the height of her energy as an advocate and practitioner of design for the public good. "[5] In 2014 she was awarded the American Institute of Graphic Arts medal. Recognized for an unerring commitment to using design to improve the civic experience and for influencing a generation of designers as a teacher and mentor. in 1975. Womens Leadership [5] After graduating high school Harris went on to attend Virginia Commonwealth University, where she graduated with a BFA in communication art and design in 1975.

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