Skip credits; Hold L + R and repeatedly press A when you see the first words appear. And most of all dont stress out this game requires a lot patience and skill and can take a lot of lives and continues just to complete a stage if you cant pass a stage quite and you should be able to practice it on practice mode if not just keep trying or turn it off and go have a break and maybe calm down and relax and then go back and try to complete the stage. In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, this floor is named Downhill Hard and is given a 5 out of 10 difficulty rating. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. Then spin at full power and you have a 95% Chance of a strike. Completion of these stages takes you to the final floor, which is the only Master stage present in the game. Note: You can use unlimited continues when playing the extra floors, At the start of the game for every 2,500 points you can buy a new mini game, but after you have bought all of the mini games (fairly easy to do) for all the next 2,500 points you get an extra continue after you get 5 extra continues you get Unlimited Continues forever. level 18: green goal takes you to level 20 If you want to be able to play all the mini games once you have earned 2500 points your game should be saved. Expert levels pass expert without using a continue and get 10 extra hard floors. To win this floor, you must run on the board road and as soon as your ball starts to flicker fire jump off the side AND DON'T DO ANYTHING, It will automatically get the bunch of bananas then it will go up the hill and go back down into the goal!!! To start ill tell you the shortcut in racing you probably only could it at this racing place. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Warp From Stage 2 to Stage 5 level 2: ramp behind you at start, goes to level 5 Super Monkey Ball Jr. has 19 likes from 26 user ratings. ***JUST TURN AROUND***, Beginner: And if you get the red one, youll skip to a farther stage, On main game mode on beginner difficulty when your on stage 2 you will see a ramp, get your monkey over that ramp and you will be on a platform go through the goal and you get warped to the bonus stage which is stage 5 Learn more. On stage two of beginner turn around as soon as you start and you'll see a ramp go up the ramp as slow as possible and still make it over the edge. It takes a bit to master but once you get it you should be getting the 200 targets easy, On stage 18 in advanced mode in the main game, if you get to the green one you skip to stage 20. Just wait there and the red warp will come by in a few seconds. Now if you want to play another mini game just restart start the console with memory card in, data will be loaded on game load automatically and once again on mini game mode take your memory card out before selecting a game. Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. Super Monkey Ball Jr. is a high quality game that works in all major modern web browsers. Monkey Ball features 50 floors, along with 10 extra floors. During the game to make landing easier to land on high point targets eg 100 points e.t.c before you reach the target hold the analog stick down and you will loose speed and altitute thus letting you land with out bouncing a lot and lets you close the ball above your destination getting you high scores. And the 3rd option lets you turn off the disc that spins at the start of your turn that decides playing conditions eg clouds , bombs e.t.c. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Advanced, Beginner And Expert Extra Levels. still holding up, you will easily get out of the room without having to turn around, giving you a head start in the race. So when you go off the jump it ( could be risky by falling!) Try expert and do as much as possible even a few stages can earn a lot. You will ramp off the edge and it will easily send you to the second room. After selecting a character to play as on monkey target mode you get an option screen which consists of a number and 2 options ... And if you get the red one, youll skip to a farther stage. level 18: red goal takes you to level 25 © Please refresh the page and try again. 8 hollow squares in the centre level then split off … These were all ported to Super Monkey Ball and given new areas and better graphics. You start by going under expert mode and picking the 2nd one. Some tips are When You are playing Bowling mode on super monkey. Take this as slowly as you can without running out of time. Complete beginner 10 levels without dying and reach the super cool BONUS LEVELS. Now before selecting which mini game to buy take your memory card out and select a game. level 6: ramp behind you at start, goes to level 10 Under main game each difficulty will earn more points. Expert: Do the same on advanced and get 6 extra levels. When your racing on the advanced space coarse, hit the speed ramp and hold up the whole time until you get to the room shaped as a ball. You will fall on a lower platform. GameCube ... Super Monkey Ball Unlockables. you could go off the other side and land there and then you'll be ahead of everyone else. Floors 1 - 4 are in Jungle Island, 6 - 9 are in the Adventure Forest Boiling Pot, 11 - 19 are in the Clock Tower Factory, 21 - 29 are in the Bubbly Washing Machine, 31 - 39 are in the Volcanic Magma theme, and finally 41 - 50 are Inside A Whale. Stages 1-6 take place in Monkitropolis, while stages 7-17 are in Kongri-la. An easy way to get the red warp is to just go forward a few feet then go off the right edge. If possible get all banana's on the stage. there is a very small island that is colored yellow, when you come close to it, use the brake ball to land on it with out rolling off. Expert Floor 11 is an expert floor on the undersea world. Unlimited Continues; After you have unlocked all three mini-games (Monkey Billiards, Monkey Bowling, and Monkey Golf), you can then keep getting points and then eventually get the unlimited continues unlocked. Retiring or exiting gets points. In Super Monkey Ball 2 there are 50 stages in Expert mode and 10 Expert Extra stages. thus 500 pts. after a while this will become easier and easier. *** RAMPS ARE AT BEGINNING OF STAGE *** 1 Monkey Ball 1.1 Floors 1.2 Extra Floors 2 Super Monkey Ball 2.1 Extra Stages 3 Super Monkey Ball 2 3.1 Extra Stages 4 Super Monkey Ball Adventure Monkey Ball features 50 floors, along with 10 extra floors. Expert 6 Super Monkey Ball Level. level 2: high red goal goes to level 5, To get the extra levels in beginner pass the 10 floors with out losing a life and get 3 extra floors. In Super Monkey Ball it had 50 Floors. It also had 10 Extra floors that can be. 1st option lets you choose how many rounds you play you can choose 5 , 10 or 15 Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, The goal and the monkey begin on opposite sides. Then after you get going a little faster you go where the first turn is (where the sign is)you might need a lot of speed. Super Monkey Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Advanced: do this quickly. When the arrow is going back and forth make it stop as far away from the pins as possible. played by beating the regular floors without using a continue. 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It is much steeper, and it has bumpers instead of walls. This floor is fairly difficult. Finish the game using Expert mode with no continues. Expert in Super Monkey Ball Adventure consists of 17 floors, all of which are seen in Story Mode. Then do 3/4 of the power. This online game is part of the Arcade, Emulator, and GBA gaming categories.

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