The product used to finish is Berger Seidle (or Gerber…. We had the floors removed 9 months later and you could smell them 2 blocks away when they were outside. Even long after these finishes have dried, however, smaller amounts of … “Consumer product” means a chemically formulated product used by household and institutional consumers, including, but not limited to, detergents; cleaning compounds; polishes; floor finishes; cosmetics; personal care products; home, lawn, and garden products; disinfectants; sanitizers; aerosol paints; and automotive specialty products…VOCs that are emitted into the air from consumer products and other sources (motor vehicles, stationary sources, etc.) They are the toughest finishes I have ever worked with. My builder's wonderful flooring company installed red oak hardwood floors on the whole main floor of our house and now I hear that Europe banned the Swedish finish used on our floors almost 20 years ago. It may be a small amount, but when it is added to the same off-gassing from a Swedish finish it might cause a problem. Any cases which claim the use of Swedish Finish has caused a fire or explosion were due to the improper handling of the finish. I’m wondering how many people have had health issues as well after using Swedish finish. Even some building supplies like plywood may use adhesives that off-gas formaldehyde forever. I assume they had to cut some of it into sections to get it up. I will say this about them. It is a type of wood flooring finish that is high in VOC levels because it is acid-curing and contains formaldehyde. What is the appropriate amount of time for us to not be in the home (and our cats) because of toxic swedish finish…, Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This finish must be handled properly while in its liquid form, but once dry is no longer harmful. DC Hardwood Flooring has been using Glitsa Swedish for over 20 years and we have never harmed a person, plant, pet or structure. I have no idea what the formulation is now but it sounds like it hasn’t changed enough. After we moved in to our home, we noted that our "nice" wood floors began to flake clear/yellow thin layers. They were really nasty. Swedish finishes are a Class 1 Solvent with a flash point below 73 degrees Fahrenheit. A: I have not used these finishes in probably over 20 years. Is Polyurethane Coating on Wood Floors Toxic?. She got sick from lipstick! If stains is what you're going after the Swedish wood floor finish presents … I also have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Reducing VOC emissions from consumer products therefore plays an integral part in ARB’s effort to reduce smog in California.”. They are terrible to apply and require approved respirators which were not provided when I was an employee. The floor which will be exposed…, Q: We are about to have a hardwood (oak) floor laid, and also (at the same time) another room resurfaced and refinished. Many professional wood flooring installers won’t touch the stuff because it requires certain approved respirators. Obvously, you will have to be very careful about any cleaning products, finishes and food toxins you are exposed to. It is so bad, I wouldn’t choose to use this finish though it is very tough. I don’t know what mast cell activation syndrome is? “Swedish Finish Has Been Banned in California.” Q: My builder’s wonderful flooring company installed red oak hardwood floors on the whole main floor of our house and now I hear that Europe banned the Swedish finish used on our floors almost 20 years ago. Staining the Wood Floor. Related Q: Our family had our hardwood floors done with Swedish finish. I will be 66 on March 2, having finally closed my own business after more than 45 years in the trade, 25 of which I ran my own show. The page can be found at, © 2017 DC Hardwood Flooring. City water which has fluoride added deliberately. See: “Swedish Finish is Unstable and Can Cause Fires or a House to Blow Up.” IN SUMMARY: Water-base finishes also contain known harmful chemicals. We want a non-yellowing non-glossy finish for our hardwood floors that will keep the wood's natural colour as best as possible. We require that homeowners vacate their homes when Swedish finish is applied and it can take up to 3 weeks before rugs can be put back in place. VOC off-gassing is most acute during application and the drying of hardwood floor finishes. Your email address will not be published. I assume the previous owners put polyurethane over wax. There was a man with vast experience in all facets of wood flooring, including manufacturering who actually worked at Glitza and ran a web site for wood floor professionals. NEW Bamboo Accessories. They're shiny with a yellow tint. I used those finishes a few times years ago when I was an employee. What is formaldehyde and why is it in Swedish finish? We are exposed to toxins people didn’t face before the industrial revolution. Glitsa’s fine instrumentation has measured that 95-99% of the solvents in Glitsa Swedish Finish evaporate within 24 hours depending on climate and humidity. Although polyurethane gives natural wood floors a beautiful, long-lasting sheen, it is also a toxic chemical and should be used with caution. In the meantime, we have a crawling child that gets these flakes on his hands…, Q: I have a Swedish finished hardwood floor. I invested in dust control. Both will use 'swedish finish'. Any chemical is potentially dangerous if not handled correctly. She is just getting over dealing with lead poisoning. We have a pet rabbit in our attached garage. I’m not saying it may not contribute, but how do you know? We are downsizing a kitchen island and thus will be exposing an area around each side of the island by about 12". What is the appropriate amount of time for us to not be in the home (and our cats) because of toxic fumes (from swedish finish). Could the fumes harm him? Related Q: We are having Swedish finish put on our floors. react with other pollutants under sunlight to form ground-level ozone and particulate matter (PM 10), the main ingredients in smog. How were all these floors removed? I hope you can find all the answers you need to help you health. We were told it would be safe to move back in after 3 days. Most companies have product data sheets that can be downloaded indicating what hazardous chemicals may be used. It wouldn’t be helpful if tiny dust particles are all over the walls and into the ventilation system. Maximum ventilation is mandatory when applying a Swedish finish; you don’t want to apply it in the winter. It's been almost two months since it was finished, but it still smells if we close the windows. He believes he got it from long term inhaling of certain types of wood dust. The downside of Swedish finish, however, is that it contains volatile solvents which are extremely flammable and have a very unpleasant odor. I’m not aware of any studies specifically for this type of finish on human health. “Swedish Finish is Toxic and Kills.”

swedish floor finish toxicity

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